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The following people have visited my pages 1'st Jan 2002 to 31 Dec2003:

IMK Paterson in at 16:11:58 Wednesday December 31 2003
my name is elizabeth wedgbrow my mum is isabella moore kennedy paterson my nan was elizabeth paterson deseased appx 1980 to 1983 her son robert paterson & daugh ny mom isobella. mom is 71 &robert about 77 mom lives in henley in arden robert in Edinburgh

Rex J Hotchkiss Jr. in Antioch, California, USA at 18:43:39 Monday December 29 2003
My grandfather, James A Hotchkiss did a great deal of geneological work, which I promised to continue after his death, taking home some 14 book boxes filled with hand written records. I have so far transfered information on some 6000+ individuals to computer format, making barely a dent in his records. While he was still alive I had helped him by tracing Our Hotchkiss line from Scotland back to Shropshire, England. Most of the Hothckiss family in the Carronshore area came, as a large group, to Bilingame, Kansas, in the late 1800's.

Andreas at 03:24:50 Thursday December 25 2003
kurz: tolle Seite

jim brady at 20:37:03 Tuesday December 23 2003
I'm new to geneaology , but you have a great site My ancestors are from Co. Cavan and Antrim NI

Beth Bailey in Grangemouth at 16:30:07 Sunday December 14 2003
Hi,This is an update on the previous message of 2001. My Mother is Martha Macmillan Mclaren nee Paterson formely from the High Station, Falkirk.Her Father was George Paterson who worked on the Railway, she had three brothers Bill, Patsy and Dodie who have now passed away.

Nwamadi Maga in saudi arabia at 18:30:07 Wednesday December 10 2003
I really love your web site. Keep it up

John O'Grady in Ireland at 14:41:52 Wednesday December 10 2003
Well put together. Well Done.

James Patterson in england at 13:09:55 Monday December 1 2003
related to alexander william and cathrin

James in UK at 00:03:05 Friday November 28 2003
I found by occasion your site and I must say that I find it really interesting. I will be definetely telling about it to everyone I know. You can also take a look over my page: === James

Posters in kiev at 17:14:33 Thursday November 27 2003
Your site is very interesting and useful for me! <a href=””>Posters <a/> in 2 Victoria place Crosland Moor Huddersfield Yorkshire England. at 10:10:43 Thursday November 27 2003
we are from Huddersfield Yorkshire and live on the edge of our moors, we have rented the house North Cottage, at first i was comming alone then my husband who is a postman found he had the same week off so he could come, & my sister &husband are thinking of a long weekend with us, i am trying to talk my son & wife to come as well but he may be filming in Canada (he won the hollywood best indipendent film award last year and i was mentiond for best actress,i dident get it but i was on cloud 9 for a week or so, We are looking forward to the island for the beauty & history of your wonderful way of life, and once there rent bikes and do some riding around,my son even though he is into films is a hermit at heart and is also a shiatzu practitioner and with all the healing he has done this year he needs the quiet healing of your isle i have never seen anything so lovely as the reaserch i have done on Lismore it reminds me of back home in Italy in my mothers mountaine village above Cassino and my dads Bay of Torre Anunziata near Naples,all in one . im sorry for wittering on like this but i feel so strongly about your isle i feel strangely part of it as though i have been before (which i know i havent) see you in may love Tina.

GUSTAVO MASSIMO at 18:12:43 Tuesday November 25 2003
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Brian Johnston in Lisburn,N.I. at 10:16:13 Tuesday November 25 2003
missing Johnstons from N.Ireland

Jessica in UK at 02:09:38 Friday November 21 2003
Hello everyone, I find this site really cool, found it occasionally. Keep up the good work. You can visit my site also: Best regards Jessi

Debbie Dumont in Center Conway, New Hampshire, U.S.A. at 21:37:11 Saturday November 15 2003
I just found out that Catherine Sneddon married my grandfather's brother, Robert Brindle, and had 3 kids. I was also sorry to find out that she died fairly young and Robert then married her sister, Agnes.

Tyson at 00:56:16 Saturday November 15 2003
Would anyone be interested in contributing or becoming an editor to an educational website ? topics like; SPACE | PROGRAMMING and WEB DESIGN? Email me and we can discuss Tyson

David Douglas in North Jutland, Denmark. at 21:43:24 Sunday November 9 2003
Thnaks for a very useful site. I'm putting together a GEDCOM file of ancestors and descendants of James Bruce of Kinnaird ('Bruce of the Nile') from the various, sometimes conflicting, sources I can find on the internet. My mother's family has always maintained that we were related to him; I've traced back to a Mary Bruce whom married a farmer, James Thomson and had at least 4 children in about 1800-1820, and am stuck there. Any information you might have would be appreciated. Are James Bruce's children buried in Larbert? I'd be very interested if you could publish photos of the headstones on your site. Also, there was a cast iron monument to his wife and first son (both predeceased him). Rabbie Burns apparently made some snide commment about it during his tour of the Highlands. Does it still exist? best wishes David Douglas (from Renfrew, living in Denmark for 20 years)

