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Thomas Paterson in Cricklade, Wiltshire, UK at 11:44:20 Friday December 24 99
Hi Tom. There must be a family connection somewhere! Happy Christmas! in Southington Ct at 1:37:22 Thursday December 23 99
My mothers maiden name LAURA K BURRELL b 1908 Calais maine

Alison Ulrich in Medfield, Massachusetts at 9:54:57 Sunday December 19 99
Lots of information, thanks! My mother's PATERSON family goes back in Fintry, Stirling to 1750. Other names in the county: GOURLAY, and McKINLAY in Fintry, and PATON in Alva.

Tom Paterson in Red Deer ,Alberta ,Canada at 18:28:32 Tuesday December 14 99
Great site! looking for family roots .Have gone back only to Adam Paterson born 1820 in Dumfries Scot.

Les Wilkes in Willenhall near Wolverhampton, West Midlands. at 15:46:31 Saturday December 11 99
Loved the page on the Isle of Lismore. Had a very happy holiday there over new year 1998-9. Planning on another visit next July (2000).

Chris and Debbie Haislet in Riverside, California, United States at 21:48:48 Friday December 10 99
investigating Buchanan lineage and your information is very helpful! Thank you!

Margaret Kemp in N/Aycliffe at 14:58:39 Monday December 6 99
Sitting at computer desk on a course!Your Web site has been used as a class illustation. Thanks Tom, nice to have such a brainy cousin!!

Peg Lamison in Currently in SE Arizona at 0:14:53 Sunday December 5 99
Found your guestbook through while looking for Lamison family info, along with Neilson, Greaves & Gordanier. Seems a lot of Neilsons in Scotland.

E.Paterson in Stenhousemuir at 0:10:55 Sunday December 5 99
Just checking if you read your guestbook Tom! love , your wee sister xx

Donna Maree Gilfillan in In Scotland at 20:52:29 Thursday December 2 99
I found you web site really interesting and it has helped me a lot with my projects. Thank-you.

john lee buchanan in lake city, fl. u.s.a. at 2:0:30 Tuesday November 30 99
thank you for the history of our name. Itmust have taken a lot of effort. again thank you. john

irene wiltshire/nee lumsden in Theydon Bois Essex at 20:56:6 Tuesday November 23 99
Looking for Lumsden,Redpath,Lennox. Grandfather Henry Bell Lumsden born Walkerburn/Innerleithen 1882. Mothers side Lennox Father Stevenson. Can any body help have not fully explored your site yet looks very interesting.

PAULA in DUNCAN, OK. USA at 0:45:26 Monday November 22 99

Bethy!! in Melbourne, Australia at 4:26:2 Tuesday November 16 99
Okies well I came in here to do some research and I am just gonna tell you exactly what i think. WEll it was pretty good. Didn't tell me exactly what i needed but it waas still a good web site

Fiona Paterson in N.I at 10:56:25 Monday November 15 99
surname now Hynds Father was James Paterson Gallowhill Farm, Kinross. I have just started doing my family tree any iformation would be helpful

Sebastien Rudiaschy in Vernon B.C. V1T 1R5 at 23:9:7 Friday November 12 99
I was just trying to find my family histery. Heres all I know. I'm related to the McGregors the McKimbles and Mary queen of scotts. Think you can help me

Sammi in California at 5:13:13 Thursday November 11 99
Your website is wonderful! I am doing a report on Ancient Egypt. This is going to help me a lot! Thanks!

Tom Paterson in Surrey, England at 21:34:16 Wednesday November 10 99
Folks - its your friendly host, Tom, here with some information. My service provider lost my complete web site on the 4 th Nov 99. I've now restored most of it but unfortunately the last copy of my guest book was from July 99. Any entries made between those dates have gone for ever. Sorry about that, but feel free to re-enter your comments.

DAVID CHARLES BUCHANAN in mpls. mn at 20:36:22 Tuesday July 27 99
very interesting

Brendan Buchanan in I live in the North West of ENgland at 13:27:46 Monday July 26 99
I would welcome any imformation on my family history. Thnks B.Buchanan

Heather M. Lothian in Lake Havasu in So. California. at 7:0:37 Sunday July 25 99
I was born and raised in Fintry and am now in So. California at Lake Havasu on the Colorado River. You have done a great job with your page.

Vicki O'Grady in Cleveland Ohio area at 15:57:49 Saturday July 24 99
I was just looing for some O'Grady info and found your site. I would like to find my family history, I know almost nothing. Here's what I do know: my grandfather grew up in Erie, Pa. and was taken from his parents from the catholic church and put into one of their orphanages. I think he had one sister-I don't know her name. His name was Lawrence O'Grady. I don"t know when he was born but he died in the winter of 1979/80. I know my father has cousins in New York but that is all I know of them. I would appreciate any info anyone can give me. By the way, GREAT SITE!!

Campbell Paterson in niagara falls canada at 21:16:56 Friday July 23 99
hi my father is robert paterson from Cowdenbeath & my mother is cathy campbell from Kelty

Thomas Paterson. in I currently live in Tavistock, Devon but I was born in Cornwall at 13:38:43 Wednesday July 21 99
Hello Tom, it seems strange contacting another Tom Paterson although my father was a Thomas McDonald Paterson born in Leith. I too am also very interested in my ancestry.

Dennis L. Anton in Canada at 5:2:20 Thursday July 15 99
Dear Sir, I am trying to get more information on my Grandfather born on Oct,02,1874. Any information would greatly help Dennis

Rob Symonds in Birmingham at 20:54:11 Monday July 12 99
I am interested in a reference you make to John Roebuck, since I have come across him in connection with Watt and Boulton in Birmingham. In particular, I understand he developed the first commercial sulphuric acid plant in Prestonpans. I wonder if you can shed any light on this and if you know of the existence of a portrait of him. Thanks.

JOE PROUDMAN SR. in ENGLISH at 17:8:39 Sunday July 11 99

Trish White in Bristol England at 12:11:23 Sunday July 11 99
Hi,I now have some more details...My GG Grandparents John Paterson(Chemist Assistant)m Mary Paterson nee Edwards.My G Grandmother Rebecca Paterson b1863 m Thomas Walls in 1883 in Dunfries.Their eldest son Laurence my grandfather b 1886 in Ayr.If any of this info 'clicks' with anyone I would be delighted to hear from you.

Trish White in Bristol at 11:7:51 Saturday July 10 99
Great page,My Mother was born Rebecca Lloyd Paterson Walls in 1923 Edinburgh.I will look you out again.

