Family Group (main line)


m.28 Feb 1851
Rathven, Banff

b 1825,Banff, Grange

d. before 1855.

b. abt. 1830

d. 30 Dec 1906, age 76, 39 High Shore, Banff. Registered by daughter Annabella.

WILLIAM HOSSACK , Draper and Clothier

b. 29 May 1821, Banff

d. 26 May 1857, age 35, Gordon Arms Hotel, Huntly, of Mania for 10 days

His son William Paterson b. 26 Dec 1855 was recorded as William Hossack in the 1861 census. Also confirmed a DNA match between an ancestor of his aunt Elspeth Hossack Henderson and Tom Paterson

liason 1855 ANN PATERSON
William married Mary Bartlet just over a month after his illegitimate son William by Ann Paterson was born. m.29 Jan 1856
Mary Bartlett

Mary Bartlet was the illegitimate daughter of William Bartlet who owned Banff Brewery and had a son William Bartlett Hossack born 9 Nov 1856. Young William registered his step-father, John Adamson's death. Adamson had presented his Will to the Sheriff court and left a great deal to his daughter. She became something of a property owner, but seems to have had a drink problem after Adamson died and died herself at 59, a wealthy woman.





draper, reputed father.



Ann used the name KELLAS in 1851, MILTON in 1861 and 1871 but reverted back to using PATERSON in 1881. In  1901 she was aged 71 at 41 High Shore, Banff with her daughter Annabella (age 38), grandaughter, Mary Jane Cormack (age 8) and grandson William (age 5)

William stated on his marriage certificate in 1882 that his father was William Paterson, a gardener and domestic servant. I'm taking this with a pinch of salt and believe that the name used on the 1861 census when he was 5, William Hossack, is much more likely.

Child Marriage Spouse Spouse's Parents
1 WILLIAM PATERSON (son of Ann Paterson and William Hossack) m. 24 Feb 1882,
10 Manner Street,


b. 26 Dec 1855, Low Shore, Banff.(illegitimate)
d.20 Feb 1930, age 74, 107 Dundas St., Grangemouth


b. 1863 Manner St, Macduff

d. 1 Feb 1924, aged 64, Grangemouth?

2 Annabella Paterson (daughter of Ann Paterson, father unknown), housekeeper unmarried William Cormack
b.5 Sep 1868, Water Lane, Banff. (illegitimate)
d. 29 May 1943, Old Market Place, Banff. Registered by son William

Mary Jane Cormack. b. 21 Jun 1892. Illegitimate. Mother a Fish Cleaner, father William Cormack, Carpenter, 13 Bartlett Place, Banff

Unknown father:
William Paterson b. 13 oct 1900. 41 High Shore, Banff
Helen McKay Paterson b. 31 May 1902. 39 High Shore, Banff. Note: named after her aunt Helen McKay.

1 William Bartlett Hossack(son of Wiliam Hossack and Mary Bartlett), m. Catherine MacLeod
b.9 Nov 1856, Banff

d.12 Dec 1943, Deveron Bank, Woodburn Avenue, Airdrie

Retired Mechanical Engineer married to Catherine MacLeod, died age 77. Informant John MacLeod, 41 Wandle Road, Upper Tooting London. Probate confirmed 2 March to John McLeod Hossack, engineer


1) In 1881 Ann Paterson and daughter Annabella were living at 25 low Shore, Banff next door to the family John Milton and wife Annie. To check if this John, aged 38 in 1881, is related to William Milton, Ann's deceased husband. His father was James Milton and mother Ann Hood.

2) The 1861 census shows William as William Hossack and mother Ann Milton, living next door to his grandmother Isabella Kellas, aunt Elizabeth Allardyce and uncle Alexander Yeats. I don't know yet if Margaret Ross, also living at 9 Low Shore is any relation.

3) The 1851 census shows William Hossack living with his mother as a Draper with 4 apprentices and a 19 year old General Servant, Ann Kellas who I believe is using her mother's name rather than Paterson.

4) William Hossack died in 1857 at the young age of 35 of "Mania - 10 days". At the time he was staying at the Gordon Arms Hotel in Huntly. His occupation was recorded as being a Draper and Clothier. His inventory on death records that he had a 1/64th share of three ships - Coquette, Phoenix and Cyclone. This may have been prompted by his brother Joseph who was a shipsmaster and was part owner of the Arab, a brig.

5) William died intestate but the 1858 inventory records that he had a 1/64th share of three ships - Coquette, Phoenix and Cyclone. This may have been prompted by his brother Joseph, b. 21st Apr 1825, who was a shipsmaster and was part owner of the Arab, a brig. His wife was Mary Bartlett the illegitimate daughter of a prominent Brewer. They married in 1856 had a 6mth old son William Bartlett Hossack.

6) Death of Ann Paterson 1906

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