28 Dec., 1699.

Deed of agreement whereby Thomas Grady, junior, of Kilballyowen,

2nd son of Thomas Grady, in consideration of £5 paid by him to his

father Thomas Grady, of Kilballyowen, is to receive after the latter’s

death £30 per an. out of the rents of Kilballyowen, Ballinvrana, and

the two Milltowns (bar. Small County), with provision for the pay-

ment by Thomas Grady, senior, or by his heirs within 3 years of his

death, of a sum of £300 in lieu of the said rents.

Signed and sealed by Thomas Grady, sen.

WYfMasses: John Lacy, Kath. Grady, James [Rawleigh], Timothy

Tierney, Donnogh [? Hasten].

Officially endorsed as enrolled in the office of the Auditor-General,

30 May, 1704.