Mathias Wagner at 15:20:43 Saturday November 8 2003
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Lee-Anne Rudiaschy in vernon BC at 04:37:57 Wednesday November 5 2003
actually, to clarify sebastiens history a little more. We know that my grandfather, William Thomson, from the cambell clan, married Jean, last name unknown, from the mcbride clan. My father, Neil Andrew Thomson, was 4 years old when the immigrated to canada, but we have a lot of family in scotland, but we do not know any of them. I have been told that the family tree can be traced back 800 years. Thanks

gustavo MASSIMO at 23:09:13 Tuesday November 4 2003
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Zach Bauer in United States at 02:26:52 Tuesday November 4 2003
I am related to the Pringle Family from my grandmother Drusila Pringle (maried name Williams) side. I was wondering if you could give me more information by emailing. Also I was curious if you are related to the Pringles.

Emily Isabella Harrison in Halesowen at 15:22:34 Monday November 3 2003
I would like to add my name to the harrison family tree. I was born at birmingham hospital in England on the 25th December 1987, at 6.33pm.

Brent Laing in Canadian with ancestors/relates in Scotland at 17:47:12 Sunday November 2 2003
Excellent material! A job well researched and well presented. Many thanks Tom.

Marian Ariyaratnam in Coventry - not as beautiful as Lismore! at 20:38:07 Thursday October 30 2003
Hector Macpherson was my uncle. When he was the minister on Lismore, I spent many a happy & idyllic holiday on the Island, & even attended the school there. The things I remember most about Lismore were the beautiful people, their amazing hospitality, and the fantastic scenery. I had the good fortune to spend a too short afternoon on the north end of the Island in 1998.It is one of the most peaceful places in the world, & I feel that it's even more spiritual than Iona! I think my Uncle was well loved & respected during his time of service to the folks on Lismore

justine in near Bannockburn at 00:06:16 Thursday October 30 2003
A brilliant site,need more info;old photos,etc. of the area where i live.My wee house sits on farmland between skeoch and lower greenyards farms,near bannockburn.These are ancient dwellings,appearing on the oldest maps i can find ,but the "wee hoose" does'nt appear until the 1926 O.S.survey.Any info about these farmland or the pit at greenyards would be fantastic,no matter how small or insignificant it may seem to you,it could be that vital link for me.Cheers,justine.

ASHANKA in lome togo at 01:35:27 Saturday October 25 2003
good site

billy nelson in holly springs ms. u.s.a. at 17:31:12 Tuesday October 21 2003
saw your site looking for seems we are connected to the neilsons of craigcaffie and the macneills of barra and subsequently the oneills in ireland.good site.

Allison Kirk-Montgomery in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at 23:00:57 Sunday October 19 2003
Thanks for your interesting and very useful pages! I am hoping to connect with others interested in Kirk, Morrison, Batchelor/Bachelor, Fleming, and Allan families, all in Falkirk in the nineteenth century.

Nancy Teague-Horner in St. Petersburg, Florida at 18:22:48 Saturday October 18 2003
I happened upon this site as a result of research for a story idea. I know a Bob Costello who lives in Auchterhouse by Dundee whose grandfather was a Hannon and grandmother was a Comrie, from Comrie near Crieff. Bob's grandmother would have been old enough to have been a young child of John Comrie who died in this explosion. Interesting the nearness of this explosion at Denny to the town of Comrie, where Mr. Costello's grandmother came from. Following the death of John Comrie, could Mrs. John Comrie with her young child have returned to their hometown where the daughter was to grow up and later to become the grandmother of my friend following a liaison with a Hannon. The liaison between Hannon and Comrie, which didn't result in marriage, produced a son who was to receive the name Costello-my friend's last name. I'm not sure how that came to be unless the mother later married a Costello who gave the illegitimate son his name or could the Comrie daughter's mother have been a Costello before she married John Comrie? Lots of unanswered questions and the friend doesn't have much of a history of his family to rely on. Thanks for the idea provoking story. Nancy Teague-Horner

player in USA at 12:40:55 Thursday October 16 2003
Hey, nice site! I like the whole layout idea and the little drop down menus. I like sweet valley too! Just wanted to stop by and say I liked your site! Talk to you later. Thanks. Igor

Jason Batchelor in 15 Glenbervie Avenue Larbert at 14:29:40 Monday October 13 2003

Michael Patrick O'Grady in Sanborn N.Y. at 12:37:46 Thursday October 9 2003
your info was fun to read thanks

andrew penman in lincoln england at 12:09:01 Saturday October 4 2003
hi have only just got into tracing history my father came from dollar a small place called powmill

Matt in auz at 17:10:58 Friday October 3 2003

Eddie Bruce in Elgin, Morayshire - presently Essex, England. at 17:03:17 Thursday October 2 2003
Hello Tom, This is a well-organised and interesting website - I just wish I had more time to browse. Please forgive the intrusion. I'm attempting to bring my recently published anthology of acclaimed Scottish & English short stories to the attention of those most likely to be interested in reading them. Please read some of them for free at http:/ and perhaps leave a message in my guestbook. Thank you. P.S. Although I'm from Speyside, I've also lived in Maryhill, Glasgow and Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire, not to mention Fife.

scat at 00:19:16 Monday September 29 2003
Cool Site. Wish there were more like this one on the Net.

Agnes Smith Pavelko in Ocala, FL, USA at 19:45:33 Sunday September 28 2003
Have enjoyed your site. Pleased especially to find my grandparents listed in the 1881 census reports. They lived on Main Street in Slamannan. I am seeking information on my grandfather's siblings; parents were Thomas Smith and Elizabeth Stafford. Have engaged a genealogist in Scotland, but would appreciate additional suggestions.

big tit at 23:46:25 Wednesday September 24 2003
I am honored to drop a line here and say thank you for keeping this great site online.

Torben John Vannan in Devon U.K. at 10:32:06 Tuesday September 23 2003
Born in South Africa in 1955 to Kenneth George Vannan who was also born there and had a brother.There father was born in Scotland and married to a woman by the name of Daisy.If you know anything about this family,please contact me.As far as i know we were the only Vannan's in South Africa.

Dan Brayford in sydney, australia at 14:43:33 Friday September 12 2003
hi Tom, great site .. all the best from me..

Carmel Lawrance in Nerang, Queensland, Australia at 03:26:54 Monday September 8 2003
My mother was Cecilia Mary O'Grady. Her father was Walter Standish O'Grady who was born in 1880, Gympie, Queensland, Australia. His father was William O'Grady, who came out to Australia sometime before 1878 - he was born in Castlegarde, Cappamore, Ireland in 1847. His father's name was Walter. I'm trying to find the direct line of my family. I have been told it's when Standish O'Grady married Katherine Waller - but I have some gaps in my family tree. Hope this helps cheers Carmel

Margaret in Australia at 08:58:01 Thursday September 4 2003
Hello Tom, wonderful site. Researching Mary Paterson married Alexander Spence Snr. He was a brewer's drayman. Living in Black Row, Lauriston by Falkirk in 1888. Any thoughts on this one? Regards Margaret

Pat Ferguson in Missouri at 00:00:31 Thursday September 4 2003
Hi, my Mother-in-law is also a direct dec/Charlemagnes/Hildegard of France. It took her sister two years to get all the material for a book. I really like how you set yours up. So many people, are cousin by marriage. Thanks for the infro. Pat

david paterson in west yorks at 22:50:24 Monday September 1 2003

Kathi Schuchardt in Mayer, Arizona at 03:22:10 Wednesday August 27 2003
I was given your web page by Ranald McIntyre. I am hoping to find more information about my grandfather, Jim Jarvie, and my great grandfather James Jarvie. I am hoping to make contact with family I know still lives in the Falkirk and surrounding areas, so that one day I may take my son to visit and bring my grandfather's ashes back to Scotland

Betty Maughan in Australia at 07:59:14 Tuesday August 26 2003
I sent you an email before I found this guest address.In it I mentioned my great-great grandfather Peter James Patersopn,later changed to Peterson who came to New Zealand from Glasgow in 1842.

Lisa Keenan in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear at 13:48:06 Thursday August 21 2003
Brilliant website Tom. I am from a long line of Davidson's who moved down to Newcastle around about the turn of the century. I am trying to trace my family tree back as far as possible and would love any assistance anyone can give!

Chris Farrow in Victoria Australia at 03:53:10 Thursday August 21 2003
My interests are with Alexander Patterson and Catherine Dawson who lived in the Learmonth area in the 1850's. Would love to share info with the following descendants, Middlemiss, and Parker

sam in Braidwood NSW Australia at 14:31:32 Monday August 18 2003
Great website, thank you so much :)

brenda in Toronto Canada at 03:54:56 Thursday August 14 2003
I am just looking,have not had chance to view all will let you know. I have been trying to get nto glasgow cencus for some time,thats when I come accross your site. can you help thank you.

david binnie in berwick upon tweed at 18:55:32 Sunday August 10 2003
i thank you for your web page.its very good

Sharon Ingram in Huntington Beach, California at 20:39:29 Wednesday August 6 2003
Wonderful website, My ancestors are from Dumbarton, Scotland (Colquhoun Clan). I am a product from the British invasion of Ceylon (Now known as Sri Lanka). I stumbled on your website while doing some research on my ancestors. If anyone can relate to the following information please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. George Parker Ingram from Dumbarton married Luka Ingram and Produced Richard Alexander Ingram and John William Ingram, who were with the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders and were based in Ceylon, they married and lived in Ceylon. George Parker Ingram was born in 1802 and was with The Black Watch. Any information would help. Thank you Sharon Ingram

