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Ancient Monuments of Stirlingshire

List of Plates (Vol I) pages xvii

PLATE Entry Number
99 A Plean Tower  (Plane Castle) 197
100 A Dunmore Tower ( Elphinstone Tower) 198
102 A Stenhouse from South 200
102 B SE angle-turret
102 C detail of ceiling in lobby
102 D dormer pediment
113 A Duntreath Castle ; tower from N. 209
113 B entrance doorway and stair-tower
114 A iron gate, external face
114 B iron gate, internal face
114 C fireplace in NW. compartment on first floor
114 D fireplace in NW. compartment on second floor
115 A Bruce's Castle; jamb of fireplace 196
115 B Airth Castle; carved stone, Elphinstone of Airth 199
115 C Bardowie Castle; carved lintle, John Hamilton and Marion Buchanan 208
115 D Duntreath Castle; carved stone, Sir James Edmonstone 209
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Note from Tom :

As you can see I've still got some way before I complete this inventory. If you want to see any entry or plate that I've not published yet then just mail me the details.

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