Lisa Paterson-Bird in Melbourne, Australia at 7:24:59 Tuesday July 6 99
I am trying to search my family tree. My fathers name is ron westall paterson born in Victoria, Australia. Thats all i have. Good start hey???!!!! If anyone can help, please email.. thanks

Stewart Paterson in Scotland Alexandria near Loch Lomond at 21:3:48 Monday July 5 99
Hello just found your page on the web . If I can be of any help contact me

C Oxnam in New Zealand at 5:47:20 Monday July 5 99
I am signing your guest book as my Maiden Name was Paterson. Tom is a family name within my family, I have a brother Tom and my grandfather was also Tom

Malcolm Leckie in Sydney Australia at 16:23:50 Saturday July 3 99
I am currently trying to trace ancestry of James Leckie who married Jean Miller on 21/4/1760 Gargunnock. 10 kids including Andrew b 18/7/1763 who married Elizabeth Guill (or Yuill) 22/12/1796 at Kippen.

dogbomb at 16:32:32 Tuesday June 29 99
Incredible Page.. Come Visit mine sometime...

norman shaw in MANCHESTER ENGLAND at 10:35:13 Monday June 28 99

Geraldine M. (Paterson)Miskell in I am in MICHIGAN, in the UNITED STATES. Live on the Canadian border. There is just a river between us. Thanks again at 3:45:47 Sunday June 27 99
It looks very interesting as I am just getting started in finding where my family came from in Scotland. I know they came to Nova Scotia or Canada around 1800. I have several names but don't know where to write. Thanks for the site to read what you have done.

Thomas F. Allan in Portland Oregon USA at 18:14:43 Thursday June 24 99

Susan in Edinburgh at 22:44:28 Monday June 21 99
Tom I found your site when I was looking for info on Lismore (I want to try and pay a visit in the near future). Your article on Lismore is really interesting and useful. I've bookedmarked your site so I can return to it some time and pick up some tips on searching my family tree!

Thomas E Burrell in N. Yorks at 10:2:57 Monday June 21 99
Very Interesting

Scot in Atlanta, Georgia at 16:15:3 Sunday June 13 99
Found MacDuff mentioned in a search and am here to look around. Thank you for presenting this information, thus far it is informative.

Theresa de Courcy in Devon, England at 10:57:4 Saturday June 12 99

Kara Cassidy in Killeen, Texas at 13:47:41 Thursday June 10 99
I am of the lineage of Archibald Edmonston (b. 1680 Duntreath Scotland) m. Jane Beal.

kelly palmer in Fort Irwin, California USA at 4:27:54 Thursday June 3 99
I find your site most interesting. I am trying desperately to trace my family back in Scotland. My great-grandfather was James Buchanan. He came to the USA in the 1930's I believe. I remember very little of him for I was very young when he passed away. He was very proud of his heritage. He used to tell me stories of his home in Scotland. I really wish I would have paid more attention them. I often wonder what brought him to the States because Scotland is so beautiful and I would love to go see where my family came from.

Louis Burrell Gutierrez in California,USA at 23:6:46 Tuesday June 1 99
I am looking for a Richard Burrell that was born in Glasgow,Scotland. He married Eda Bailey of Waterford,Ireland. Any information you can give me would be appreciated.

Gráinne Canavan in I am in Newry Co.down Ireland at 12:27:36 Saturday May 29 99
This was brilliant for my history project at school it gave all the information I needed.

June MacQueen in Western isles at 0:29:55 Friday May 28 99

BILLY JENKINS in ROTHESAY, ISLE OF BUTE, SCOTLAND at 17:55:28 Wednesday May 26 99

Gillian Faichnie in Cape Town at 20:38:43 Tuesday May 25 99
Does anyone have any information on the Faichnie family of Falkirk. My mother's maiden name was Petrie and my paternal grandmother was a Flynn.

Gillian Faichnie in Cape Town at 20:24:16 Tuesday May 25 99

Anon at 3:0:20 Tuesday May 25 99

Douglas Ian RAE in Western Australia at 17:51:56 Friday May 21 99
I am trying to trace Joseph Lundie RAE b 22.9.1854 Paisley SCT m. to Nellie DICK b 15.2.1861 Partick SCT My reason for this enquiry is to establish a link to my condition known as Myotonia Congenita ( Thomsen,s Disease ) Any assistance would be greatly appreciated Yours sincerely D I RAE

Bruce Paterson in Ajax Ontario Canada at 3:13:47 Friday May 21 99
I have started to research my family background - my great grandfather was Robert Paterson - married to Annie McNeil. They had two son's - John (my grandfather) and Robert. My grandfather came to Canada 1905 - 1915 and his brother emigrated to Australia. My great grandfather was from Bannockburn and owned a pub called the National House in either Stirling or Bannockburn.

George Dwyer in Melbourne Australia at 13:42:12 Thursday May 20 99
Would be interested in any information on DeCourcey/Dwyer links in Australia.Perhaps John DeCourcey in Sydney could contact me for possible mutual interest.

Janet Young in Sudbury, Ontario (Canada) at 0:33:26 Monday May 17 99
Hello. I'm from Canada. My great-granfather, Harry Rennie, was from Denny Scotland and moved to Canada in 1913. I've been looking for info on this for AGES and thanks to you, I think I'm on to something. Thank you. I also have a picture of my great-great grandfather and mother and their ten kids, all dressed up, the day they left Scotland. I find it fascinating. Thank you. Janet Young

Angela McMurtry in Australia at 22:44:10 Thursday May 13 99
Great site I stumbled upon by accident. For years I have been searching for information on the place name BANKIER near Denny. Your chapter on Denny was most enlightening! I am interested in finding out more re this palce ( as no one seems to know much about Bankier ) and would like to hear from anyone researching the surname BANKIER. Regards Angela McMurtry ( nee Bankier )

Susan Watts in North Carolina, USA at 19:46:48 Thursday May 13 99
Enjoy your Pringle and Irish information. I haven't been able to learn about my great grandfather Pringle. All I know is my mother said he was from Northern Ireland. I don't know where in the USA he lived. My grandmother married my grandfather Sandford who was from Connecticut and had relatives in New Jersey. Perhaps my Pringle was originally from Scotland but came here through Ireland? Thanks for sharing with all of us;

Thomas R Paterson in Gales Ferry, Ct at 8:12:33 Tuesday May 11 99

Cathy Galloway in High Desert, Southern California at 18:14:47 Monday May 10 99
I am researching Unterleiters from Germany, Enrights from Minnesota and Ireland and Morgans from Ireland also. Any info pertaining to any folks from these areas please contact me. Thanks Cathy (

russell morgan in old harlow at 20:16:23 Sunday May 9 99

Jeanine K. Burrell-Mondi in Massachusetts at 4:28:35 Tuesday May 4 99
I have been trying to find any record of my paternal grandfather who came over from Scotland in 1924 or 1925. He died young, at 36 and my father does not know much about the name of the boat or port of entry. His name was Alexander Burrell and he did serve in the Black Watch Highlanders. I was hoping to find some records here.

Jeanine K. Burrell-Mondi in Massachusetts at 4:28:20 Tuesday May 4 99
I have been trying to find any record of my paternal grandfather who came over from Scotland in 1924 or 1925. He died young, at 36 and my father does not know much about the name of the boat or port of entry. His name was Alexander Burrell and he did serve in the Black Watch Highlanders. I was hoping to find some records here.

