The population of this parish in previous years, was

YEAR Population
1755 3,932
1792 8,020
18O1 8,838
1811 10,395
1821 11,536
1831 12,748
1835 13,037
The gradual increase may be ascribed to improvements in agriculture and the extension of trade and manufactures.

In 1831, the number of inhabitants residing in
the town and villages of the parish was 10,294
in the country, .... 2,454
making a total of ... 12,748
Average of births, for the last three years, 252
death,... . 255
marriages, 110
There is only one nobleman (Earl of Zetland) who has a dwelling-house in the parish, but who resides chiefly in England. The number of individuals or families of independent fortune, and not engaged in business, may be seven. The proprietors of land of the yearly value of L.50 and upwards, may be estimated at forty in number. The people are, in general, contented with their situation and circumstances; and the great proportion are moral and religious, in. so far as can be judged from regular attendance at public worship and outward decency of conduct.

Poaching in game is practised by some individuals. Smuggling may be said to have entirely ceased. Pawnbroking is carried on to a small extent, although there is none licensed for that trade.