12 Sept., 1612.

Deed of feoffment by Donnogh Grady, of Kilballiowen, settling the

lands of Ballinskoolly, k pld. Ragamus begge, 10 acres arable, Kil-

balliowne and the two Gorteinwoties, 2 pld., Ballinwoullinbeg, J pld.,

and Cleyhemus, 10 acres arable, Gortneskehy, 3 ac. arable, 2 gardens,

1 house, “ eight heades of cowes and garrones, fourscore sheepe and a

heard of sweene ” in Ballinwrany, and one half the lands of Any,

with a water mill, in all one plowland, on his sons Derbie, Morthagh and

Brien successively in tail male. Trustees are Walter Browne, of

Camas, Richard Raully, of Raulytowne, and Gerrott fitzMoris Raully

of Ballinemonymore.

Signed and sealed (seal missing) by Donnogho: Grady.

Witnesses : Ellin Browne, alias Rawley, by mark, Edward Browne.

Tho. Browne, [? Danniel] Grady, Owen Grady.


10 Feb. [1620/1].

Conveyance by Edmonde Skoolle, of Kilballiowen, to Donnogh

o Gradie, of Kilballiowen, the half plowland of Ballinskoollie, being

12 acres great measure, as enjoyed by Edmonde Skoolle’s father and

ancestors, and also Carrickerencie, 1 acre, Ragumus bege, 10 acres

arable, Kilballiowen, f plowland, 3 gardens in Ballinvranny, 2 acres

of land called Gortinroittie (all great measure) in the parishes of

Kilkellaine, Ballinimonimore and Aney.

Signed and sealed (seal missing) by Edmonde Skoolle by mark.

Witnesses : Phill. Bourke, Francis Rawleigh, John Grady, David


Bourke by mark, Connor McCanny by mark.


20 Oct., 1624.

Conveyance by Sir Thomas Browne, of the Hospital, Kt., to Donnogh

o Grady of his rights in Ballyhobbert alias Hubbertstowne, Co.

Limerick. Recites Letters Patent 2 July, 16 James I, whereby said

lands containing J plowland, lately in occupation of Thomas Browne

and James Browne, who were attainted of high treason, were granted

to Sir Laurence Esmond, Kt., and deed of feoffment 19 Jan., 21

James I, whereby Esmonde made over the lands of Ballyhubbert to

Sir Thomas Browne, subject to crown rent of 5s. per an. The other

moiety of the £ plowland of Ballyhubbert was granted by Browne to

John oge Fitzgerald of Ballynard, Co. Limerick. Browne constitutes

Donnogh o Graddie mac John his attorney.

Signed and sealed (seal missing) by Tho. Browne.

Witnesses : Jo. Ryues, Ger. FzGerald, John Browne and 2 other


Certificate of livery and seisin specifies the garden of Garrinlickydury

as part of Ballyhobert.


Witnesses : Ger. FzGerald, Garratt Rauleigh, Thomas oge fizGerald.


9 Nov., 1633.

Deed of attorney, Donnogh o Grady, of Kilballyowen, to his son

and heir, Dermod o Gradie, of Bally [inscooby], to pay off mortgages

on north moiety of Hobertstowne. Details as in deed of 28 Jan, 1629,

q.v. supra.

Signed and sealed (seal missing) by Don[nogh] o Grady. Names of


witnesses obliterated.