Stephanie & Melody in Midland,Ontario Canada at 2:42:46 Tuesday May 4 99
Just dropped in to check out your site and we found it very interesting. Should come to canada some day.Talk to you soon!!$ $ * ===

Laura Waygood in Swansea, South Wales at 20:56:19 Tuesday April 27 99
I am looking for Buckleys Who origionally come from Ireland But are said to have come to Wales with the cattle drovers in the 1800's. if anyone knows of any buckleys in Ireland and the north of wales please contact!

reg burrell in stamford lincs. at 20:26:33 Tuesday April 27 99

donald j ogrady in elkins park pa usa at 1:0:51 Monday April 26 99

Douglas Robertson (Rev.) in Appin, Argyll, Scotland at 10:30:14 Saturday April 24 99
Just surfin' the web, looking for anything about Lismore to help with a possible historical display for the millennium. Wasn't sure I'd find anything on-line. Delighted to find your page. I'm the Church of Scotland parish minister for Appin and Lismore.

Chris O'Grady in Pershore UK at 18:23:19 Thursday April 22 99
I am interested in the geaneaology asscociated with Viscount Guillamore

Joy Roy in Austra;ia at 6:24:24 Wednesday April 21 99
We good clear site - I visited it because of the Kincaid link.

Brendan O'Grady. in Wrexham. at 20:18:17 Tuesday April 20 99
My father's family come from Dublin, - grandfather = Joseph.

Kathy Lauder Young in Toms River, NJ at 18:26:11 Tuesday April 13 99
I stumbled onto this list as I was trying to find a lost Uncle John Lauder. Last I heard he was living in California. His brother Charles (my father) has died.

Michele in Alberta, Canada at 22:26:8 Monday April 12 99
Great insight and helpful!

robert stewart in Glasgow at 18:49:15 Saturday April 10 99
Enjoyed your page. researching Grosart in Falkirk and back to a margaret kincaid or kincair who married William Grosart c 1770 and had a son Thomas who married a margaret morrsion. Hva you come accross them in your research? Robert Stewart

Trish LEWIS in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Canada at 0:13:43 Thursday April 8 99
Wonderful website. Very informative.

James Baird in Coral Springs, Florida USA at 13:54:9 Wednesday April 7 99
Looking for information on a plot of land ?farm by the name of "Black Grange" at some time or other in the 18th century was owned by a Baird. Looking for Bairds and any information on members of this Clan!!!!!

James Baird in Coral Springs,Florida USA at 13:42:37 Wednesday April 7 99
Wonderful and informative site!!!

Richard Paterson in Ludgershall, Wiltshire at 10:41:49 Tuesday April 6 99
see email dd 6th April 1999 I came across ‘Tom Paterson’s Roots’ quite by accident this morning and was intrigued. My father, Dr Walter Paterson(recently of Edinburgh but currently living in Fife), has been tracing our branch of the Paterson family for some years and has also managed to uncover some interesting family 'links'. Unfortunately he does not have access to the web, but will doubtless be interested to hear of your existence. What would be the best way for him to contact you? Regards, Richard Paterson

JAMES LAUDER in BEDFORD at 2:54:31 Sunday April 4 99

Arthur Champkins in Box 12 Himeville 3256 KwaZulu-Natal South Africa at 21:6:10 Tuesday March 30 99
Rootin aboot - my great-great-great grandfather was John Malcolm Donaldson of Stirling 1793-about 1864, said to have been a captain of a ship overtaken by Chinese pirates and he kept prisoner for 7 years, returning home on eve of his wife's intended second marriage. His son also John Malcolm Donaldson 1824-1900 came to South Africa around 1845 died here. Fell into your site by accident. Fascionating. Any John Malcolm Donaldsons out there? Thank 'ee laddie.

William R. Fead in Omaha, Nebraska at 20:7:47 Tuesday March 30 99
Searching for Fead Faid Faed from Scotland area.

Coll Churchill in Wallacestone (Brightons) at 1:35:33 Tuesday March 30 99
A thoroughly enjoyable read Tom,and so much easier to gather information about ones native 'Toon'. Coll.

Tom Marshall in at moment in Scotland (Edinburgh) but live in Canada at 9:20:52 Thursday March 25 99
Was looking for Tatoo I was born in West LOTHIAN BUT WENT TO CANADA IN 1956 STILL HAVE HOME HERE at Kings Landing

judy martin in Castlemaine, Victoria.Australia at 11:22:21 Wednesday March 24 99
Tom, Found you by accident!! I was a Paterson- dau. of Andrew Bernard P. and back thru' Stoddart, Banks, McLaren, Chrichton, Muir, Towers- is there anyone else out there?! They were from Larbert, St. Cuthbert , St. Ninian,Maryhill.

Noeline in Mt Maunganui, New Zealand at 5:58:47 Wednesday March 24 99
This is an excellent site. My BINNIE ancestors came from this area and I have learned much about the district from reading your website. I will visit back here often. I would like contact with anyone researching BINNIE families.

Yvonne [Bonnie] Bean in Brisbane, Australia at 6:54:21 Monday March 22 99
Great lot of work with tons of info - very very well done.

Jeff Buchanan in Tennessee USA at 2:41:25 Sunday March 21 99

Harry Salmon in Milton Keynes at 19:36:1 Thursday March 18 99
My mother has traced my grandfather,s line of McKays/MacKays back to the 1740,s. in Sutherland. Not easy as 70% of Sutherland were MacKays. I am reseaching my maternal grandmother,s family the Oags from Thrumster Caithness and would be glad of any information on this name. I am also researching my wife,s grandmother,s name of Craib from the Buckie are of Scotland,Regards Harry.

Clive Allen in Nottingham at 20:34:15 Friday March 12 99
I am looking for 20th Century Baillies from the Kilmarnock area.

Alex Harris in Cochrane AB Canada. at 17:38:19 Friday March 12 99
Found your guestbook very interesting I was born in Scotland last place of residence was Causewayhead.

Mary Klojgaard (nee Kidd) in Phoenix for a visit. I live in London, On. Canada. at 1:11:42 Thursday March 11 99
I was born in Slamanan, December 27, 1912. Finding this site on the internet while visiting my daughter in Phoenix Az. U.S.A. has made my day.

Derek at 12:48:27 Tuesday March 9 99
I'm supposed to be doing a project on Tom Buchanan and you came up, thanks. Haaa!!!

Mickey Frame in San Antonio, Texas USA at 20:24:39 Friday March 5 99
Jamse Frame at 21 yrs old caome to the United States with 3 uncles around 1750 from Scotland, He would have been from CO Armagh, Ireland. Iam not sure if he came to US from Scotland or Ireland. I would love to chat

Maryanne in Essex at 17:40:35 Friday March 5 99
I originally come from Irvine, Ayrshire and am living in Essex. Just browsing on the 'net when I came across this. I'm feeling a bit (well, a lot) homesick, and it seems to have cheered me up a wee bit. Will welcome some chat from hame.

Elliot in Falkland Islands at 15:58:27 Friday March 5 99
I have a great interest in the family name Elliot

John DeCourcy in Sydney, Australia at 8:17:55 Wednesday March 3 99
You've a really interesting genealogical homepage, Tom. I'm particularly interested in the DeCourcy material, as I'm constructing a fairly extensive family tree. Would love to hear from anyone descended from the Irish part of the family in the late 1700's

Roger Monsen in Norway, the home of the giant at 23:36:24 Wednesday February 24 99
Was just looking around for info. on East Stirlingshire FC and this site pop`s up. Interesting, we are some norwegian from north of norway who started a East Stirlingshire FC branch here in Norway, check it out at:

Steve Wilhite in Dublin, California at 2:17:3 Wednesday February 24 99
I was looking for information about St. Ninians where my earliest Liddell ancestors lived. My wife and I will probably visit there in May. Thanks for the extensive information.

martin paterson in italy at 21:21:10 Tuesday February 23 99

Kym Morris in NSW, Australia at 9:30:22 Tuesday February 23 99
Hi Tom, Thanks very much for your reply to my Ballochneck inquiry on the Stirlingshire GenWeb... I popped in to browse your home pages and have had a lovely time....thanks again, Regards, Kym

Steve & Helen Torrie in Nottingham, UK. at 12:13:16 Sunday February 21 99
Just nosing around and decided to do a brief search on the Torrie name - surprised to see so many out there.

Carol Jean (Logie) Stocks in Seattle, Washington at 1:44:56 Sunday February 21 99
Just surfing to see if I had any roots. I am pleased to see that the Logie's do have a history.

Desiree L. Burrell Rodcay in Canton, Illinois at 23:54:10 Saturday February 20 99
I found your site very interesting. I was born a Burrell and am in process of looking for my ancestors. I have George Burrell's (2) who off the top of my memory, their birthdates are close (maybe same) as the two I saw on your chart. I will be looking into my records to see if any connections. I am curious where these Burrell's lived and or migrated during their lives. Any chance you can fill me in on this info? One of the George Burrells in my line had more than one marriage and one of his wives was named Mary. Let me know if you would be willing to compare or exchange info. Thank you....Desiree Rodcay in Cumbernauld, Scotland at 0:29:45 Saturday February 20 99
I received your site address from the Stirling list and I am very impressed with it and I will be re-visiting it again to fid out when yoy will have the remaining parishes up and running. I think that a lot of thought and research went into the way you have designed it and I think it is great. Best wishes, Fred MacKay.

Anne Long in Brisbane, Qld Australia at 22:50:24 Wednesday February 17 99
A wonderful site and one I will be re-visiting. My Great Grandparents (William Jamieson and Mary Glen)were both born in Falkirk, their ancestors (Jamiesons, Glens, Horns, Thomsons) coming from Falkirk, Denney, St Ninian's and Larbert. Your've certainly created a site well work visiting from my view point.

Joy Reeb in Idaho,USA at 22:37:58 Wednesday February 17 99
Good information on Kilsyth, St. Ninians & Fintry. My PATRICK & KIRKWOOD lines were weaver's in Kilsyth. Don't know much about LIDDLE line from St.Ninians & Fintry. My Patricks went to Glasgow then USA.

William Higgins in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada at 2:59:9 Tuesday February 16 99
This is a great site. My HIGGINS ancestors came from Airth. My gg-grandfather James Higgins was born there in 1800, to farmer parents William Higgins and Marion Patrick.

Kimberly McWilliams (McColl) in Glasgow. Scotland at 14:7:35 Sunday February 14 99
I found this great reading, and very intresting, especailly when I came across the name McColl, My father always says that we origonally came from Lismore Island.

Catherine Hunter in Terang, Victoria, Australia at 3:26:51 Saturday February 13 99
An inspiration particularly to new net users. I cannot imagine how many hours work has gone into your site. I will be back for knowledge and ideas. My family (Paterson) are from Lanarkshire, the towns of Wishaw and Douglas. The first names starting with grandfather, Hugh b.1882 (married Mary Watson Robinson), William b. 1858 (m. Margaret Watson)), Hugh b.1830 (m.Helen Irvine), James b.approx 1800 (Douglas) married Elizabeth Anderson.

Anne Denny in Tucson, Arizona, USA at 4:44:7 Tuesday February 9 99
Thanks for your page. I have sent a separate e-mail with a query

Tom Patrick in Oshawa,Ontario,Canada at 23:34:7 Sunday February 7 99
as I was born in Stirlingshire(Kilsyth,my wife,Lennoxtown.)I found your web site very informative.Kind regards from Canada.

Derek Cassidy in Milton Keynes, England at 2:53:56 Wednesday February 3 99
You have a very impressive site. I hope you have as much fun keeping it up as we have dropping in. I was brought up in Falkirk and Denny and my sister still lives in Grangemouth, so it's really interesting to see what you've gathered together about the area and its history. Regards.

Glenn Stewart Cowan in Calgary, Canada at 2:47:5 Monday February 1 99

Frank McGonigal at 22:14:44 Sunday January 31 99
Hello Tom,I found your page interesting.I like the articles like the one on the mine disaster,the conditions these miners had to work in is always shocking. I surfed in because my 2nd gr grandmother Mary Campbell b. 1806 was born on Lismore,she married John MacColl on Torosay in 1831.I noticed you had a McColl in your list Regards Frank McGonigal Ont. Canada.

Anon at 15:26:56 Friday January 29 99

Conel Playfair in Lagos, Nigeria at 15:26:42 Friday January 29 99 Conel Playfair - curb crawler, Austrlaian High Commission slob@lagos.nigeria

Robert M Baillie in Falkirk College of Further & higher Education at 12:28:25 Thursday January 28 99
I have sent you an e-mail regarding your site as I may find your knowledge useful for my College course

jimmy conroy in derby england. at 19:52:58 Monday January 25 99
i was rootin aboot and found your site it is very good,as a falkirk bairn i wish you all the best,i myself come from westquarter i am sure you have heard of this place i am now living in derby and miss the old place. regards. jimmy conroy. in Vancouver island off the West Coast of British Columbia Canada at 5:6:15 Monday January 25 99
I am searching for info on the family name of MASSIE I beleive they were from Aberdeen

Marie Bates in Christchurch NZ at 23:22:20 Saturday January 23 99
I came into this sight because we were having a brain teaser competition and someone asked who the family was that fought Wyatt Earp at the OK Coral. That was three weeks ago and although I have asked many people no one could remember the name. At least I know now. Cheers

Kat O'Grady in New York, USA at 4:7:26 Friday January 22 99
Terrific site, Tom! Thank you kindly for all of your work! I have learned quite a bit. Nice visiting with you!

Airth Thomas in Sandy Valley, Nevada USA at 20:54:50 Thursday January 21 99
My mothe's last name was Airth before se married may father and became Hayes. She named me for that last name so my first name is Airth. I have just begun to research this name. If any one has any info, it would be very helpful. This page alone gave me a lot of insite into my family history.

Airth Thomas in Sandy Valley, Nevada USA at 20:46:32 Thursday January 21 99
My mothe's last name was Airth before se married may father and became Hayes. She named me for that last name so my first name is Airth. I have just begun to research this name. If any one has any info, it would be very helpful. This page alone gave me a lot of insite into my family history.

Agnes Pringle Down in Canada at 2:48:13 Thursday January 21 99
I really enjoyed going over the pages.

