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my great grandfather WILLIAM PATERSON

Merchant Seaman, Capstanman

m. 24 Feb1882,
10 Manner St,

m. 10 Manner St

  26 Dec 1855, Low Shore, Banff, illegitimate

d.20 Feb 1930, age 74, 107 Dundas St. Grangemouth

b. 1863 Manner St, Macduff

d. 1 Feb 1924, aged 64, Grangemouth?







This group is mostly made up from family recollections so I'm not at all sure about the order of birth. I need to get back to the records office. Helen McKay, above started off by selling fish from a creel perched on her head. She later had her own fish shop and fismongering  became one of the main occupations of this side of the family.
William stated on his marriage certificate in 1882 that his father was William Paterson, a gardener and domestic servant. 
There is a William, aged 12 and a William J along with Annie, Nellie and mother Helen at 27 Shore St., Macduff 1891. Did Helen have a child when she was only 16. In the census of 1911, Helen was noted as being married for 29 years and had 11 children, 9 of whom were still living.

1 William, night-watchman m. 29th Aug 1913
146 Dundas St. Grangemouth
Catherine Mitchell Hogg Peter Hogg
Catherine Mitchell
b. 1879, Macduff
cen.2 April 1911, Seaman, age 33 living at 103 Dundas St., Grangemouth
m. living at 103 Dundas St.
d. 5 Apr 1948, age 70, found dead at the Fina Oil Wharves, Grangemouth. Recorded on the death cert as being a night-watchman and living at 145 Dundas St., Grangemouth
b. 1882
m. living at 146 Dundas St.
d. 10 Jun 1949, 146 Dundas Street, Grangemouth.

brother Peter Hogg was informant at William's death

2 Annie  m. 15 Jul 1904
West F Church Manse, Grangemouth
 James  Lawson, Joiner, Journeyman Robert Lawson
Mary Niven
b.21 Jun 1882, 12 Manner St. Macduff
m. living at 3 Union Place, Grangemouth
d.1948 aged 76
b. 1879, 
m. age 26, living at 3 Union Place Grangemouth
d. 4 Jun 1941, Oswald avenue, Grangemouth
His father might be Robert Lawson who was a witness at Alex's wedding in 1926.
3 Helen, (known as Nell) shop assistant m.1st Nov 1905
3 Union Place, Grangemouth
Charles Whyte (Chick), grocer David Whyte
Isabella Black
b. 8 Sep 1886, 27 Lowshore, Macduff
m. aged 19, living at 3 Union Place, Grangemouth
d. 1967 aged 80
1904 witnessed Annie's marriage.
Stayed with Meg, when she was ill. She had a fish shop in Broughty Ferry.
b. 1875
m. 1905 aged 29, living at 13 Annifield Place, Grangemouth
cen. 2 April 1911, Shopkeeper, Grocery, age 34 living at 103 Dundas St., Grangemouth
d. 1940, aged 64
He had a grocer's shop. Had son Charles age 1 in 1911 at 103 Dundas St. Later he was a banker in Portsoy
4 William John
b. 27 Dec 1888, Crook-O-ness Street Macduff
cen.2 April 1911, Fishmonger, age 22 living at 103 Dundas St., Grangemouth
1913 witnessed William's marriage.

d. 1972, aged 83, Bo'ness

 I think this William ran the fish shop in Bo'ness where my grandfather worked

5 Jessie m ?

b. 15 July 1891, 2a Shore St, Macduff
cen.2 April 1911, age 19 living at 103 Dundas St., Grangemouth
m. had 4 girls,  Ellen, Jess, Anne and ?
6 Charles McWilliams .
b. 4 Dec 1892, 27 Shore St, Macduff.
cen.2 April 1911, Shopkeeper. Grocery, age 18 living at 103 Dundas St., Grangemouth
d. 14th Nov 1916, killed in action, aged 24. see commemeration
7 Elizabeth
b. 1897, 77 Lumley St, Grangemouth
8 THOMAS PHILIP , Fishmonger m. 28 Sep 1923
The Manse, Bothkennar
my grandfather b.19 Jan 1899, Grangemouth, d 1977, Falkirk  - Fishmonger at Bo'ness.
cen.2 April 1911, Seaman, age 12 living at 103 Dundas St., Grangemouth
children of Thomas and Elizabeth b. 1 Mar 1901, Main St Carronshore, Bothkennar, d 1965 Stenhousemuir
d. 26 Dec 1965, age 64, 240 King St. Stenhousemuir


9 Alexander McWilliam, Locomotive Fireman m.5 Feb 1926
(1) Martha Stewart Hill, soap-worker.
b. 1902. Father John Mitchell Harrison Hill.
m. 1926 age 24, witnesses:
Robert Lawson & Williamina Stephen Hill
chn: Martha, William, Helen, Margaret
John Hill
Martha Stephen
b. 18 May 1901, 77 Lumley St., Grangemouth
cen. 2 April 1911, Seaman, age 9 living at 103 Dundas St., Grangemouth
1923 Witness at Thomas's wedding.
1926 he was living at 103 Dundas Street, Grangemouth.
(2) Kate Howlands
10 Nan m
1911, not at Dundas St,
after marriage went to live in Hamilton. Had three sons
11 Maggie Lindsay (Meg) m.5 Sep 1936
West Church
William Alder (Bill) Robert Alder
Agnes Moffat
b.26 Feb 1907, 3 Union Place, Grangemouth
cen. 2 April 1911, age 5 living at 103 Dundas St., Grangemouth
d 1952 in Edinburgh, aged 45

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