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b 1756


b. 1756


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Dugald Carmichael

Janet Stewart


There are many Carmichael family groups in Lismore around the 1750's but as very few records go back that far it is extremely difficult to pinpoint the exact parentage and relationships. Additionally Carmichaels often married distant cousins also named Carmichael. Normally in the records when we see a wife with the same surname as her husband then we would assume that was not her maiden name but in the case of the Lismore records I have found that the record keepers, who knew the families concerned, consistently recorded the names correctly.

My DNA matches have helped narrow down some of the options. Given that I have a number of DNA connections with Dugald's descendants that suggest a 4th cousin relationship, what seems fairly certain is that Dugald (1783-1851), below, is a brother to Mary (1796-1781) my 3x great-grandmother

Narrowing down John and Mary's parents has been even more problematic, however, yet again, some DNA matches have confirmed some relationships. Currently, my thinking is that Mary's parents were Dugald Carmichael and Janet Stewart. They had a number of children who look like they emigrated to the Carolinas and whose birth dates match well enough to assume they are siblings. See more info on their family page and detail of the Roderick Carmichael book.

John's parents are still a placeholder but I have a DNA match with some descendants of Duncan Carmichael and Margaret Sarah Ensley who died in North Carlona. I have assumed that this Duncan is his uncle although some researchers have him as his father and assumed that his son John Jeremiah is my John.

Child Marriage Spouse Spouse's Parents
1 Christian m.
bap. 29 Jan 1776, Lismore
2 Neil m.
bap. 22 Apr 1777, Achuaran, Lismore
3 Janet m.
b. 1779, Lismore
4 Mary
bap. 12 Apr 1781, Balure. Lismore
d. bef. 1796
5 Dugald m. abt 1808 Mary Carmichael (see note 1) Hugh Carmichael
Mary McColl
b. 26 Oct 1783, Balure, Lismore Children:
b. 18 Dec 1808 Bailur, Lismore
, b. 26 May 1811 Baluochrach, Parish of Lismore
Neil, 12 Feb 1813 Baluochrach
, b. 12 Dec 1814 Baluochrach
Janet, b. 5 Mar 1817 Baluochrach
un-named, b 12 Oct 1818 Baluochrach
Hugh, b. 27 Apr 1820 Baluochrach
, b. 9 Apr 1822 Baluochrach. m. 8 May 1848 (Sarah Livingston), Greenock. d. 1884, Swanwick, Perry County, Illinois
Hugh, b. 26 Mar 1824 Baluochrach
Ann, b. 10 Jan 1827, Baluochrach
, b. 29 Jan 1829 Baluochrach
6 Hugh m.
b. 26 Dec 1786, Balure, Lismore
b. 28 Feb 1796, Balure, Lismore
bap. 12 Apr 1781 ??
Children b. 1795

1) Submission Number: 80750-091099154535 at
Mary had siblings Catherine, b abt 1774; John b. abt 1776; Christian , b.29 Mar 1777, Achuaran; Donald b. abt 1779; Janet b. abt 1783; Sarah b.12 Sep 1791 Achuaran

Tom Paterson
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