Agnes Pringle Down at 2:47:17 Thursday January 21 99

PAUL COWAN in GLASGOW at 18:14:9 Tuesday January 19 99

Graham Davies in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire at 13:34:25 Monday January 18 99
Tom, What an excellent web site. I am a welshman, living in Peterhead but I was curious because I lived in Dunipace for 5 years. Well done. Maybe when I get my own page I shall come up with something similar! regards, GD

burke at 1:39:20 Friday January 15 99

Gloria Hillhouse Oliver in Nacogdoches, Texas at 19:23:29 Thursday January 14 99
I am interesting in corresponding with any other Hillhouses. My address is 3l02 Chimney Rock, Nacogdoches, TX 7596l and my email address is:

This info has been sent to me by my daughter, who is tracking my ancestors, The O'GRADYS, later changed to BRADY. It is becoming very interesting!! Thank you, PAT

Séanán Clifford in Ireland at 18:8:23 Wednesday January 13 99
Great work! Calling from Dublin here! Still trying to find a copy of Lauries' 'Materials of the Painters Craft'

Séanán Clifford in Ireland at 17:59:55 Wednesday January 13 99
13/1/99 Great site! Trying to find 'Materials of the Painters Craft' by Laurie myself - no luck yet!

Colin Watson Paterson in Utrecht, the Netherlands at 13:2:28 Wednesday January 13 99
Don't think were related at all but couldn't help myself when I came upon a site about my family name. This side of the Paterson family come from Glasgow (Mosspark and the Gorbles) and laterly Strathaven, South Lanarkshire. No links to you their but it is the place where there is a monument to Purlie Wilson!

Marion Affleck in Western Australia at 6:16:35 Monday January 11 99
Originally from Yetholm Roxburghshire

Kerry-anne in Northamptonshire at 21:36:53 Saturday January 9 99
very good and impressive web site.the pictures were amazing

John Burrell McIntosh Morrison in Edinburgh at 3:16:45 Thursday January 7 99
Hi! It's good to see so much information about Burrell. My Grand mother was Mary Burrell and one of her sons was David Burrell Morrison, my father. How are we related?

Stacey harrison drinkard in McKenzie, Tennessee at 5:45:33 Wednesday January 6 99
I am trying to find my own family tree. I am A Harrison. I am distantly related to William Henry Harrison.

Philippa Binnie in Manchester, England at 21:11:47 Sunday January 3 99
Checking out my family came from Lothian area some generations ago..

Marcella in Australia at 8:51:30 Saturday January 2 99
From my family research, I believe I am a descendant of David a brother to James (purlie) Wilson the radical mentioned in you article. The waters are a bit muddy at this period ie 1820's. I am collecting any information on James Wilson and have some 42 pages of articles etc from the time of his arrest and hanging. I'm having trouble with his family attachments as articles weren't written with genealogy in mind - which is understandable.

ravred13 in philadelphia at 0:42:36 Saturday January 2 99
father donald was born 1-5-22 in brooklyn new york if you can help me obtain abirth certificate (New York State)?? I'm a novice and could use some advice on how to go about getting this. Thank You

tom smith in kilsyth australia at 11:40:45 Friday January 1 99
lived kilsyth scotland now kilsyth australia ,just passing enjoyed your page very much all the best

Gordon Hastings in Adelaide, South Australia at 7:45:24 Saturday December 26 98
I wonder if anyone remembers the Hastings and Davidson families from Falkirk?

Thomas Pringle in Durban - South Africa at 5:54:33 Saturday December 26 98
I is great to have found your website and learn a little about the history & origins of my surname. My grandfather Harold Mobrey Pringle born in 1881 who was the son of Thomas & Agnes Pringle born 1829 or22 & 1853 resp. are the last Pringles I can accurately trace my bloodline to. Harold Mobrey Pringle came over to South Africa in the late 1800's or early 1900's. How would I go about finding out more about my family ? Regards Thomas Pringle

Keith Millar Hardie in Christchurch, New Zealand at 3:43:37 Wednesday December 23 98
Just looking. Larbert/Stenhousemuir born and bred. I have enjoyed my surf round your site.

Kenneth Buchanan in Charleston, South Carolina, USA at 19:6:6 Monday December 21 98
I enjoyed reading the detailed Buchanan Clan history. It reads likes you really did your homework.

Johnathan Thomas Paterson in Melbourne, Australia at 13:12:11 Sunday December 20 98
My Great Grand Father: Archibald Paterson+? My Grand father:~1900:Archibald Paterson+1900:Elizabeth Goldsmith My Father:1933:Donald Paterson+1942:Lorraine Rogan Me:1960:Johnathan Paterson There is more, do we have a link here?

Roger P. Redpath in Ft Leavenworth, Kansas at 12:59:41 Thursday December 17 98

Linda Ruth Mantz in Pennsylvania US at 19:6:50 Tuesday December 15 98
looking for family, I am the granddaughter of James Paterson, who came to the states in 1907 from the Glasgow - Edinburgh area. He had two or three brothers, John, Thomas, and ? Settled in New Jersey.

Sparkie in Im in whittier at 18:51:59 Thursday December 10 98
Im doin a report for school and i need information to make a "frontier newspaper" Where is the best website on the OK Coral.

Dorothy Wright in New Bedford MA at 14:37:45 Wednesday December 2 98
New to the game and looking for some MacArthurs from Islay, and some Curries and MacMaths and Calloways.... Enjoyed your links. Good luck and thanks for the help.

Katherine Hoskins Stewart Fernandez in Duncanville, Texas, USA at 20:12:33 Monday November 30 98
Enjoyed your web. I am interested in the picture of the Castle Stirling. My daughter's paternal grandmother's family name was Sterling also spelled Stirling. I have no had much luck on researching either spelling. Could you tell me where the castle is located?

From Tom Paterson ( in Tom at 10:16:11 Sunday November 29 98
Tom, I found your site by accident while looking for some stuff at SRO. When you see a website setup under what appears to be your own name, you just have to have a look ! I`m also from Stirling (Thomas Geddes Paterson, b1958) so your page was even more interesting. Looks great and I`ll have a closer look when I have more time. I`ve had a quick glance at your family groups, but would appear no overlaps. In may case the name came to Stirling only with my Dad in the 50s, via Hillfoots and Lanarkshire. Speak to you again.

Mervyn Gordon Cowan in Swindon Wiltshire at 1:57:35 Sunday November 29 98
Very good

Christie McGregor in Merced California United states at 5:6:3 Saturday November 28 98
Very interesting I am searching for my family roots. My Great Great Grandfather changed the family name from MacGregor to McGregor. The family legend is that the first MacGregor was a younger son who came to America I believe before or around the American revolution. Family names are generally Alexander, Donald, Edgar and Robert to just name a few.

B.J. (Massey) Clay in Shamrock, TX USA at 2:25:36 Saturday November 28 98
Very interesting website. I noticed that the Massey (Massy) family was married into this family. My g-g-grandfather was James H. Massey (Massy) born in approx. 1779 in Limerick County Ireland, possibly the son of Hugh Massy. Would you by any chance have the names of the sons of Hugh Massy? After James H. Massey came to America in approx. 1800 he had 18 children and there are a lot of people who would like to identify who his parents were. Any help MORE THAN APPRECIATED. However, I will fully understand if this is information that you would not be able to provide to us. Thank You. B.J. (Massey) Clay

Les Carmichael in Kent UK at 14:27:54 Thursday November 26 98
just looking

Lucy Cairns in Stirling at 12:43:1 Thursday November 26 98
I have lived in the Falkirk area all my life, and it was interesting to come across some history. THere is so much that i don' know!!!

