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m.20 Jun 1850,
Free Trinity Church,

b. 21 Apr 1825, Banff, Scotland

Message on message board (Alex Ritchie):
Looking for information on Joseph Hossack's EARLY career. He was on the vessel ARAB (Liverpool to Port-Au-Prince) in 1844. The master of the vessel (John Martin) died in Haiti and Joseph Hossack sailed the vessel back home. Any details on this would be greatly welcome.

bap .6 Jul 1826, St Nicholas , Aberdeen
The third daughter, father was a shipsmaster (see Notes)
Parents married by David Simpson, Witnesses Thomas and Andrew Sutherland, both merchants in Aberdeen
Mary bap. 9 Dec 1821, Aberdeen
Janet bap. 29 Sep 1824, Aberdeen
Helen bap. 3 Oct 1828, Aberdeen
Thomas Folingsby bap. 15 Oct 1833, Aberdeen
Daniel bap. 21 Sep 1835, Aberdeen








Joseph Hossack and family eventually settled in LiverpooL at 6 Radstock Rd, West Derby, moving from 2 Institution Terrace Banff around 1865. Given that Elizabeth was born at sea and Margaret in Shanghai it looks like they joined him on some of his voyages. In the 1871 census they are recorded as Hassack. Helen was noted as married by then, carrying on the family tradition by marrying a Captain but by 1891 was noted as single. in 1901 Joseph age 75 was living with his daughter and son William Hossack, a mariner, age 29, at 171 Moscow Drive, Liverpool. A William H Hossack is on the passenger lists of the Ultonia in 1899, age 27, coming from that same address. There is also a William Holmes Hossack who became a ships master who I believe is the same person.

His son Joseph emigrated to Ohio in 1884

1 Helen m.ca. 1870

Sea Captain

b.1852, Aberdeen
2 Joseph, Forwarding Agent, Journalist, Publicy Man m. 29 April 1875
West Derby, Lancashire, England

Margaret Metcalfe Middleton Metcalfe

Ruth Ismay

b.28 Jul 1853, Banff,
1881, Forwarding Agent in Liverpool, Journalist in New York
m.1874 b.19 Nov 1851, Maryport
1881, 24 Dexter Street, Parish: Toxteth Park, Registration District: Toxteth Park, Lancashire
1884, Emigrated to United States
1891, Kings County, Borough of Brooklyn, New York
1910, Joseph Hossack in household of Alexander A Stein, Rocky River, Cuyahoga, Ohio, United States

d. 20 Apr 1923, 2857 Woostic?? (maybe Rustic) Rd.,Rocky River, Cuyahoga, Ohio, United States. Buried 23 Apr 1923 ,Riverside Cemetary. Publicity man
m. Alexander A Stein, b. Ohio (father, Austrian mother, Swiss)
Henry R, b.1876, Egremont, Cheshire
Annie J, b.1877, Egremont, Cheshire
d. 23 Jan 1924,age 72, bur. Riverside Cemetery
3 Hannah G., Clerk m.

b.1856, Banff

4 Daniel A m.  
b.1857, Banff
d. April - June 1928, West Derby
5 Elizabeth M m.  
b. 1860, at Sea in the Pacific
6 Margaret Williamina Barbara m.  
b.7 Feb 1863, Shanghai

Note: on message board (Raymond Vernon)
I am not the Raymond you speak of as my father was born Bolton, Lancs. His grandmother Hossack (born China)came from West Derby where her father Joseph was a sea captain who originated from Banff.

7 Robert C m.  
b. 1866, Liverpool, Lancashire
8 Mary S m.  
b. 1868, Liverpool, Lancashire


1) Josepeh's family were living at 2 Institution Terrace, Banff in 1861. Joseph himself was most likely at sea.

2) Joseph's brother William died intestate but the 1858 inventory records that he had a 1/64th share of three ships - Coquette, Phoenix and Cyclone. This may have been prompted by his brother Joseph, b. 21st Apr 1825, who was a shipsmaster and was part owner of the Arab, a brig. His wife was Mary Bartlett the illegitimate daughter of a prominent Brewer. They married in 1856 had a 6mth old son William Bartlett Hossack.

3) Papers held by the Merseyside Maritime Museum, from Lloyds Captains register for 1869:

HOSSACK Joseph 1825. (C 6568, Glasgow, 1852 Ex) Cyclone 32,340, 1853-64, Aust, E.I. Forward Ho!, 56609, 1867-8, C.

