18 July, 1680.

Conveyance by Derby Grady, of Kilballyowen, to Thomas Grady,

his son and heir, on the occasion of the marriage of Thomas Grady

with Ellice Walsh, alias Everard, widow of John Walsh, in considera-

tion of £100 paid by Thomas to Derby Grady and an undertaking

by Thomas to keep his father Derby, now an old man, and two

servants for the remainder of his life, of the lands of Kilballyowen,

200 acres, Ballymorany, 160a., Milltowne and C-ley James, 200a..

Raggymus beg, 100a., Burgess lands of Any, 250a., Castle and lands

of Ballynscooly, 200a., and in Hobbertstowne 120a, containing ' with

all the lands,’ 1,280 acres, plantation measure.

Signed and sealed by D. Grady.

HTVwmes : Tho. Brown, Francis Browne, Wa. Bourke.

Officially endorsed as entered in Chancery Rolls, 1 May, 36

Charles II.


28 Dec., 1699.

Deed of agreement whereby Thomas Grady, junior, of Kilballyowen,

2nd son of Thomas Grady, in consideration of £5 paid by him to his

father Thomas Grady, of Kilballyowen, is to receive after the latter’s

death £30 per an. out of the rents of Kilballyowen, Ballinvrana, and

the two Milltowns (bar. Small County), with provision for the pay-

ment by Thomas Grady, senior, or by his heirs within 3 years of his

death, of a sum of £300 in lieu of the said rents.

Signed and sealed by Thomas Grady, sen.

WYfMasses: John Lacy, Kath. Grady, James [Rawleigh], Timothy

Tierney, Donnogh [? Hasten].

Officially endorsed as enrolled in the office of the Auditor-General,

30 May, 1704.