Paul Petulengro in UK/Spain/Morocco at 17:56:19 Saturday November 21 98
I came accross your site while searching for books by my Grandfather 'Gypsy Petulengro' (Xavier Petulengro) The rights to these books have reverted to me from Methuens but there are some manuscripts missing.

Robert Paterson in N.Wales U.K. at 19:30:20 Tuesday November 17 98
I have just got onto the net and it is great to see your stuff, Iwas born in Irvine,Ayrshire in 1948 and my Grandparents were born on the Isle of Bute,in fact most still live there. in LITTLE BILLING NORTHAMPTON. at 0:40:45 Tuesday November 17 98

Simon Richard Carmichael Stallard in York at 0:1:4 Tuesday November 17 98
Great grandson of Donald Livingstone Carmichael - Lismore. He was responsible for the stained glass windows in the west wall of the church on Lismore, and later moved to Port Glasgow. His son (my grandfather) moved to Huddersfield in 1914 to practice medicine as a GP. we have a family tree much further back, to the time of Culloden.

Laura MacDougall at 9:59:33 Monday November 16 98
Good on you, I come from the island of Lismore and yours is the first information I have been able to find about it. Tapa leibh Laura Nic Dhughaill

Glenda Massay in Seminoe, Ok at 16:25:18 Saturday November 14 98
I am descendent of Alexander MacGregor from Madeerty Parish, Perthshire, Scotland. He m. Lady Margaret Campbell. His son Alexander was born in Scotland abt 1610 but died in Prince George Co. Maryland abt 1677. Love your web page. You did a great job.

John Clark Cowan in Stenhousemuir at 0:8:32 Saturday November 14 98
Nice one Tom

Louise Staley in Melbourne, Australia at 9:8:58 Monday November 9 98
Dear Tom, what a huge amount of information about Falkirk (and other places). I am putting together the family tree with an emphasis on trying to understand how each generation lived, what they did, were they rich or poor (mainly poor so far!). One of the branches is the McKenzies from Falkirk. They lived in Falkirk from at least 1723 until 1854 when they immigrated to Australia. The earliest McKenzie I have is John who married Agnes Frizall in around 1720 and had a son Edward in 1726. The data you have made available shows how few people were around in the area then and this gives me hope I can reach back a bit further, it also provides more leads as to what books are available about the history of the area. Thank-you for making this available to everyone, it's great.

Mirk Bethia Smith in 562 Junction Road, R D 1., New Plymouth, New Zealand at 22:43:52 Friday November 6 98
Are my ancestors related to your line; My maternal Grandfather James McGregor BUCHANAN, b.11 Sept 1874 d.3 June 1951 m. Mary Findlay MACNAB on 25 July 1919 in Glasgow. His Father: James BUCHANAN, Mother: Bethia Robertson McGREGOR m. 30 Sept 1862, Alexandria, SCO My Grandmother Mary Findlay MCNAB b.19 Oct 1891 SCO, d.1 Sept 1962 in New Zealand. Her Father: James NACNAB, Mother: Mary MIRK m. 5 Jan 1883 Renfrewshire, SCO. My grandparens, James and Mary Findlay BUCHANAN had 11 children. She imigrated to NZ after the death of her huband in 1952. I would like more information on these families, if any one can help. Excellent site.

AIRTH, THOMAS in MAPLE VALLEY, WASHINGTON, U.S.A. at 22:13:39 Saturday October 31 98

Cathy Bearss in Ontario, Canada at 21:1:8 Saturday October 31 98
I am a beginner on the computer but have been researching my family history for ten years. I was happy to find your web site.

Cathy Bearss in Ontario, Canada at 21:1:2 Saturday October 31 98
I am a beginner on the computer but have been researching my family history for ten years. I was happy to find your web site.

Colin Coomber in Sale, Victoria, Australia. at 11:52:20 Thursday October 15 98
Great resource. I am tracing my Paterson forebears namely Alexander Paterson (baptised 1828) in Denny, Stirling, the son of Robert Paterson and Catherine Shaw. Alexander had a brother Robert (baptised 1825. Alexander married Catherine Dawson in Alloa in 1959 and emigrated to Australia.

Irene Alexander at 15:53:9 Tuesday October 13 98
Looking for a James Wilson Paterson who emigrated from Dalserf or Larkhall areas of Glasgow to Canada sometime after 1928. Any information would be great

Irene Alexander at 15:52:4 Tuesday October 13 98
Looking for a James Wilson Paterson who emigrated from Dalserf or Larkhall areas of Glasgow to Canada sometime after 1928. Any information would be great

Margaret Patersoon at 22:44:5 Saturday October 10 98

Miles Stopforth in Gloucester at 20:49:16 Wednesday October 7 98

CASPAR FISHER at 19:32:50 Wednesday October 7 98

CASPAR FISHER at 19:31:36 Wednesday October 7 98

julie fallon bradley in Ilford at 18:0:54 Sunday October 4 98

julie fallon bradley in Ilford at 18:0:31 Sunday October 4 98

David Mosner in Baltimore, MD at 15:35:20 Friday October 2 98
I have recently traced my Maitland heritage back to Margaret Maitland, daughter of Alexander Maitland, who wed Steven Mitchell in 1773. I have been unable to uncover any information regarding these individuals. Can anyone point me in the best direction? I am planning a trip to Scotland in the spring of 2000 and would like to wander about some of the locales of my ancestors. thanks and have fun!!!

Alison Pringle in stuck in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA at 23:29:56 Thursday October 1 98
Makes me wish I was back home in Northumberland! in Baltimore,Maryland USA at 14:24:14 Wednesday September 30 98 in Walters Ash - Bucks , used to live in Killearn and school in Balfron at 14:59:58 Sunday September 27 98
Just seen your nile photos. My work is with Sudan , and I'm lucky enough to travel often to Khartoum where the nile splits (Blue/White) It is fascinating - Keep up the good work You must have an understanding family - all this research

Peter Wright in Easdale Island, Oban ( at 13:34:30 Saturday September 26 98
Great web site.

Kendra Nuckels in Dallas Texas at 22:22:54 Sunday September 20 98
What a fabulous page for those who want to trace their family lineage. Do you have any information on the surname Byth? My grandfather, Douglas Robert Byth, had that name -- he is descended (i believe) from the MacGregors of the Isles. We have relatives with the surname Forrest in Scotland, and my great grandmother swore that we were descended from Rob Roy. Thanks, Kendra

Laurie MacGregor at 22:28:7 Friday September 18 98
Just browsing around to see what's out there. I'm a MacGregor from Iowa and we never really knew where my great grandfather's parents were from. Hello!

Mark C. Watkins in Minnesota, United States at 8:49:58 Friday September 18 98
I have an ancestor from Scotland by the name of James Pringle, born 1816 in Edenbury. If you have any information on him or an area I could research it would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks! M.C.W.