Sandra Estelle Paton Hill in Summit Hill, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. at 18:25:17 Sunday July 27 2003
This has been a very interesting site. I did come across a note from a Alison Ulrich, of Medfield, Mass. Sh had several names in the Stirling area and I am interested in the Paton's in the Alva area. My father was born in the Alva area in 1906, his parents were born also in that area between 1881 and 1884. There names were Alexander Paton,Sr. and Jessie Tainsh Paton. They left Scotland in 1911 from Glasgow aboard a ship called the Furnessia and arrived in the U.S. May 1, 1911. They settled in the coal regions of Pennsylvania as that was Srs. work in Scotland. I am looking for any information on these relatives as far as there family and ancestors are concerned. I have been hitting blank walls as far as looking into the Scottish sites. I am hoping someone will read this and be of some relatio or know someone that is related. Thank You, Sandra E.Paton Hill

John Ward at 08:32:16 Sunday July 27 2003
Have a look at my website Lots of names there, no charge. I have McGregors in Gartfarran on the Flanders Moss around 1780. Supposed to be Rob Roy-connected. Anderson and Hotson in Langholm, Dumfs., and very troublesome Cameron in Glasgow

W. Marshall in California [ up the Braes] at 14:54:31 Friday July 25 2003
Thanks for this wonderful mine of information. I'm stuck up the family trees , but at least you've helped me to locate a twig or 2 ! Oh - if only the whole family came from Stirlingshire , I'd have them all done and dusted in next to no time. Q for anyone - where was 'Old Engine ' ? should be Shieldhill / California / Blackbraes area in 1880. now lost with out trace.

dale mitchell laidlaw in northern alabama USA at 03:20:59 Wednesday July 23 2003
Was looking for Abraham Mitchell born 1627 England (Northhamptonshire) but in "rootin aboot" discovered your wonderful web site and now wish we'd been from Scotland! I can't believe your web site was "lst" and had to be restored. I've enjoyed it lots.

Alexia Ballance in Bedfordshire, UK. at 15:41:17 Tuesday July 22 2003
Is the Tom Paterson of TAVISTOCK still looking at this site? I saw on the guestbook that he's interested in the history of some Patersons in Leith, as am I. Maybe we could share some info that could be of use to both of us? At the moment I'm hoping that you can help me with a brick wall I've hit in my research. I'm currently struggling to find the parents and siblings of a Robert Paterson (my great great great grandfather) born in the late 1700s in Leith (probably North Leith, but maybe St Cuthbert's parish). Do you think our trees might by any chance link up? Robert was a "decorative painter" (I think that means artist, as unless he was into smuggling or something, his assets at the time of his death were too great for him to have been a house painter!). He married Margaret Borthwick 1813, died 1827, his children were Robert (an M.D), Jane, John Borthwick, David Anderson and Margaret Chalmers, born between 1814 and 1823. His father was also a Robert (1725-1811 I'm told, but I can't find him on Scotland's People, or on the C of the LDS site), and he's said to have an older brother called John. Jane quite likely married a Charles Cox/Cock (in 1837) and/or a John Deas (1850). David Anderson married Barbara Smith Harper (in 1851), and Margaret Chalmers seems to have married David Henderson Robertson in 1848. Do any of these people match up with the people you know of? Please can you help me to find Robert the Painter's parents and siblings? I hope someone can help me. Many thanks in advance.

Anon at 14:30:25 Sunday July 20 2003

joyce oreilly in slough,berkshire.sl1 5qx at 14:30:17 Sunday July 20 2003
would like to find family ancestors going back to 1890!s

Andrew MacDougall in Edinburgh at 11:02:35 Sunday July 20 2003
Just wanted to say thank you for this excellent web page and resource. I have found many of my Larbert ancestors in these pages and am very grateful. Keep up the good work, it's appreciated.

Carole Corbett in manchester at 12:47:32 Wednesday July 16 2003
i find it all very interestin

Deanne Kincaid in Redding, California, USA at 17:13:23 Friday July 11 2003
As a direct decendant of the Kincaids of Campsie I was so proud to read further into our history. Alexander "The Pharmasist" line to be precise. Thank you for your informative writings!

Anne Elliott in Shropshire at 20:27:56 Thursday July 10 2003
Jemima told me about your site as we are related to the Pringles. It's a great site and well done on all your hard work. (Or is it a labour of love!!)

Mima Wood Graham in Fife at 14:46:25 Thursday July 10 2003
This site is excellent and I have found many of my Borders family in your tree.Thank you so much!!

