Family Group (main line)

THOMAS COWAN, from the parish of Galashiels. m. 5 Dec 1795

Stow, Midlothian

b.7 Dec 1762, Inveresk, Midlothian

d. Bef. 1841

b.Abt. 1766, Stow






In 1841 Alison Little was with her daughter Jean and her family at Stuntshaw, Earlston.

Child Marriage Spouse Spouse's Parents
1 Jean / Joan Cowan m. 29 May 1925,
Andrew Yellowlees John Yellowlees
Elizabeth Wood
b. abt. 1793, Stow, Berwickshire
d. bef 1861. No sign of Jean in the 1861 census in Durham, Ontario when Alexander, living with his daughter Sophia, was recorded as single.

DNA matches with Barbara Graham and William Bauer

b. 26 Aug 1797, Legerwood, Berwickshire
Emigrated in 1857 according to his son Thomas's 1926 obituary
d. 4 Jun 1877 Durham, Ontario, Canada
2 Agnes
b. 28 Oct 1795, Crumside, Stow
bap. 12 Jun 1795, Stow Parish Church


bap. 23 Jul 1797, Crumside, Stow

d. 13 June 1877, drowned in leader Water

Children b. 1804, Legerwood

d. 1868, Netherhowden, Channelkirk


1 Extract of an Entry in the Register of Deaths, 1877, Parish of Channelkirk , Berwick, Entry 10- John Cowan

NAME and Surname
Rank or Profession and whether
Single, Married or Widowed

When and Where Died



Name, Surname and Rank or Profession of Father
Name and Maiden Surname of Mother

Cause of Death, Duration of Disease, and Medical Attendant by whom certified

Signature and Qualification of Informant, and residence, if out of the house when the death occurred

John 1877 M 79 Thomas Cowan Was found drowned


Cowan June yrs Shepherd in Leader Water William Cowan
Farm Steward Thirteenth (deceased) Supposed to have Son
5h 25m p.m. fallen in while Oxton
Widower of In Leader Water Alison Cowan crossing a plank
Janet Torrie opposite Nether Howden M.S. Little (not certified) Henry M Liddell
Farm-house (deceased) Registrar

Register of Corrected Entries for the above Death:

Name John Cowan Procurator Fiscal's Office Certified by
Age 79 years Dunse (signed)
Sex Male 19th June 1877 I.C. Robson P.F
When On Wednesday 13th June 1877. In the River 27th June 1877 (signed)
and Leader opposite the Farm Steading of Henry M. Liddell
Where Netherhowden in the Parish of Registrar
Died Channelkirk and County of Berwick
Cause Accidental Drowning
Death Dr. Philp of Oxton saw the body of the
deceased when recovered

2. IGI Marriages 1795 , Parish of Stow, Midlothian Batch M116995 (1754-1819) Link

Spouses: Thomas Cowan / Alison Little
Proclamation: 5 Dec 1795 Stow, Midlothian

OPR - Thomas Cowan from the parish of Galashiels and Alison Little from this parish
Mathew Friar in Hope-pringle for him and Alexr Clapperton, weaver in Stow for her.

3. IGI Agnes Cowan, Baptism 1796, Parish of Stow, Midlothian Batch C116995 (1783 - 1820) Link

Baptism: 12 Jun 1796, Stow, Midlothian
Parents: Thomas Cowan / Alison Little

4. IGI John Cowan, Baptism 1797, Parish of Stow, Midlothian Batch C116995 (1783 - 1820) Link

Baptism: 23 Jul 1797, Stow, Midlothian
Parents: Thomas Cowan / Alison Little

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