1755 Amount of population in, by Dr Webster's Return 1094
1791   1400
1801   2194
1811   1827
1821   2171
1881   8200
1835 December, by a census taken by the writer of this, report 8107

These statements require, perhaps, some explanation. In 1801; the collierv at Shielhill was in active operation, and hence the large increase at that time compared with the census in 1791. In 1811, the work there was almost discontinued, and hence the decrease. Again, from 1821 to 1831, the Redding colliery was conducted on more than its present extensive scale; and in 1835, the diminution was occasioned by fewer workmen being employed.

The population connected with the collieries amounts to about 1000. The rest of the population consists of agricultural labourers and quarrymen, with a small number of shopkeepers and mechanics.

During the last seven years, the average number of births was 83, and of marriages, 27. The number of deaths cannot be ascertained with any accuracy. There is only a register of fonerals, and as many from neighbouring parishes are buried in the church-yard, it gives no correct index of the mortality in the parish. Nor is much reliance for any practical purpose to be placed on the registers of births and of marriages, or more properly of proclamations; for not a few omit to record the names of their children. Though an account be kept of the publication of bans, it often happens that one of the parties resides in another parish.

Of villages, the two principle are, Bennetston and Redding the former containing 474 inhabitants, the latter 587.

In September 1838, there were 34 different proprietors on the list of heritors. Of these, 27 have properties of the yearly value of L.50 and upwards, and two only draw from their lands in the parish above L.1000 per annum.

The people, on the whole, are orderly and peaceable. Among the colliers, there has been a perceptible improvement during the last few years-more attention being paid to the education of the young.