Lori Hendges in Wakefield, Michigan USA at 22:48:23 Wednesday July 9 2003
Hi there! I found your website while looking for some of my ancestors. My maiden name is Binning, and my Grandfather (James Binning), was born in Scotland in 1890. According to my father, he was born in Glasgow, but I've learned that that isn't very specific. Anyway, I would be interested in finding more records that could lead me to some living relatives. According to my Grandfather's death certificate, his parents names were Alexander Thomson Binning and Helen Logan. We believe that Alexander Binning was married a second time, but we do not know if Helen Logan died or left, etc.. If you find any information that could be of use to me, I would appreciate it if you would send it to me via email. Thank you so much for any help you can provide, Lori (Binning) Hendges

malik in from libya at 18:16:30 Tuesday July 8 2003
i want to learn the bot thanx malik

Coline Murphy in Brisbane, Australia at 13:08:31 Thursday July 3 2003
Great site you have and I have been contacted through it a few times. Am trying to contact "ANON in Dunbartonshire" who posted a message on Sat 5th April but I think the contact address is incorrect. Do you have any suggestions for this problem or should I just post my own message? Meanwhile I'll just keep searching your site. Thankyou.

OBINNA in NIGER at 19:10:28 Friday June 27 2003

Diane Repetto in California, USA at 16:31:16 Friday June 27 2003
A friend sent me your page he is from there, i am from California, USA

daniel french in SCOTLAND at 22:38:02 Monday June 23 2003

akenny in wales at 21:46:04 Sunday June 22 2003
am desperately tryying to find information on family in Edinburgh Scotland, the only name i have is my grandfathers, ALAISTER FRASER LEE STEVENSON, born in Edinburgh 18 october 1921. i know he is from a large family and would appreciate ay advice or information you could give me.

Rainerius in Germany Trier at 13:40:30 Thursday June 19 2003
Hello, I found your website by a search engine. It´s very nice and interesting. I also made my first website about the oldest town in germany called Trier. It is a photo site , you can see the old roman monuments and other old buildings. I hope you like it. Greetings from Trier Germany Rainerius

John Scobbie in Coventry. at 18:25:48 Wednesday June 18 2003
Great site, If anyone has any copies of "CALATRIA" they wish to sell, please email me, fraternal regards, John Scobbie. (Ex Falkirk)

Frances Kaye in London, England at 21:25:49 Tuesday June 17 2003
Found this website searching for "Rockbrae", my great-grandparents' house in Balfron (Williamina and William Abbott Hart). I'm a granddaughter of Thomas Hart, 3rd son of William Abbott. Anyone looking into the Hart family tree, please contact me!

Konrad Kalu in USA at 13:47:48 Friday June 13 2003
Hi i just wanted to say hello everyone who visit this page and to wish them that they would find what they are looking for..........

daniel burrell in dagenham essex at 01:55:14 Wednesday June 11 2003
hi i wondered if u could send me some information about tracing my family history and where to start ive tried looking on the net but cant find how to start or where to start i now some of my family names or surnames at least . if u could help i would be most gratefull danny

Patricia in Victoria, Australia at 06:32:01 Friday June 6 2003
Thanks for the sad but interesting mining info. My Leckies & Browns were miners at Shieldhill. Colin Maxwell & Bennies married into the Leckie family, so a Maxwell father & at least one son were lost in the disaster.

Sam in USA at 06:17:21 Tuesday June 3 2003
Great Site

yvonne in scotland at 21:54:53 Sunday June 1 2003
just found your site , really good cencus records for the area i'm looking for.

Shauna Anderson in Provo, Utah, USA at 14:54:41 Friday May 30 2003
Thanks for the time to create this history

Anita Best in Norfolk at 19:17:00 Tuesday May 20 2003
I was drawn to the site on a search for an elusive dream weaver...

Nicky Slade in Hampshire (England) at 17:57:13 Monday May 19 2003
Hi Tom, your site looks useful! I'm looking for info about Edward Joseph Conlin, b 20th April 1891 in Broughty Ferry or Dundee, parents Edward and Bridget (Fahey), brother John?, sister Bridget. Married app.1912. Any input much appreciated. Thanks.

Halima Bi in birmingham at 15:16:45 Monday May 19 2003

Sally Alexander (nee Braidwood) in Aberdeen, Scotland at 09:40:25 Monday May 19 2003
An impressive piece of work. Congratulations.

brandy at 16:56:12 Tuesday May 13 2003

Heather Goodall(Barr) in COFFS HARBOUR , N.S.W. AUSTRALIA at 00:35:58 Wednesday May 7 2003

Elsie Burrell in Spokane Wa. at 16:47:29 Saturday May 3 2003

Max Morrison in Isle of Wight at 12:45:48 Sunday April 27 2003
Excellent.I have just found my great grandparents and their family.

