Family Group (main line)



m.abt 1760

bap.23 Apr 1739, Madeley, Shropshire

d.28 Apr 1789, Airth, Stirlingshire

b. abt. 1740, Falkirk, Stirlingshire

d.19 dec 1812, Airth, Stirlingshire







Most of this information has been compiled in the main by Rex Hotchkiss (of and before him his grandfather James Arthur Hotchkiss. They discovered that Hotchkiss families "disappeared" from the Madeley area of Shropshire and similar named families appeared in Carronshore. No absolute attribution to individuals can be given but the theory is backed up by some of the evidence below regarding the start-up of the Carron Iron Company in 1759 who brought workers up from the Shropshire area in particular from Coalbrookdale which is only 3 miles from Madeley2

Child Marriage Spouse Spouse's Parents
b. bef.1765
d. 15 Jun 1828, Edinburgh, Midlothian
Children bap.19 May 1765, Airth, Stirlingshire
2 Helen m. 27 Oct 1797, Airth Edward Thomas
b. 20 Nov 1768 Larbert, Stirlingshire
Children all born in Airth:
Janet bap 4 Mar 1798 had an illegitimate daughter Helen Taylor b. 1827 by Joseph Taylor
Edward Hodgecase b. 1800
Michael bap. 16 May 1802
Grizel b. 1804
3 Edward1, Coalminer m. 1st
26 Feb 1794, Airth
Margaret Baad
b. Abt. 1770, Airth
d. after 1819, Airth

Children by Margaret Baad, all born in Airth
Jean bap 7 dec 1794 m. 1st 1823, George White, 2nd Robert Neilson. Died 1879, Marsh Bank, Bo'ness.
Cornelius1 1797, m. Rebecca Simpson on 22 Nov 1828, Larbert. Died age 77, 6 May 1872, Main St. Carronshore.
Richard b. 1802 m. Margaret Rankine on 13 Jan 1827. Died bef. 1855.
b. abt. 1736
m. 2nd
Christian Hunter
Children by Christian Hunter:

Edward bap. 30 Sep 1811, Main Street, Carronshore. m. 1st. Margaret Hotchkies, 2nd. Mary McKean. Died 22 Oct 1884, 20 Salisbury Street, Glasgow
Joseph bap 5 Aug 1815, Main St., Carronshore. married 1st. Mary Love and had one son William, m 2nd Mary Cranston and had five more children. The family moved to Pennsylvania where Joseph died in 1872
Michael bap.10 Jun 1816, Carronshore.
Helenbap. 12 Dec 1819, Main Street, Carronshore
b. abt.1790
4 John m. 26 May 1794, Airth Margaret Anderson
b. 1774, Airth, Stirlingshire

James b. 1795 m. Janet Jenkins, 1 Jun 1828, Larbert. Died. 11 May 1862, Old Monkland, Lanarkshire
Cornelius (1795-1807)
Michael b. 1797 m. 1st Elizabeth Rae. m 2nd Margaret Adamson. Died 24 Mar 1867, Coatbridge, Old Monkland
John b. 1802
Cornelius b. 1807, m. Janet Laird 9 Jul, Larbert, Stirlingshire. Died 18 Mar 1869, Lonaconing, Allegany, Maryland
Richard b. 1818, Tollcross, Lanarkshire m. Elizabeth Jaap, 30 Jan 1841, Old Monkland, Lanarkshire.
Died 8 Jun 1886, Coatbridge, Lanarkshire
b. 22 Mar 1774, Gorbals, Lanarkshire
d. 13 Feb 1860, Merrystow, Coatbridge, Lanarkshire. Buried in Old Monkland Churchyard.
5 Richard m.11 May 1804, Airth Jane (Jean) McDougal
bap. 19 May 1782, Airth
d. 1867 Airth

Janet b.17 Jan 1807, m. Hugh Sharp. Died 12 Jan 1884, Stenhousemuir, Stirlingshire
Helen b. 20 Jun 1809
Richard b. 3 Jan 1810, Main Street, Carronshore
Cornelius b. 22 Feb 1814,Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, m. Hannah Marshall, 15 Sep 1838. Died 19 Jun 1888, Carronshore
John b. 1816
Thomas b. 22 Apr 1821, Bothkennar, Stirlingshire m. Janet Nimmo, 29 Nov 1845, Bothkennar. Died 15 mar 1889, Cockburn St, Falkirk
Michael b.27 Jul 1823, Main Street, Carronshore, m. Helen Walker , 13 Apr 1850, Bothekennar, Stirlingshire. Died 22 May 1890. Stenhousemuir. Occupation an Engine Keeper.
Mary b. 18 Aug 1825
Margaret b.2 Jun 1827
Daniel b.3 May 1829, Main Street, Carronshore. m. Janet Thomson Henderson, 7 Sep 1850, Bothkennar. Died 5 May 1895 Hilton Cottages, Western Cadder, Lanark
6 Michael m 30 Apr 1802, Airth, Stirlingshire Jean Allen
b. 19 May 1782, Airth, Stirlingshire