Paul Burrell in Cincinnati, Ohio at 11:36:20 Wednesday September 16 98

David M. Cooper in London, Ontario, Canada at 14:32:7 Sunday September 13 98
I thought for a moment that I had found a common ancestor with you. I am certain that we are related. The closest that I got is that I am descended from John Carmichael of Lismore, born in 1790. His father was Dugald Carmichael and his mother Mary McColl. Dugald parents were John and Mary Carmichael. In your tree, there is a John and Mary Carmichael with a son Dugald on Lismore, but sadly it would make my Dugald a very young father. If you'd like, I can send you my whole tree in GEDCOM format. Perhaps we can make the link. -David M. Cooper

kevin Moore in Windsor Ont Canada at 5:24:52 Monday September 7 98
Love this site,I live in Canada, but my parent,s still live in Falkirk,when I get homesick,I come visit here

Scott Linton in Ontario, Canada at 0:13:21 Monday September 7 98
My family is from Falkirk. I learned a little bit more about where I come from. Thanks

Jean O'Grady in Austin, Texas at 15:28:29 Sunday September 6 98
I have a lot of O'Grady info

Carol Martin in Australia at 2:19:8 Sunday August 30 98
Found your site v interesting.Husband's mother was Mary McGregor b. Leith,We m. at NL Parish Church 1963! the Mcgregors were tugboat owners in Commercial St.But hailed originally from Fife! Slainte....Carol

Anne Grady-O'Malley in I live in the Cleveland area, but my family is from Wilkes-Barre, PA at 17:43:2 Saturday August 29 98
I know so little of my background, not even where my branch of the Grady's emigrated from. My grandfather's name is: John Francis Grady, born in Wilkes-Barre, PA. He married Gussie Burke.

PAUL MICHAEL O'GRADY in Madrid, Spain at 13:56:50 Friday August 28 98
My father was born in Wesport Co. Mayo in 1925 (Daniel Vincent), in Kilmeena. I would like to know more about my ancestors

Maurice Duane McKay in Honolulu, Hawaii at 1:3:29 Monday August 24 98
I am searching for McKay information. My Scottish ancestors were Alexander (born 1797) and Margret McLarin (born 1801). They lived in Monteith, Port of Perthshire. I am planning a trip to Scotland in around 2006 to do more along with my family. You sound motivated and helpful.

ROBRT JONES in fredericton new brunswick canada at 16:52:55 Sunday August 23 98
i was reading your page on standish o'grady i found it interesting . he was my great great grandfather.

ROBERT JONES in FREDERICTON NEW BRUNSWICK at 16:49:2 Sunday August 23 98

Craig Hugh Lauder in Toronto, Canada at 2:26:52 Monday August 17 98
Hi, Very interesting articles on the Lauder family. My late father put together a family tree, but was only able to go back to about 1780's. His Grandfather immigrated to South Africa at the turn of the century. His Grandfathers brother at the same time went to Canada. I have recently left South Africa, and now live in Toronto, Canada! will visit again. thanx craig

Rob Roy Fisher in Honolulu, HI at 9:28:52 Saturday August 15 98
My father's name was Fisher, mother's maiden name is MacGregor. I enjoyed this article and wish for more info on the Macgregors.

Robert Enright Lauder Jr. in Anaheim, California at 10:52:37 Thursday August 13 98
Loved your page! Enjoyed reading it and learned a couple things. I am the son of yet another Robert Lauder who was named after a great uncle. My son is Robert Lauder III, (poor kid). I was able to see the town of Lauder in Lauderdale and the site of the old keep, now a castle owned by the Maitlands, I think. (could be wrong) We also visited North Berwick and Tantallon Castle, complete with Victoria's "grafitti" over the entrance. If you have anymore info, I'd love to see it. Thanks, Bob Lauder Jr. (no, there is no comma after Lauder)

Murray Clark in Waterdown, Ontario, Canada at 5:27:47 Thursday August 13 98
Tom, had a quick look at the page, looks great, very interesting. I was born in Falkirk, lived in Kincardine (1960-1967). Family in Alva, Sauchie, Tillicoultry. Any family backround on Clark's in the foothills area, Halls from Sauchie. Also, seem to recall when living in Kincardine taking walks to a ruined house or "castle". Any knowledge of such. Will definitely visit again.

Jerry Getsey in Ohio at 3:50:47 Tuesday August 11 98
Trying to locate J.T.Buckley. I know he was born and raised in Sharon,Pa. Served in the U.S. Navy from 1951 to 1955. Served aboard USS Navasota.

kristopher william davidson at 18:50:27 Wednesday August 5 98

SHARON POLSON in PARIS, FRANCE at 13:47:14 Wednesday August 5 98

carol M Meres in Aberdeenshire Scotland at 13:13:6 Tuesday August 4 98
Looking for info on family name Meres. Any help appreciated P.S My own father was Richard Paterson Yates died 1988 Cumbernauld Glasgow Grandparents Thomas Smith Yates @ JanetPrimrose Wilson

Simon Gibbs in Timaru ,South Island ,New Zealand at 4:12:46 Sunday August 2 98
Just surfing the web (any GIBBS'S out there in this BIg ole world....... with HARPUR'S and DINEEN's in their family trees????? ( any info send E-MAIL ) Also the origin of ARTHUR GIBBS(1840? etc) New zealand

Ronald Neil in Pittsburgh, Pa. USA at 21:14:47 Saturday August 1 98
My fathers parents names were 'Sim' and 'Caldwell'. My father was approx. 6 months old when he came to the USA.

Margaret Eileen Castle Clayton in Ogden, Utah at 16:42:41 Sunday July 26 98
What a wonderful site! I am looking at contributing to the work my mother and grandmothers have done on our family lines. After getting my hands on "my" geneology book, I realize just how much I don't know about my family history. The McGregor line they have done goes back to John McGregor (b 1766) in Kirkburn, who married Mary Campbell, and had a son with the excellent name of Campbell McGregor (b. 1790). After that, I guess the research will be up to me. Can you recommend a good map or book explaining the parishes of Scotland? Other family names are Ferguson, Douglas, Bruce, Lindsay, and Brown (there's more, much much more). Of course, this isn't including the English Stones, Mitchells, Longsworth, and Sheffields, Clioffords and Soars; or the Danish Joregensons and Petersons. It's pretty overwhelming, and I thought I'd stick to the Scottish side(s) first. I'll be back to visit again!

Toralf Martin Brevik in Bryne nearby Stavanger, Norway at 18:20:52 Saturday July 25 98
I am searchin for ancestors in the area of Linlithgow, Uphall and Stirling named Robert Alexander (kathryn)Flint (from Stirling) . son John (born about 1760) and dougther went to Norway about 1790. John bougth a farm in east of Norway.Sister of John was married to a britsh consul , but they where replaced after some years. Can you give me some good advices for further progress.

Julie King in Australia at 13:47:51 Tuesday July 21 98
I was interested in your name. My Dad was Tom Pattinson. Maybe a connection? His Grandfather, according to records to hand, came from Cumberland, England. Please let me know if you have any connections in that area. Thank you.

Cathy O'Grady in Coventry at 1:3:5 Tuesday July 21 98
Just browsing for O'Grady's and found this site- very interesting to know there were O'Grady's around that achieved some fame.