Jen Long in Wollongong, Australia at 02:30:26 Sunday April 27 2003
Hi Tom. Thank you for all your hard work. You have made research for Stirlingshire much easier! Your James Rae who married Jean Sharp is my Gr x 4 grandfather's brother. He was Livingston Rae b. 1780 to James Rae and Jean Baird.

Peter Julian Wilkinson in I live in Melbourne, Australia, where most of the relatives of my generation live. I am 66 years of age, being born in Melbourne in 1937. at 05:17:57 Saturday April 26 2003
Dear Tom, Thank you for all the work you have done one the de Courcy orgins. I am descended from an Eliza(beth) Ann de Courcy, who was born in May 1929 at Bandon, West Cork, Ireland, to [William] Edward de Courcy and Ellen (Eileen?) Sexton. Eliza(beth) migrated to Australia on the SS Constantine around 1852-3 and later married William Edward Becker. Since then, every generation has retained the name de Courcy in the names of the male children. Eg my brother is John de Courcy Wilkinson. There has also been a retained family interest in Castle Carrickfergus on Belfast Lough in Co. Antrim, which was the first Earl's castle in Leinster after he had defeated the Irish king there.

alexander mcluckie in edinburgh at 14:57:42 Friday April 25 2003
very good site and most helpfull

Fran Hutchsion in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at 05:55:58 Wednesday April 23 2003
My Great Grandfather was Alexander V. Maccall, I just finally found this information on Jane Great Grandmother!!!!!!! I have had very little to go on but am so very excited to finally find this......please contact me!!!

Mary Malcolm-Kirkland in Canada at 02:12:46 Tuesday April 22 2003
My father was John Archibald Malcolm and my grandfather was John Armour Malcolm - his father was John Archibald Malcolm -- his father was Archibald Malcolm, born in Scotland

George Rankine in Edinburgh at 19:20:41 Thursday April 17 2003
Father (George) originally from Carronshore would possibly have been related to some of those in the document

Marilyn Laing Zimmer in Stratford, Ontario, Canada at 15:43:24 Saturday April 5 2003
Although I have no connections with your family tree, the historical/geographical information is very interesting. I am descended from Thomas LAING, and Elizabeth CUTHILL, of Banknock, Denny. His parents were James LAING, of Banknock, Denny and Margaret RUSSELL, of Slamanan, daughter of Robert RUSSELL and Janet BERRIE, of Falkirk. Elizabeth Cuthill Laing's parents were John CUTHILL and Janet HAY, daughter of James HAY of Muirhead, and Jane HAMILTON, of Denny. I would welcome anyone reading this to contact me if they have connections to these families.

Anon in EAST DUNBARTONSHIRE at 10:26:29 Saturday April 5 2003

Linda Brackenbury in Isle of Coll at 23:36:55 Friday April 4 2003
Hi, Very interesting Site, I was looking for information about my Great Grandfather,who worked at the Carron Works in Falkirk before being Transferred to Croyden,to continue works down there,His Name was John Morrison. I still have relatives living in the area,Also Morrison's.

Evelyn Hanson (Scouler) in Lawrence N.S.W Australia at 06:56:39 Tuesday April 1 2003
I am looking for the family of David and Joanna (mcPherson)Scoular he was a blacksmith, their son David John Scoular came to Australia in the early 1900s other family names are Fotheringham, Amoss, Robertson any infro would be welcome.

Patricia in Pennsylvania, USA at 02:09:37 Monday March 31 2003
I was just surfing the internet and came across your site. I can see you've put a lot of work into it. Thanks for allowing us to the use of this page.

sophie in Gloucestershire at 12:50:13 Sunday March 30 2003
hi, im really desperately seeking an online copy of Edwin Pugh's version of Charles Dickens; The Apostle of the People. Can anybody out there help me!!! id be ssooooo greatful. SOPHIE

Irish Palmore in Watertown,New York USA at 19:29:48 Friday March 28 2003
Did any of your ancester's fight for King Stuart and also did any of your ancester's get and any Irish land's when the Brit's (Cornwall) invaded Ireland in the 1600's...

Joy Carmicheal Glick in USA at 21:00:15 Thursday March 27 2003
I enjoyed your web page and the article on Lismore. It tells all about Lismore in a very concise manner. My grandfather and great grandparents came from Lismore.

david forsyth in dunipace. at 10:09:23 Monday March 24 2003
I like seeing history of the local places but would like to see more about denny and dunipace if you no anyplace to find out more about denny and dunipace either on the internet or anywhere else please email me at the above address thankyou.

james ovens cooper in adelaide-south australia. at 09:48:13 Monday March 24 2003
i have recently found your pages. although i have not found any my families mentioned .i still enjoyed reading about the banknock area. keep up the good work. jim cooper.

Paloma Garcia from Murcia(Spain) in SPAIN at 09:47:57 Monday March 24 2003
Hi i just wanted to say hello everyone who visit this page and to wish them that they would find what they are looking for...........

