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m. 2nd
5 Jun 1857
Lauder, Berwick
b 1825, Legerwood




family of Thomas and Alison GEORGE PRINGLE





m. 3rd
11 Jun 1878  Channelkirk, Berwick, Scotland, 
Agnes Landreth

b. in Hume, Berwick, Scotland


1 Helen
b. 16 Feb 1854 in Lauder, Berwick, Scotland.
2 Agnes m.  
b. 11 Jun 1858, Swinton and Simprin, Berwick  
3 George m.1st. Catherine Horne


b. 28 Aug 1859 in Swinton, Berwick, Scotland, 
d. 19 Oct 1910 in Bundaberg, Qld Aus,
buried: in Grave No D496, Bundaberg, Qld Aus.
b. 21 May 1860 in Scarfskerry, Dunnet, Caithness, Scot, (daughter of John Spence and Catherine Horne
d. 10 Nov 1895 in Bundaberg, Qld Aus,
buried: in Sect D6, Grave D217.
30 Oct 1902  
in Bundaberg ?,
Jemima Foster
4 James m.9 Oct 1894, Charlotte Elizabeth


b. 31 Jan 1861 in Swinton, Berwick, Scotland,
d. 12 Dec 1936,
buried: in North Pine Cemetery, Qld Aus.
b. 27 May 1875, (daughter of Alfred William Hipathite and Pheobe Crawley)
d. 8 Mar 1931 in North Pine Cemetery, Qld Aus.
5 John m.  
b. 10 May 1862, Swinton and Simprin, Berwick
emigrated to Canada.
6 Adam m.26 Jul 1892 

in Samsonvale, Qld Aus

Amy Constance Chesire Skerman


b. 17 Sep 1864 in Edrom, Berwick, Scotland.
d. 23 Feb 1938, Woombye, Queensland
b. 22 Aug 1868 in Humpybong,  Scarborough, Qld Aus, (daughter of Frederick John Skerman and Alice Darlington)
d. 2 Feb 1950 in Woombye, Qld, Aus.
7 William Moore
b. 17 Sep 1864 in Edrom, Berwick, Scotland.  

Twin brother to Adam.The 1881 British Census show William working as a farm hand & living with his employer.

8 Isabella
b. 17 Jan 1868 in Hume, Berwick, Scotland.
9 David Moore
b. 14 Jun 1869, Hume, Berwick  
10 Thomas m.  
b. 30 Jan 1871, Hume, Berwick  
11 Robert m.  
b. 30 Oct 1873, Gordon, Berwick  

Note 1)

Obituary:- Death of North Coast Resident, Mr A. Pringle.

       Woombye February 24. 1938.Mr Adam Pringle, an old and respected resident of Woombye, who had been ill for some time, died yesterday afternoon. Born in Berkshire, Scotland,73 years ago, he was 18 years old when he came to Queensland.

       He first worked in the sugar industry on the Coomera River and then removed to the Samsonvale District. In the North Pine District in 1892, he married Miss Amy Skerman.

       They later removed to Bundaberg where the remained for 9 years and in 1900 theycame to the Woombye District where the late Mr. Pringle and his sons successfully carried on Mixed Farming, Dairying and Pineapple growing.

       Although in recent years Mr. Pringle had lived in semi-retirement, he still took an active interest in his Farm and assisted his sons on their own Farms. He was keenly interested in Cricket, Football and other Sports. He was a good Rifle Shot, being one of the Founders of  Rifle Shooting on the North Coast.

       (Before WW1, the Woombye Rifle Club was formed. The Rifle Range was set out in Adam Pringle's Paddock, with the Targets in front of an extensive thick vine Scrub along Paynter's Creek. The Pringle sons were Foundation Members of the Alexandra Headland L,ife Saving Club in the 1920's).

       Besides his wife, he leaves six sons- Messrs Fred, James of Roma and Dalby, James Percy,  John A.,  W.E.,  R.A. and G.A.Pringle of Woombye- and two daughters- Mesdames E. Brook and A.Mawbey.     Footnote:- I have been told that Adam and family and indeed, the farmers in the District made a wine out of the Pineapples. It was known as �Hen Wine�. This was because when you drank it, you lay (down).


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