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Stirlingshire Group Photos

Please browse through these images and mail me if you recognise anyone or any place. I'll gladly publish on this page any image that you would like some help with. Just mail me by clicking the icon above.

Approx date Notes on Image (I'll keep the latest to the top) click to view more
Carronshore School fitba' team
8.  The Carronshore School football team, winners of the Henderson Cup in the 1919-20 season. Submitted by Alan Kemp.

Do you recognise anyone?  

Foundry in Bainsford?
1.  This is a photo of a group of foundry workers around the Bainsford area probably around 1925.
James Glegg is in 2nd row from the back, 8th from the left.  He is wearing tie and glasses.  Submitted by Margaret Richardson whose father is James.

Q. Do you know which foundry? Do you recognise anyone?

j_glegg_falkirk_s.jpg (2880 bytes)
Stenhousemuir Primary School
2.  This my group school photo. I'm second from the left on the bottom row. But my memory is going and I can't remember everyone's name. Help me out.
stennie1963_s.jpg (3380 bytes)
Maddiston School
3. This is a photograph of my mum, Agnes (Nessie) Burrell, and her classmates  taken outside Maddiston School. Do you recognise anyone?
mumsc1_s.jpg (3089 bytes)
High School Stirling
4. This is class IIIc taken at the High School of Stirling in session 1946/7. It shows Dave Stirling and his classmates HighSchoolStirling1_s.jpg (3781 bytes)
Dumbarton Road,

Dave Stirling believes this the proclamation of George V in 1910, taken in Dumbarton Road, Stirling. Can anyone confirm this.
StirlingCoronation_s.jpg (3827 bytes)
Bannockburn Scouts
6. James Stirling, Dave's dad,  with some of the Bannockburn Scouts. StirlingScouts_s.jpg (4191 bytes)
St Ninians Burns's Club
7. A group of  St Ringans (StNinians) Burn's Club enthusiasts all dolled up in the garb of the late 18th cent. StirlingBurnsClub_s.jpg (2511 bytes)


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