Family Groups (main line)

1st marriage or
just a liason
Noted as a Ship's carpenter on daughter Mary Taylor (Shaw) death in 1891

d. before 1828

d. before 1891

Labourer in 1841. Chelsea Pensioner in 1851. Served in the army from 1811-1840; Royal Artillery and Royal Artillery Invalid Detachment. Noted as a Groom on Charlotte's death cert.

Discharged aged 50.

2nd marriage

27 Apr 1828. 
St Mary Magdalene, Woolwich, Kent


The Dewar name is indistinct on Charlotte's death cert. Charlotte was recorded as a Widow, CATHERINE BARTLETT TAYLOR, on her marriage to Alex in 1828.

c. 28 Oct 1787, Pittenweem, Fife


b. abt 1795

d. before 1851





The death cert of Mary Taylor in Sep 1891, helped sort all this out. Mary , married name Shaw, was the daughter of Thomas Taylor and Catherine Dewar. The death cert is witnessed by Thomas O'Grady.

1841. Alexander, Catherine, Mary, Charlotte and David Balfour all living in Castle Wynd, Stirling  with Mary's illegitimate 2 year old son, Thomas O'grady, though noted as Thomas Balfour in the census. Mary is shown as Mary Balfour but I believe she was actually Mary Taylor; it was often the case that a whole family were recorded in the census by mistake under the head of the household's name.

1851. Alexander, Charlotte, David Balfour and Thomas O'Grady (noted as O'Grady this time) all at 5 Upper Bridge St. Stirling. Alexander's wife Catherine had died by this time. There is no sign of Mary.

1881. Mary Taylor as Mary Shaw, age 59 living with her daughter Charlotte, her husband George Findlay and family at Limerigg, Slamannan.

1891. There was a 70 year old Mary Taylor living with Thomas Geddes (O'Grady) and his family at Mosside Cottage, Slamannan. There is no relation noted between Mary and Thomas only that she was widowed and born in Deptford, England. 

Child Marriage Spouse Spouse's Parents
1 MARY (father THOMAS TAYLOR) liaison with THOMAS O'GRADY, The Honourable
c.1821, Deptford, England

d. 25 Sep 1891, age 69, Limerigg, Slamannan.

THOMAS BALFOUR O'GRADY was born c.1839, to MARY TAYLOR, also known as BALFOUR after her step-father, in Stirling, Scotland. Thomas  stated on his marriage certificate in 1865, age 25,that his father was Thomas O'Grady, a Major in the 74th Regiment. 

Mary's name shown as Shaw on Thomas's death cert.


There is no absolute proof that the Honourable Thomas O'Grady was indeed the father of Mary's son Thomas, but it looks highly likely. It is interesting to note the dates of his leave of absence from duty in the West Indies around the time of young Thomas's  birth. There must also have been some contact well after his birth as The Hon. Thomas was a Captain in 1839 when Thomas was born and made Major in 1846. Thomas jnr. used the name GEDDES in preference to O'GRADY in the 1881 and 1891 census, but there is as yet, no clue to why he changed his name.

2nd marriage John Shaw, Iron Dresser
d. before 1891
2 Charlotte (father ALEXANDER BALFOUR) m. John Marlin, coalminer
c. 17 Mar 1829, Scots Church, Woolwich, Kent, England (tbc)

Milliner in 1851

d. 6 Dec 1902, age 72 at Colense? Cottage, Dykehead, Shotts. Son Thomas Marlin at Home Cottage, Shotts

died before Charlotte

(still haven't ruled out a marriage to William Robert Gaskin in 1852)

3 David (father ALEXANDER BALFOUR)
c. 10 Jun 1832, Saint Luke, Old Charlton, London, England (tbc)

Weaver in 1851

Tom Paterson
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