Family Group (main line)

WILLIAM HOSSACK, Cooper at Banff Brewery

The descendants of William Hossack



d.7 Dec 1819 in Banff Parish, Scotland.

b.17 Jan 1760

d. 21 Jan 1832



ALEXANDER SHAND his descendants

BATHIA MILNE The descendants of John Mylne b.1580

Banff Brewery is one of the oldest buildings in Banff, dating back to 1704. William Hossack(senior) worked there as a cooper making barrels for the beer.

Child Marriage Spouse Spouse's Parents
1 Barbara m.  
b.3 Feb 1781
Barbara Hossack, lawful daughter of William Hossack, cooper in Banff, and Barbara Shand his wife; and baptized 5 Feb, by Mr. Skene, Minister in Banff. Wiliam Wilson. Manager of the Brewerie and John Grant, Clerk, witnessess.

Fish Curer
m. 17 Jun 1814,

Isabel Wilson
b.23 Oct 1782, Banff
d. 19 Nov 1840, Banff
Children b.1782
d.20 Mar 1864, age 82, Fife Street, Banff

3 Bathia
b. 2 Jun 1784, Banff
d. 3 Apr 1795, age 11, Banff

4 Margaret m.20 Dec 1806,
James Clayton Joseph Clayton
Jean Smith
b.8 May 1786 b. 29 Jul 1781
d. 1824
Children, all born in Banff:
Elspeth Clayton, b. 1808
Joseph Clayton, b. 1811
Barbara Clayton, b. 1816
Jemima Clayton, b. 1818

5 Ann m.  
d. 27 Mar 1820, age 31, interred with her parents

6 Elspeth m. 1 Jul 1821
George Henderson
d.8 Feb 1870 in Mill O Ribrae, Forglen Parish, Scotland.
Children,all born in Marnoch:
William Henderson, b. 29 Oct 1821
John Henderson, b. 20 Sep 1823
Barbara Henderson, b. 2 Dec 1825
Anne Henderson, b. 20 Apr 1829
George Henderson, b. 30 Sep 1831
7 Elizabeth
d. 11 Feb 1871, single,age 78, North Castle St, Banff
8 Bathia m. 2 Feb 1822

James Finlay, Shipmaster of the 85 ton Tom Duff John Findlay
Janet Stephen
b.Abt. 1795, Banff
d. 21 Nov 1861, age 66, 1 Braeheads, Banff

b. Abt. 1793, Burghead, Moray
d. 12 Feb 1867, age 73, St. Catherine St, Banff

9 Wiliam, merchant m. Bathia Milne
b.17 Jun 1799
d.23 Feb 1869, age 69 and 8 mths, North Castle St., Banff
Witnessed by son Garden Milne Hossacks
Helen Hossack b. 27 May 1831, d 16 Oct 1895 age 64, mar. William Coutts, d. 1889, age 74 solicitor. Helen's death certified by Dr. John Barclay who was mar. to her daughter Elizabeth Coutts. John won a case of slander against Robert Duncan who had said he had taken liberties with nurses at Chalmers Hospital, Banff.
Ann Hossack b. 15 Aug 1833,
Barbara Hossack b. 19 Jun 1835,
Garden Milne Hossack b. 21 Jul 1837,m.Hannah Roe(b. 1847), of Mountrath, County Laois, Ireland. Son William Cardiff Hossack was a renowned medic on the plague in Calcutta
Margaret Anderson Hossack b. 11 Sep 1840.

10 James
b.7 May 1804
d. 28 Sep 1872, age 68 a single person, Banff District Asylum, Boyndie
Died of paralysis for 6 months. Registered as a congential idoiot by Donald McCulloch, Superindent of the asylum

1) Message board posting by Faith Willis:
This is what I have on William Hossack, Helen Hossack was my great-great grandmother.: William Hossack married Bathia Milne 6/12/1830 in Banff, SCT He was listed as a merchant. This marriage produced 4 daughter and 1 son:
Helen Hossack b. 27 May 1831,
Mary Ann Hossack b. 15 Aug 1833,
Barbara Hossack b. 19 Jul 1835,
Garden Milne Hossack b. 21 Jul 1837,m. Hannah Roe,
Margaret Anderson Hossack b. 11 Sep 1840.

I have a chart from "A History of the Decendants of George Henderson of Banffshire, Scotland 1790-1975" by David Henderson Carr. My great, great grandmother was Helen Hossack b. 1831. She was the daughter of William Hossack b. 6/17/1799 and Bathnia or Bathia Milne. William was the son of William Hossack b.1747 d.12/7/1819 and Barbara Shand bt.1/17/1760 d.1/21/1832. Will be happy to send you a copy of the Shand/ Milne line which goes back to John Milne c. 1580.

2) Message board posting by Graham Huner:
My great grandmother's (Catherine Matilda Roe) sister, Hannah Roe (b. 1847), of Mountrath, County Laois, Ireland, married a Garden Milne Roe, Clerk-Shieriff of Banffshire, (b. 1837) and resided in Banff, Scotland. He died in 1909. They had eight children: William Cardiff Hossack & Kate Bathia Hossack (possibly twins b. 1870); Garden Milne Hossack (b. 1871); Ethel Constance Hossack (b. 1873); Anna Roe Hossack (b. 1875); Ian Andrew Hossack (b. 1879); Leonora Shand Hossack (b. 1885); and James D. Hossack (b. 1893?). Kate married Richard Ambrose Coles (possibly a doctor) in 1897; Ethel married John Dinsmore in 1897, Anna married William Brown in 1898.

3) Message board posting by Faith Willis:
I have William Cardiff Hossack dying 1/5/1918 in Calcutta, India. He was a medical doctor and the port health officer of Calcutta. To my knowledge he never married. Garden Milne Hossack who married Hannah Roe was brother to my gg grandmother Helen Hossack Coutts daughter of William Hossack and Bathia Milne. There is a nice obit for William C Hossack online from a medical journal.

Tom Paterson
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