Chompoonuch in Bangkok Thailand at 09:32:29 Monday March 24 2003
Good job Keep it up! Please visit my website at We offer a wide selection of flowers, roses, mixed bouquets, plants, gifts, gift baskets and personalized gifts at affordable prices delivered in Thailand.

Stevenson in Ohio at 04:41:38 Monday March 24 2003
I just returned my my grandmother's funeral (Alda Stevenson) in Leechburg PA and have been trying to find some family history for my Grandpa Thomas Stevenson was born in scottland (mother's name Round) Anyway, I was searching under Stevenson and saw the name Nicol and this wonderful 90 year old wonderful lady (Tilly??)seven generation Scottland filled me in on some family history and I was surprised to see her name. She still lives in Leechburg PA. What a precious lady full of knowledge! I hope that it was ok to write all this. I wish I knew more about my family history!

joanne mcwilliams in Lowell, Michigan USA at 18:02:43 Sunday March 23 2003
zzhello. I'm trying to find more info on my g.g.grandfather, Charles MacWilliams who sailed with Selkirk in 1803 aboard the ship Dykes to Prince Edward Island, Canada. Records are sure scarce. Interesting reading aboout the name "MacWilliams". Thank you. Joanne

Margaret Kipp in Toronto at 23:36:01 Saturday March 22 2003
My gg grandmother, Ann McColl, was born in Portramsay, Lismore. I am researching McColls, McPhails in Scotland and in Canada.

James Paterson in Liverpool England at 13:39:31 Saturday March 22 2003
I am doing my family history and it appears all my family come from St. Ninians, I have managed to go back as far as 20 October 1650, my GGGGGGG Gr.father, Robert Patersone, married to Marjory Johnston.

Steve Cuthbert in Kent U/K at 11:11:14 Wednesday March 19 2003
Hi Tom & all' Looking into the family histories of the Maynards of Theydon Bois Essex,Shinkfields of Sunderland County Durham and the Cuthberts of County Durham. Any help from your visitors would be appreciated

Sandra McGraw in Connecticut at 00:30:45 Tuesday March 18 2003
Very interesting site. I think half the world must have Old King Coel in their line when you realy think about it.

Blair Bartholomew in Herston, Brisbane, Australia at 22:10:06 Monday March 17 2003
Dear Tom Thank you so much for your wonderful site, particularly the 1881 Stirlingshire Census. My forebears (Bartholomews) were from Stirlingshire, particularly the parishes of Muiravonside and Polmont. In the 1851 Census there were 33 Bartholomews, all related,(including my ggggrandmother and some of her children) recorded as living in the Parish of Muiravonside. Thirty years later only only two! Out of her family of nine at least six migrated to Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Once again Thank you Blair Bartholomew

Claud Alexander Wilson at 08:52:18 Sunday March 16 2003
My Grandfather Claud Wilson was the Miller at Auchincloch Mill and my Father James Geddes Wilson operated the water mill until 1971. I am interested in the history of the mill. I believe it was added to in 1881.


Brian Cambell Paterson in Salt Rock, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa at 10:25:46 Saturday March 15 2003
hi there. i live in south africa and want to know more about my family. my grandfathers name was raymond paterson and he lost contact with his family. would like to know everything!! our clan , colours , all that stuff . if you can help out please mail me back thanks brian

cory-ann richardson crews in canada at 19:22:29 Thursday March 13 2003
this is a great page. i have been looking for information on my grandfather, robert richardson, who died sometime in the 1980's. He lived briefly in Bo'ness but I believe he was from Glasgow. He was married to Janet Richardson (nee Anderson)

Donna Shaw in New Zealand at 23:58:20 Saturday March 8 2003
I am looking for information on the Shaw family that lived in Kilsyth until the late 1860's John Shaw and Mary Laing had a family of 9 sons, Thomas, William and Robert left for America, James and David left for New Zealand, John left for Australia and 3 sons, Alexander, Cuthbert and Matthew remained in the Glasgow area. John Shaw died in Kilsyth and his wife Mary died in Glasgow, Any information on these family members would be most appreciated.

Kevin Jackson in USA at 21:07:20 Tuesday March 4 2003
Great site! Check out mine when you get the chance.

Ray Rob in New Zealand at 09:02:47 Tuesday March 4 2003
URQUHART / MEEK in Slamannan,Falkirk,or would be great to catch up with URQUHART / MEEK relatives who are believed to be there. Their late father william ( Bill)(Willie)URQUHART lived at Slamannan.He was a Policeman at Falkirk.He was born near Keith in 1911,moved to Slamannan as a young man,and joined the Police.His wife was named Marion MEEK

THOMAS W. O'GRADY in DEMING,WASHINGTON, USA at 14:16:09 Monday March 3 2003

Webmaestro in Adelaide,South Australia at 0:50:31 Saturday March 1 2003
G'day from Down Under! Very nice website. Please visit my website and South Australia!!! :)

Angie in Home at 1:28:28 Saturday February 22 2003
Cool site! This one is too if anyone reading this wants fast egold. Fun!

