Family Group (Carmichael - 5th and 6th Generation)

There are many Carmichael family groups in Lismore around the 1750's but as very few records go back that far it is extremely difficult to pinpoint the exact parentage and relationships. Additionally Carmichaels often married distant cousins also named Carmichael. Normally in the records when we see a wife with the same surname as her husband then we would assume that was not her maiden name but in the case of the Lismore records I have found that the record keepers, who knew the families concerned, consistently recorded the names correctly.

DNA matches have confirmed a number of relationships with the individuals below that could be connected through John Carmichael or his wife Mary Carmichael, the exact relationships being still unknown.The following is my best guess for those that are related to John.

Some of these indivuals are in the Roderick Carmichael book "The Scottish Highlander Carmichaels of the Carolinas" - see the extract here. Roderick identified Archibald (A), Duncan (B) and Daniel(C) as brothers who emigrated and a sister Christian (E) who died in Scotland but whose husband, Dougald McIntyre, emigrated with two of her children. I have a DNA match with Daniel (C), so I have assumed that he and his siblings are blood cousins of my Mary. Other immigrants noted in the Roderick book can be found as siblings of Mary

Child Marriage Spouse Spouse's Parents
1 Father of (A), (B), (C), (E) Carmichael m.
b. abt. 1720, Lismore
Archibald (A) m. Mary
Duncan (B) had two children Duncan and Christian(f) who each married first cousins, children of Archibald (A)
Daniel (C) m. Katherine Calhoun
I have a DNA match through Nancy (mar. Thomas Harbord Smith) the daughter of their son John Calhoun Carmichael who married Margaret Morrison.
Christian (E) m. Dougald McIntyre
Mother of Rev Duncan McIntyre and three other sons. Emigrated from Scotland to South Carolina c.1821. Settled in Dillon, South Carolina
b. abt. 1725, Lismore Children b. abt. 1730, Lismore
3. Father of Allan CARMICHAEL m.
b. abt. 1730, Lismore

Allan m. Catherine McIntyre
There was an Evan Carmichael, age 40, who emigrated in 1775 with a son, Alan, aged 12. The directory of Scots in the Carolinas has him named Ewen from Breadalbane, Perthshire. This and the fact that Allan would have to have returned to Scotland immediately after the American War of Independence (1775-83) to marry Catherine in 1785 has convinced me that he is not our Allan's father. b.abt. 1765, Lismore I have a DNA match through their son Hugh b.1796 who migrated to Lobo, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada and also through their son John b.1790 (mar. Bell Black) whose son Charles moved to Durham, England and married Elizabeth McIntosh

1 Duncan C CARMICHAEL m. Margaret Sarah Ensley
b. abt. 1730, Lismore, Argyll, Scotland
d. Halifax County, Virginia, USA
There is a memorial to the family in the Carmichael Cemetery, Rural Hall, Forsyth County, North Carolina - see below (they lived on the border between Virginia and North Carolina)
Archibald m. Elizabeth Nix
b.1754, Lanark Scotland
d. 17 Mar 1827, Stokes County, North Carolina
Duncan m. Charity Witt
b. 1755, Lanark Scotland
d. 3 Jul 1834, Germantown, Stokes County, North Carolina
I have a DNA match through their son Richard, b.7 Sep 1796, Stokes County, who married Elizabeth Moore
John Jerimiah Some researchers have matched this John to mine.I don't see any evidence to support that
b. 1756, Lanark, Lanarkshire, Scotland
d. 14 Apr 1810, Halifax, Halifax, North Carolina
Nancy m. 1st Richard Smithey
m. 2nd Richard Ligon
b.1763, Lanark Scotland
d. USA

Ensley Lismore

m. MARY CARMICHAEL, my 4x great-grandparents
b. 1756 Children
m. James Black
b. 1775 I have a DNA match through their grandson Charles Carmichael. The strength of the match suggests there is a connection through his paternal Carmichael side as well as through this, his maternal Black side.

Notes and References:

1. Carmichael Cemetery, Rural Hall, Forsyth County, North Carolina

Tom Paterson
(last updated 2nd Jun 2019)