There are few parishes where so little change has taken place since the last Statistical was drawn up, as ill this parish. There have been no new roads, no public works, and no manufactures of any kind in the parish. Agriculture, however, has undergone a most decided improvement. The railway being now finished, and a year nearly in operation, the minerals have become an object of acquisition, the parish will increase in population by the erection of villages, and thereby an additional stimulus will be given to agricultural pursuits. It would contribute greatly to the prosperity of the parish, if, in the act of boring, limestone could be found, as there must be limestone in the parish, from occasional stones being found in the different streamlets, and from a property in the south of the parish being called Limuridge. There is abundance of freestone for building in the parish, and excellent whin rock throughout the parish, and likewise in the Annexation, from which most of the blocks for the railroad have been furnished. Two years ago, a line of turnpike road from Falkirk to Airdrie was surveyed, but the nature of the ground will render such an undertaking very expensive. The ready communication from east to west by the railway, will, in a great measure, supersede the necessity of a cross turnpike through the parish.

Drawn up September 1839. Revised May 1841.