Yana Dimitrova in nice website at 16:2:45 Friday February 21 2003
nice website

Sheila Bryce at 15:30:14 Thursday February 13 2003
Hi Tom Sheila here. you can contact me via my works e-mail. when are you or Moira heading this way? maybe you could come up and see Peter and me at Banton.

David Fyfe Simpson in Aberdeenshire at 19:13:04 Wednesday February 12 2003
I am researching my gr.father James Simpson born 10.9.1813 in Tulliallan,his parents were Archibald Simpson b.8.11.1775 in Bothkenner & Marg.MacFarlane b.1779/80 in Alloa,that Archibald was the son of Arch.Simpson & Ann Gilchrist who married on 22.8.1767 in Latch Bothkenner.

peter t courcy in usa nh. at 06:30:39 Wednesday February 12 2003
my back ground is french from de courcy to de courcydamiliare im not sure if i spelt that right im 35yrs old. and i was lookin up my history .

sheila mellor in australia at 10:40:51 Saturday February 8 2003
looking for cousins gordon and gaynor waugh dad alex mum rita use to live in falkirk

LEISA K in GROVE CITY, OHIO at 23:27:13 Wednesday February 5 2003

Jerry Cowin in Shelby County, Indiana at 15:57:50 Tuesday January 28 2003
My family came to the U.S. in about 1653 from Ireland. Possiby from County Down, Ireland. Do you have anything that might connect?

David Kilner in Adelaide South Australia at 03:17:29 Sunday January 26 2003
Excellent site. My ancestors were named William Braes and Agnes Smart, married in Muiravonside in 1816. Wouldn't they be surprised to know they have a descendant in Australia ! ?

Isabelle Alaban in Sydney, Australia at 02:46:27 Saturday January 25 2003
Hi Tom, Thank you for such a wonderful resource. The census information is invaluable for tracing the AITKEN family. Best regards Isabelle

Don Drummond in Wallington, Surrey, UK at 19:23:42 Sunday January 19 2003
Thanks for this fascinating website. I have family connections with Gargunnock, Falkirk, Larbert and the surronding area, so there is a great deal of interesting stuff here.

Christine Shaw in Ambleside, English Lake District at 21:41:40 Friday January 17 2003
Searching for info on a book I have, Stewart Dick Our Favourite Painters and came across your site. Very interesting.

Kate Badrick in Sudbury, Suffolk at 14:53:13 Friday January 17 2003
Interesting website. I am interested in William Adam born Bothkennar abt 1748. Other siblings born in Airth. Parents - Robert Adam and Janet Paterson. Robert Adam was a shipmaster in Airth. He gave evidence at the trial of John Lockead, who was involved in the 1745 rebellion

Stephanie Nichols in Roanoke, Virginia, USA at 21:06:56 Thursday January 16 2003
I am writing on behalf of my cousin Harriet "Evelyn" BRUCE Snead, b.23 May 1911 West VIrginia. She is the daughter of Elliot Tazewell BRUCE b.21 July 1886 West Virginia the son of Robert Cathcart BRUCE 13 Jan. 1864 Edinburgh Parish,Scotland son of George Cadell BRUCE b.abt 1830 Edinburgh, Scotland and maybe the son of Alexander Fairlie BRUCE b.31 Aug 1799 Scotland. Evelyn is a grand lady in her 92nd year. She wishes very much to know of the families still living that connect to this line. She has been to visit Scotland several times in her life. She was an heir to an aunt Amelia Gardyne BRUCE born abt 1860's in Scotland and was a pianist. Evelyn was named after Amelia's sister Harriet Bertha BRUCE b.1861 Midlothian, Scotland. Please send correspondences to me and I will send them to her in Clifton Forge, Virginia.

david anderson in strone dunoon argyll at 17:07:40 Sunday January 12 2003
trying to find out about my grand father grandmaster polmont lodge propably 1920 s

Sonia Gould in Lightwater, Surrey, England at 12:10:15 Sunday January 12 2003
My surname was Eliott and I am very interested in the Scottish side of my ancestary. My father is still alive and is the ripe old age of 91, he is the only surviving member of two brothers and two sisters, he is the eldest. Although my father was not born in Scotland, I believe my grandfather was.

Kevin O'Grady in Massachusetts, United States. at 17:50:00 Wednesday January 8 2003
I found this site to be very informative. I am attempting to find the home of my ancesters in Ireland. They came to the United States through Birmingham England in 1924 -1925

don paterson in sorrento - bc - canada at 01:48:25 Sunday January 5 2003
i am researching james paterson of midmar aberdeenshire.He was my great-great-great grandfather - am looking for any connections.

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