Agnes b. 1804, m. Walter Baxter, coalminer, 1 Jun 1828, Barony, Lanark. Died 20 Jan 1863, 43 Colliers Row, Westmuir, Glasgow
Janet b. 9 Mar 1806 • Stirling, Stirlingshire
Catherine b.29 May 1808, Dunmore, Stirlingshire. m. David Baxter, 27 Jun 1827, Glasgow. Died 3 Oct 1869, Glasgow, Lanarkshire
Cornelius b. 18 Jan 1816, Barony, Lanarkshire. Mar Lillias Stewart, 11 Dec 1836, Glasgow Barony, Lanarkshire Died 5 May 1886 Boston, Massachusetts
Helen b. 1818
b. 1779


1. Edward Hotchkiss b. 1770, Airth is the ancestor of Rex Hotchkiss and of DNA match R Levittan through Cornelius Hotchkiss (1858-1930) and Christina Ferguson (1855-1931) who settled in Burlinghame, Osage County, Kansas

2. The following is an extract from an article by Hamilton on the Scottish Mining website regarding the start up of Carron Iron Works, founded in 1759.

A beginning was made in securing skilled men in June, 1759, when Dr. Roebuck engaged "a clever founder or furnaceman who was used to working with pit coal as well as wood fuel." His wages were to be 50 pounds a year. As soon as this expert was definitely engaged, the bellows for the blast furnace were to be ordered and an experienced man was to be sent to supervise the building of them. "A set of masons and bricklayers and millwrights and bellows makers" who were in the habit of working for all the experienced ironmasters of England were next secured. These experts undertook to teach Scots, and so it was hoped that after the first furnace was built, English labour might be dispensed with.It was likewise necessary to engage English experts to take charge of the smelting operations. In June, 1759, Roebuck provisionally engaged a skilled furnaceman. This man, who was one of the principal workmen at Coalbrookdale, set out for Scotland in September. Soon more men were engaged with whom an agreement was made to teach Scots.

At the beginning of 1760 Garbett engaged one Robert Hawkins, a relative of the Darbys of Coalbrookdale, whose family had a long connection with furnaces in England. He was a very valuable acquisition to the Carron staff and was to receive a salary of 100 pounds per year, his task being to teach Scotsmen the art of boring cylinders and grinding sad irons. Garbett hoped to secure the services of another highly skilled expert - the man who had charge of the cylinder and engine department at Coalbrookdale. In March a skilled charcoal burner and various other workers were brought from England, and in May several ironstone miners were secured in Shropshire.

The Carron partners had also to look to England for most of their building materials. The hearth stones, a shaft for the water wheel, the boards and leather for the bellows and the necessary ironplates for a furnace were ordered in July, 1759, and it was hoped to have them shipped from Bristol by the end of August. But these hopes were not to be fulfilled. The materials which had been purchased could not be sent down the Severn on account of the drought while the greatest difficulty was experienced in securing a tree of sufficient dimensions for the axle shaft though three men had been employed nearly two months to look out and purchase them. By the beginning of October Garbett was able to announce that he had at last secured the shaft and the other necessary timber, though the former which they hoped would have been 27 feet long and 30 inches in diameter, fell short of these requirements. The goods were probably despatched from Bristol in the same month, but the ship was lost at sea, and so all the labour of Garbett went in vain; and in March, 1760, a man was sent to Yorkshire to procure another set of bellows boards. In the meantime other materials were purchased - 20,000 Stourbridge bricks, 100 tons Stourbridge clay, 20 tons pig iron from Coalbrookdale, 30 tons of the best pig iron from Madeley Wood, and 10 tons of timber. These goods were sent down the Severn from Bewdley and shipped from Bristol in February. Further supplies of timber were purchased in Yorkshire, and these with pots for making bricks, baskets, shovels, etc., were despatched from Hull. More timber and iron were obtained in Norway and from Gothenburg.

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