Descendants of Dougald Carmichael, Immigrant

GILBERT Carmichael was born in Scotland 1763, his wife was Mary Black, born in Scotland 1770. They were married in North Carolina and their oldest child was born there 1793 (census record). The date of his arrival in North Carolina is not definitely shown by records, but was probably 1773. The best available information, traditional and otherwise, indicate that he was the brother of John (K) and Dougald (D). The latter was discharged from the British Army in Charleston, S. C., about 1784 and joined his brother John at Hope Mills, N. C. The latter appears as the head of a family in 1790 census records of Cumberland Co., N. C., with one other male over 16 in the family, assumed to have been Gilbert, for the reason Nancy (A24), wife of John B. Carmichael (F4), son of Gilbert, is said to have married a member of the section of the family to which Dougald (D) and John (K) belonged. This information came from the maternal grandfather (D12) of the writer, who was born in 1820 and was well informed on his family history. The arrival of John (K) and Gilbert (F) in 1773 is assumed for the reason that John was in North Carolina at the end of the Revolution, and as all immigration was suspended during the war, he must have arrived before its outbreak. This family does not appear in the British custom records of immigrants from Scotland to North Carolina 1774-5-6, and is believed to have been among the Appin group sailing September, 1773, referred to elsewhere herein.


Gilbert Carmichael's descendants are now in North Carolina, principally in the region between Hope Mills and Raeford, in Texas, principally in Austin County and in the vicinity of Waco, and in many other states.


F. Carmichael, Gilbert, b Scotland 1763, d NC 1833, m 1791 Mary Black, b Scotland 1770, d NC, r Rockfish, N. C., 5 children: