Family Group (main line)


m.abt 1814 JANET CONNEL
b. 1794 Lismore

d.before 1861
b.1796, Lismore

d. 1 Aug 1864, age 76, Achnaran, Lismore.
(Certified by son Alexander)







Living at Tirefour in 1841 with Dougald, Alex, Ann, Peggy, John - where was James?.
Dugald was a farmer of 15 acres at Tirefour in 1851, with wife Janet and son Alex, d-in-law, Mary Buchanan, and G'daughters Mary and Janet.
In 1861, Dugald was deceased and his wife Janet was still living with Alex and family at Tirefour, now farming 24 acres.

Child Marriage Spouse Spouse's Parents
1 Dugald m. Ann Buchanan, sister to Mary who married Alexander.
bap. 10 Jan 1815, b. Balnagowan, Lismore, Argyll,
His birthplace is recorded as Trifoor in the 1855 birth record of his son Duncan.
Labourer in 1851
d. 22 Feb 1898, Portnacrosish, Appin.

Janet b. 8 Dec 1845, Lismore. No sign of Janet in the 1851 census
Alexander b. 22 Mar 1847, Lismore
Dugald b. 28 Jul 1850, Lismore. Married Sarah Kennedy and had 10 children
Duncan. b. 3 May 1855, Lismore

bab. 26 Feb 1817, Lismore
Living at Achuaran in 1851, had a daughter Mary Black with her first husband Archibald Black before marrying Dugald
Duncan Buchanan
Mary Carmichael
2 Alexander
bap. 2 Dec 1816, b. Balnagowan, Lismore
d. Lismore before 1824 when his namesake was born
3 James
bap. 11 Mar 1819, b. Balnagowan, Lismore
Not with his parents in 1841.
4 Mary m. 22 May 1841
Old Monkland, Lanarkshire
Alexander McDonald Hugh McDonald
Anne McColl
b.2 Jun 1820, Balnagowan, Lismore
d. 13 May 1888, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia
b. 6 Sep 1817, Morven, Argyll
d. 5 May 1902, Murphys Creek, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia
5 Catherine m. John McGregor, Labourer Donald McGregor
Carherine Buchanan
b. 23 Oct 1822, Tirfoor, Lismore
d. 31 Mar 1873, Achuaran, Lismore
Daughter Catherine (McPhail)
b. 28 Sep 1809, Achuaran, Lismore
d. 30 Mar 1871 • Achuaran, Lismore

Duncan Buchanan
Mary Carmichael
bap. 2 Dec 1816, b. Balnagowan, Lismore
d. 10 Dec 1879, age 63, Lismore - died by drowning
Children b. 1820E, Kilmore? or Kilmaranock, Muichan
d. 12 Jul 1894 , age 73, Laggan. (Certified by Neil Buchanan, nephew of Baligarve, Lismore
7 Donald m.
b. 15 Mar 1825, Tirfoor, Lismore
8 Anne m 2 Feb 1851, Bonhill, Dumbarton John McColl John McColl
Mary Black
b. 1 Dec 1826, Tirfoor, Lismore
d. 3 Sep 1895 aged 681 ,Tirlaggan, Lismore
3 May 1807, Taylochan, Lismore
d. 11 Apr 1878, Killean, Lismore,
9 John m
b. 17 Jun 1831, Tirfoor, Lismore
10 Peggy m. 8 dec 1854
Barony, Lanark
James Ballantyne, Grieve and Ploughman Peter Ballantyne
Janet Brownlie
b. abt 1832 Tirfoor, Lismore
d. 30 Aug 1904, Burnbrae, Cadder, Lanarkshire
b. 28 Dec 1821, East Kilbride, Lanarkshire
d. 4 Dec 1904, Burnbrae Farm, Cadder, Lanarkshire
11 Malcolm
b.15 Jul 1833, Tirfoor, Lismore
No sign of Malcolm in the 1841 census.
12 Gregor m.
b. 8 Jun 1835, Tirfoor, Lismore


1. Extract of an Entry in the Register of Deaths, District of Lismore, County of Argyll, Entry 13

NAME and Surname
Rank or Profession and whether
Single, Married or Widowed

When and Where Died



Name, Surname and Rank or Profession of Father
Name and Maiden Surname of Mother

Cause of Death, Duration of Disease, and Medical Attendant by whom certified

Signature and Qualification of Informant, and residence, if out of the house when the death occurred

Annie 1895 F 68 Dugald McGregor Cancer of Stomach


McColl September yrs Farmer Dugald McColl
Third deceased Son
6h. a.m. Janet McGregor (Present)
Widow of M.S. Connell As cert by :
John McColl Tirlaggan deceased Archibald McKay
Farmer Lismore M.D. &C.M

2. Dugald's parents Dugald McGregor and Catherine McColl

I don't have much proof that these are Dugald's parents, other than they are about the only pair in the records that are the correct age and match the names given to his children - 1st son after his father and 2nd daughter after his mother. Another possibility is John and Catherine

Tom Paterson (last updated 24th Sep 2019)