A good ploughman gets about L.12 a year, together with his bed and board; and a common female servant expects from L.3 10s to L.4 per annum, independent of food and lodging. A man who engages to labour by the day has 1s 2d in summer, and 1 sin winter. During harvest the wages are higher. Great quantities of grain, especially barley, beans, and pease, are sold in this market. Carse barley is held in such high estimation that it brings, in general, two or three shillings per boll more than barley from other parts of the country. During these several months, the price of grain has been extravagant; barley has been sold at L.1 1 2s per boll, wheat at L.2 1 2s 6d, and oat-meal at 1s 4d a peck. It is worthy of observation that in former times of scarcity the people of Scotland looked up to England, as well as to foreign countries, for supply; but in the present season, when the people of England are in want, we have not only plenty within our borders, but have been enabled to relieve them in their necessity.