There are other Hossack captains as below:

HOSSACK Alexander. Cromerty 1819.
HOSSACK George Burntisland, 1822.
HOSSACK John Monkswearmouth, 1827.
HOSSACK Robert Cambell. Orkney, 1826.
HOSICK George. Blythe, 1836.

From Lloyds Register's for 1854 and 1864:

1854: No, 837. Ship, Cyclone S. Master, J. Hossack. Tons, 631. Where&when built, Glasgow 1853. Owners, Catto & Son. Port belonging to, Aberdeen. Destined voyage, Cly, Calcut. Classification, No of years first assigned, 14. and hull and stores, A1.

1864: No, 1011. Ship, Cyclone S. Master, J. Hossack. Tons, 594. Where&when built, Glasgow 1853. Owners, Catto & Son. Port belonging to, Aberdeen. Destined voyage, Liv, Vnevrsl. Classification, No of years first assigned, 14. and hull and stores, A1.

From Aberdeen City Archive:

Register No.1 in 1853. Name, Cyclone. Burthen, 665 tons. Master James Hossack. Built by Alexander Stephen & Son, Glasgow, 1853.
Robert Catto, merchant in Aberdeen (8/64).
Robert Catto junior, merchant in Aberdeen (16/64).
Alexander Burnett Whyte, merchant in Aberdeen (4/64).
Alexander Webster, Advocate in Aberdeen (8/64).
Joseph Hossack, shipmaster in Aberdeen (4/64).
Alexander Stephen, shipbuilder of Glasgow (24/64).
A subsequent note indicates that Alexander Stephen sold his shares to the other shareholders in a bill of sale dated 22-Feb 1855. At that date, Joseph Hossack is Described as a shipmaster resident in Banff.

4) Source papers held by Aberdeen Council on the brig, ARAB here Name: ARAB
Construction: WOOD
Type: BRIG
Date: 1839
Description Rig: BRIG

Details from Shipping Register at Aberdeen City Archives entry 16/1939:

1 deck + poop deck; 2 masts; Brig rig; Standing bowsprit; square stern; carvel built; work galleries; male figurehead.

Subscribing owners:
Wm. Catto, merchant 8/64 shares
George Thomson, merchant 16/64 shares
Daniel Mearns, ship master 16/64 shares

Other owners:
Robert Catto, merchant 4/64 shares
Robert Catto Jnr., merchan 4/64 shares
Robert Schuster, merchant 4/64 shares
John Maitland, merchant 4/64 shares
John Duncan, manufacturer 4/64 shares
Thomas Grueber Folingsby, general agent of Belfast in Co. Antrim 4/64 shares

Ownership changes:
July 1850 Thomas Grueber Folingsby of Belfast B/S 4/64 to Joseph Hossack, ship master in Banff. September 1852 Owners of this vessel have transferred B/S 64 shares to Joseph Joplis and Benjamin Dutton of Liverpool, in business as Joseph Joplis.

Daniel Mearns April, 1839
Joseph Hampton August, 1843
Martin S April, 1844 at Liverpool
Joseph Hossack November, 1844.

Details from Lloyds Register of Shipping :
1839: Master D Mearns; Owner Thompson; Registered at Aberdeen; Destined Voyage Aberdeen - Pernau.
1840/1841/1843: Owner Thompson; Master D. Mearns; Destined Voyage (1840) Aberdeen - Pernau [Russia], (1841/1843) London - Cape of Good Hope.
1845/1848: Owner Thompson; Master Hossack; Destined Voyage (1845) Aberdeen - Mediterranean.
1849/1850/1851: Owner Thompson; Master Hossack; Destined Voyage London - Buenos Ayres.
1852/1853: No entry.
1856/1857/1858: Owner M. Henry; Master P. Draper; Port Belonging to Liverpool; Destined Voyage (1857/58) Cork.
From 1859: No entry.

Marriage - at Free Trinity Church, Aberdeen, Captain Joseph Hossack, brig ARAB of Aberdeen, to Anne Simpson, third daughter of Captain Daniel Mearns, steamer EARL OF ABERDEEN.
Aberdeen White Star Line (George Thompson & Co)
Shipbuilder: NICOL REID
Dimensions: length 87' x breadth 19 3/6' x depth 14 1/12'
tonnage 190 Tons
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5) Death record of Elizabeth Hossack (m.s Metcalfe) , 1924, Ohio
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