Ancient Monuments of Stirlingshire

List of Plates (Vol II) pages ix - xii

PLATE Entry Number
116 (Frontispiece) "The Pineapple", Dunmore Park 302
117 The Garrison, Inversnaid; site plan of 1719, Board of Ordnance (By courtesy of the National Library of Scotland) 225
118 draft plan, Board of Ordnance (By courtesy of the National Library of Scotland)
119 A remains of N. barrack-block
119 B loopholes in N. barrack-block
119 C remains of well
120 View of the Burgh and Castle of Stirling, 1673-4, by Vorsterman (By courtesy of the Trustees of the Smith Arts Institute, Stirling)
121 Plan of the Burgh and Castle of Stirling, 1725, by Laye (By courtesy of the National Library of Scotland)
122 A Argyll's Lodging, Stirling ; from NW. 227
122 B E. range from SE. (Photo: National Art Survey of Scotland)
123 ground plan, 1841 (Photo: Public Record Office)
124 A E. range from courtyard
124 B heraldic panel, Viscount Stirling
124 C entrance-porch, E. range (Photo: Ministry of Works)
125 A entrance-gateway (Photo: Ministry of Works)
125 B window architrave in SE. stair-tower
125 C-E window pediments in E. range (Photos: Ministry of Works)
126 A-C fireplace in the Upper Hall (Photos: Ministry of Works)
126 D fireplace on first floor of E. range (Photo: Ministry of Works)
127 A, B painted decoration in the Upper Hall (Photos: Ministry of Works)
128 A doorway to the Upper Hall (Photo: Ministry of Works)
128 B staircase in E. range (Photo: Ministry of Works)
Mar's Work, Stirling (No.); B. facade 230
130 A E. facade, heraldic panel (Mar quartering Erskine) (Photo:
Ministry of Works)
130 B E. facade, heraldic panel (Mar and Erskine impaling Murray of Tullibardine) (Photo: Ministry of Works)
131 A E. facade, heraldic panel (Scotland) (Photo: Ministry of Works
131 B E. facade, statuette (16) (Photo: Ministry of Works)
131 C E. facade, base-stop (3 I)
131 D E. facade, base-stop (29)
132 Cowane's Hospital, Stirling ; from NE. 231
133A Founder's statue
133B oak chest
Cowane's House, Stirling , from NE 237
134A The Town House, Stirling , from NW. 232
134B The Athenaeum, King Street, Stirling, from SE 247
135A The Town House, Stirling ; belfry 232
135B fireplace and panelling on first floor
136 Glengarry Lodge, Spittal Street, Stirling, from S. 248
137 Broad Street, Stirling; right, 34, Norrie's House ,

left, 36-38



138A 24-26 Broad Street, Stirling ; general view 234
138B dormer pediment
138C view from close
138D Dormer pediment, 38 St. John Street, Stirling 245
139A Bruce of Auchenbowie's House, St. John Street, Stirling from NW 244
139B crow-stepped gable
139C moulded skewput
139D Darnley House, Bow Street, Stirling, from W. (Photo: National Art Survey of Scotland) 235
140 A Gateway, The High School, Spittal Street, Stirling 248
140 B Doorway, 72-76 St. Mary's Wynd, Stirling 238
140 C Doorway, 42 Upper Bridge Street, Stirling 241
141 A The Town Wall, Stirling ; bastion, Back Walk 249
141 B Port Street bastion
141 C return at lower end of Back Walk
142 The Mercat Cross, Stirling 401
143 The Mercat Cross, Airth 412
144A The Burgh of Airth ; house at corner of Shore Road 251
144B doorway of "The Herring House"
144C door-head of house in High Street
144D doorway pediment of "The Smithy"
145 The Town Steeple, Falkirk 253
146A The Burgh of Kilsyth ; 11 High Street 254
146B house in High Street
147A Bannockburn Town ; the Brae 264
147B 17 the Brae
147C 26 Newmarket
147D 54 and 56 Station Road
148A Chartershall Village, cottages 263
148B Torbrex Village, weavers' cottages 259
148C Taylor's Building, Kippen 285
148 D, E Gargunnock Village ; houses in main street 286
148F Balfron Village ; Rockbrae, Buchanan Street 280
149 A, B Fintry Village; houses in Newtown of Fintry 282
149C Polmont Village; Little Kerse Cottage 268
149D Dennyloanhead Village ; the Crown Hotel 275
149E Denny Town; 1 Broad Street 274
149F Schoolhouse, Polmont 269
150A The Old Manse, Larbert 273
150B The Manse, Polmont 270
151A Fintry Village; old manse 282
151B The Clachan of Balfron ; the Old Manse 281
152 Engineering Shop, Carron Ironworks ; roof structure in W, section 265
153A tie-beam in W. section
153B S. elevation
154A -D details of floor structure
155A, B Lennoxtown ; "Oliver" machine, Kali Nail Works 276
156A Bannockburn Town , Skeoch Mill; general view from S. 264
156B inscribed stone
156C roofs of dye-houses
157 Bannockburn Town; the Royal George Mill 264
158A, B Millstone Quarries, Craigmaddie Muir 567
158C Millstone Quarry, Spittal 568
159 Torwood Castle; from N. 299
160A from S.
160B from W
161A entrance-doorway
161B remains of stair-turret, attic floor
161C diamond-shaped lights in S. facade
161D ground-floor window in S. facade
161E stone panel with date 1566
162 Old Leckie House; original entrance-doorway 343
163A from SE.
163B Steuarthall , from S. 293
164 Auchenbowie House ; the library 296
165A from SE
165B Kersie Mains , from SW. 300
166A Powis House; fireplace on first floor 288
166B Kersie Mains ; fireplace on first floor 300
167A Bannockburn House; staircase 295
167B first-floor room in W. wing
168 ceiling in old drawing-room
169A detail of ceiling in old drawing-room
169B centre-piece of ceiling in old drawing-room
170 detail of ceiling in old drawing-room
171 A, B details of ceiling in old drawing-room
172 A, B ceiling of first-floor room in E. wing
173A plaster frieze in room E. of entrance-hall
173B plaster frieze in room B. of old drawing-room
173 C plaster frieze and cornice in first-floor room in W. wing
174A Old Auchentroig; from SE. 336
entrance-doorway and heraldic panel
174C Pirnie Lodge ; entrance-doorway 319
175A. Birdston Farm , from S 322
177 Touch House 345
Seton Lodge 346
188A Powis House 288
188B Wrightpark 335
188C Carron House 310
188D Old Ballikinrain 332
195A Polmont House, from S 314
202A Kincaid House, from E 321
202B Powfoulis, from W 304
Old Place of Balgair 333
Orchardhead 305
Newton of Bothkennar, Newton Mains 306
Kinnaird House Garden Walls and Heraldic Panel 307
Westerton 308
Callendar House 311
Hallhouse, Denny 359
Earthworks, Bankier 498

Note from Tom :

As you can see I've still got some way before I complete this inventory. If you want to see any entry or plate that I've not published yet then just mail me the details.