Family Group (main line)


Agricultural Labourer

m. pro money
17 Apr 1808 Channelkirk
b. 1785

d. 1861

bap. 1788, Oxnam, Roxburgh

d. 17 Jan 1868, age 78, Boon, Legerwood








1841 at Haugh, Legerwood; 1861 Agnes with grandson John Wood and daughter Isabella at Carfrae, Channelkirk

Child Marriage Spouse Spouse's Parents
1 Margaret  
b. 1808
d. 17 Aug 1808 , in Gairmuir - on Grandparents gravestone in Lauder kirkyard
2 Margaret m. John Wood  
b. 1809 or 1811, Channelkirk
d. 14 Nov 1896, age 85, West Mains, Lauder  of senile decay
Death registered by son John Wood
Children b. 1813, Channelkirk

witness Ann Pringle's death in 1866

3 John m. Isabella Redpath
b. 1810E
d. 6 Mar 1896, age 86, Airhouse, Channelkirk of senile decay
Death registered by grand-daughter Isabella Brydon
Children b.
d. before 1896
4 ANNE m. 5 Jun 1846 Newbigginwalls JAMES BURRELL
b. 1819, Channelkirk
d. 25 Oct 1866, aged 48 of typhoid fever at Carfrae, Channelkirk
Death registered by brother-in-law John Wood

Children b. 1813, Lauder Parish
d. April 1872, aged 62 at Weatherston, Stow Parish
5 George m. Margaret Wetherstone
b. 1820, Channelkirk. Note 1)
d. 5 Sep 1863, age 43, Greenlaw Dean, Greenlaw of pthisis
see note 1) below
6 Elizabeth m. 1848
Robert Fairgrieve
b. 1824, Channelkirk
d. 30 Mar 1912, age 81, 15 Paton St, Galashiels of senile heart failure and dementia.
Death registered by son Thomas Fairgrieve
Children d. before 1881
7 James, Agricultural Labourer m. 1st.
b. 1825, Legerwood
Living at Hindshill, Westruther in 1857
m. 2nd
5 Jun 1857
Lauder, Berwick
Mary Ann Moore James Moore
Isabella Brown
Children b. 1822
Living at Lauder Barns at time of marriage
8 Thomas banns.
18 May 1851
Margaret Pringle
b. 1826, Legerwood Children
9 Isabella unm.
b. 1828, Dodmill, Lauder or Channelkirk?
Children: Agnes Pringle, George Douglas


1) E-mail from Rachel Spacey "I was given a tip by Mima who is a distant relation and who I corresponded with some years back. Our common ancestors are George Pringle and Agnes Redpath. I am a descendant of their son George and Margaret Weatherstone. They had children including James Nicol Pringle (b.1886 d.1914) who is my great grandfather."

Tom Paterson
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