Family Group (Mary Carmichael - main line)




b. abt. 1725


b. abt. 1730




There are many Carmichael family groups in Lismore around the 1750's but as very few records go back that far it is extremely difficult to pinpoint the exact parentage and relationships. Additionally Carmichaels often married distant cousins also named Carmichael. Normally in the records when we see a wife with the same surname as her husband then we would assume that was not her maiden name but in the case of the Lismore records I have found that the record keepers, who knew the families concerned, consistently recorded the names correctly.

DNA matches have confirmed a number of relationships with the individuals below, my thinking currently is that Mary's parents were Dougald Carmichael and Janet Stewart. They had a number of children who look like they emigrated to the Carolinas and whose birth dates in Lismore match well enough to assume they are siblings. Some of these are in the Roderick Carmichael book "The Scottish Highlander Carmichaels of the Carolinas" - see the extract here. Roderick identified Dugald(D), John(K) and Gilbert(F) as brothers and as I have a DNA match with Gilbert(F), I have therefore assumed that the other two are also brothers of Mary.

Child Marriage Spouse Spouse's Parents
1 Margaret m. Donald Livingston
b. abt. 1748, Lismore

Some DNA matches work back to Margaret mar. to Donald Livingston. Margaret's children were all born in Creganish like her sister Mary, reinforcing the attribution.
b. abt. 1748
2 Dugald (D) m. Flora Monroe
b. abt 1750, Lismore, Argyll
d. 1820-1830,Dillon, Marion County, South Carolina, USA
b. abt 1764, Scotland
d. 1820-1830,Dillon, Marion County, South Carolina, USA
3 John "Ban" (K) m. Nancy McKeichen
b. abt. 1755, Lismore
17 Oct 1837, Laurinburg, Scotland County, North Carolina, USA
b. 2 Sep 1765,Scotland
d. 4 Aug 1838, Laurinburg, Scotland County, North Carolina, USA
4 Duncan (H) m. wife unknown
bap. 15 Jan 1759, Creganich, Lismore
d. aft. 1814, Laurinburg, Scotland County, North Carolina

This is Duncan Immigrant "H" in the Roderick Carmichael book "Carmichael Scottish Highlanders of the Carolinas" although Roderick had his birth as sometime before 1755. He was identified as being either a cousin or sibling of the other immigrants. I have no proof that he is brother to my Mary but his descendant Sarah Carmichael is a DNA match.

DNA He is said to have sailed from Edinburgh, Scotland, 1788, with his family, consisting of two sons and one daughter, and to have settled first in New York State and in 1797 to have moved, with his daughter Mary and his son John to Carmichael settlement in Richmond County, N. C., where he acquired and settled on lands three miles east of Laurinburg, still owned by his descendants. No record is available of the other son.
5 MARY m. abt 1775 JOHN CARMICHAEL Parents
bap. 19 May 1760, Creganish, Lismore, Argyll, Children b. abt 1756, probably Lismore
6 Gilbert (F) m. North Carolina Mary Black
bap. 19 May 1760, Creganish, Lismore, Argyll
d. 11 Mar 1833, Fayetteville, Cumberland County, North Carolina, USA
Died age 70 years and 10 mths.

This is Gilbert Immigrant "F" For this to be Gilbert b. 1760 the son of Dougald and Janet Stewart then the year 1833 for his death would need to be 1838. (difficult to see the inscription exactly on the gravestone but it could be an 8 mis-read as a 3)
b. 1770, probably Lismore, Argyll
d. 21 Jul 1821, Cumberland County, North Carolina
7 Sarah m Gregor McGregor
bap. 10 Jun 1769, Baillemackillichan, Lismore, Argyll
b.15 Sep 1762, Strathlachlan, Argyll
d. abt 1853, Scotland
8 Ann "Nancy" m. 23 Sep 1799
Halifax, Virginia
Jonathan Martin
bap. 5 Jun 1773, Baillemackillichan, Lismore, Argyll
d. Feb 1860, Fayette County, Georgia, USA
abt. 1769, Halifax County, Virginia, USA
d. 2 Aug 1852, Hall, Georgia, USA

Tom Paterson
(last updated 2nd Jun 2019)