Banff Census Records


Who is this John Mcdonald?

[pat1851a] Still to find Ann Milton(nee Paterson) in the 1851 Census. Her marriage to William Milton was recorded in Rathven parish, just down the coast from Banff, in Feb 1851.

The name "Hossak" is very indistinct and could even be "Kellas". Is this undecipherable name the name of William's father? 

[pat1871] This record is the sole link between Elizabeth Allardyse, Alex and James Yeats, and Ann Paterson. There is no sign of William Milton's death between 1855 and 1871 in the local records. Need to widen the search. William is now using his mother's maiden name.

[pat1881] I can't be absolutely certain that the Ann and Annabella are the same as Ann and Ann in 1871


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