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Larbert 1851 census index - summary by census location Est. Manse

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Maiden name Notes Descendant


Baillie George 16 m
MLN 129

Brown George 49 m
MLN 385
Is this the father of Elizabeth Aldridge Brown (id2698)? Assume it is

Brown Margaret 46 f
ENG 386
Laurie Assumed this is the mother of Elizabeth? Check full census!

McKenzie Margaret 18 f
IRL 2664

McLaren Rev. I 27 m
MLN 2703
John, mar 30 Nov 1847 Saint Cuthberts, Edinburgh

McLaren Elizabeth 25 f
MLN 2698
Brown Elizabeth Aldridge B. b13 DEC 1824, Saint Cuthberts, father George

McLaren Margaret 2 f
MLN 2702
Margaret Laurie McLaren bap.8 Nov 1848 Saint Cuthberts, Edinburgh

Taylor Elizabeth 50 f
LKS 4009

Walker Elizabeth 16 f
STI 4250

Walker Agnes 14 f
STI 4251


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