Dale Roycroft Paterson in San Diego, California, USA at 23:43:22 Monday July 20 98
Great page! Just recently started looking for relatives of my father, David Wilson Paterson Jr, born 1912 in New Jersey, USA. His father, David Wilson Paterson, was born in Glasgow on April 23, 1885. He had three brothers, all of whom emigrated to the U.S. (New Jersey) and were involved with setting up woolen mills in that area. The three brothers returned to Scotland, leaving only David Wilson Paterson in the U.S. Their father was John Paterson of Glasgow, and mother was Margaret Wood Paterson, whose maiden name was Wilson. They were married in Glasgow in 1875. If you should run across any Patersons from this branch, would appreciate a note. Hoping to visit Glasgow some time this year, and certainly would like to find some living relatives!

Andrew Bridges in Pasadena in Southern California at 18:35:39 Friday July 17 98
Great page Tom. My fiancee and I are coming over to get married at Comlongon Castle near Dumfries this August, before spending a few days in Port Appin. Very interested to learn a little of the local history and geography. Although I am English (don't be too hard on me!), my finacee is American and this will be the first time she has ever visited the beauty of Scotland, and my first visit for many years. Thank you. Andrew Bridges

Jennifer Jeffrey in Fredericton, New Brunswick, CANADA. at 4:46:10 Thursday July 16 98
Hi. I just stumbled upon your page while looking for information on my ancestory. My URL is

Tony Michell in Taranaki. NZ at 3:55:42 Thursday July 16 98
Great page makes good reading My GG/Grandfather James and Helen (nee Dunn)lived in Alva Their three sons came too Dunedin in 1858

Helen Jane MacGregor in Redding,Falkirk at 22:58:56 Friday July 10 98

Rev. Roy Lakey (Mac Gregor) in Portland, OR at 0:23:51 Sunday July 5 98
Chosen Chief of the Grove of the Emerald Rose

Liz Moore in Stirling at 21:12:13 Thursday July 2 98
Only discovered your page by accident. Very interesting reading. I am looking into my ancestry in the Stirling area, so all historical documents help in giving an idea of life in the early 1800's.

Mike Paterson in Coventry at 16:13:18 Thursday June 18 98
A very intresting read. Are you part of the Clan MacLaren?

Jemma and Kate at 11:51:11 Sunday June 14 98
Wonderful place I say . Jolly great history , you see we're from Devon and we thought we'd have an old knees up and write to you folks up there in bonny Scotland.Nice surfing with you .

JAMES O'GRADY in U.K at 22:12:28 Wednesday June 3 98

Daithí Seán Ó Gráda in Dublin, Ireland at 18:36:8 Wednesday June 3 98
Dia is Muire dhuit. Hello, Tom. You have done an excellent job here. I am an O'Grady living in Limerick and would like to know any thing you know about the remaining O'Grady families in Co. Limerick,Ireland. Keep up the good work!!!!

Fonda Lawson in USA at 6:8:48 Monday June 1 98
I'm just getting started...would appreciate any help on finding geneology about an Adam Airth b.1865 in Montrose, Scotland. Left for the USA in 1892. He was a tailor. Thanks.

Pete Dunipace in Laurieston Hall, Castle Douglas, Galloway, DG7 2NB at 18:59:9 Saturday May 30 98
With a surname like mine.....! Just having a look round your site, maybe more comments later.

Cori Welch in Menlo Park, California at 21:51:22 Friday May 29 98
Thanks for the history of the Pringle surname. Also glad to see my favorite duo, Wallace and Gromit,visiting your page. I look forward to seeing more genealogy info as your page develops.

Mary Moore in Windsor, Ontario, Canada at 14:59:15 Friday May 29 98
Hi, this is Mary Moore, (nee Toner.) Tom, I tried sending you a little letter. I've not idea if it reached you. As I said, I'm very new at this. My children monopolize the computer so I'm afraid I don't know all this in's and out's of it. I'll learn as I go along. Great Web Site Pages. Very Impressive.

k. moore in windsor ont at 23:24:36 Sunday May 24 98
A great site, as a bairn living aboard , every time I feel homesick i visit here

"Nancy" Agnes Pringle Johnston in Sunny Florida, USA at 22:46:49 Monday May 18 98
Wonderful web pages. I'll look up your PRINGLE's tonight in my card file. Ours are not related as I see it now, but mighty close.

Caron Touchet Hartman in Winnie, Texas at 22:6:39 Friday May 15 98
I am very interested in your lineage. I am just beginning to research my own lineage, and don't know where to start. I found your family history to be very interesting.

Charles Everett in Bainbridge Island, Washington USA at 6:6:26 Thursday May 14 98
Tom- Just surfing the web. I am a MacGregor and in the Pacific Northwest Clan Society in the Seattle area. Keep up the good work. Aye

John D'Antonio in New York City at 19:1:15 Wednesday May 13 98
Behind the Italian is a bit of the Scot trying to get out. Just surfing when I came across your site, One of my gg-grandmothers was Agnes Patterson, who lived in or near Glasgow (possibly Lesmahagow). She married a Robert Hendry in 1850s, and their son Robert, my greatgrandfather, emigrated to the U.S. (Massachusetts) in 1882 and married Marion Houston, of Glasgow. I doubt if there is any connection between our two families, but if any of your guest recognize these names, would appreciate an e-mail.

r.d.G.Wilkinson in CANADA at 20:5:47 Wednesday April 29 98
Just passing through. Thanx

Cowan at 10:12:14 Wednesday April 29 98
This was very wonderful,I hope to have such a find as yours. Thank you for sharing. We are Cowans of New York to California. Who knows, we maybe somehow related.

Lance Hopkins in Sydney, Australia at 9:47:20 Monday April 27 98
I am just beginning to trace my family tree. Apparently my Grandfather's name was Andrew William Buchanan. He moved to Australia sometime between WW1 and WW2, from Motherwell where he owned a shoe shop.(or so I have been told. I have been searching the www to gather as much info as Ican. Any information or specific web sites you know of would be greatly appreciated and greatfully accepted. regards Lance H Hopkins

Gregory Lauder-Frost at 17:26:48 Saturday April 25 98
Just passing! Rgerads. G.L-F.

Brian Scott MacGregor in Naperville, IL USA at 19:29:56 Friday April 24 98
I'm very interested in any tribal Celtic symbols related to the MacGregor Clan. I'm particularly interested in an arm band tatoo, but want it to mean somethin and just wanted to know if you knew of any books. Thanks!

Barbara Waud in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada at 19:45:5 Wednesday April 22 98
I have enjoyed browsing through your web site. Really appreciated info. on Stirling and St. Ninians. in Toronto, Canada at 13:34:42 Sunday April 19 98
Great Web Site Tom! My origins are in and around Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire My mother (89) still lives in Aberdeen. No apparent connection between our families, but I have accumulated a lot of info. on my family which I'll be pleased to share with anyone researching in Aberdeen or elsewhere. Happy Easter! Bob Paterson

Gordon Taylor in Ottawa, Ontario at 16:8:17 Friday April 17 98
My family tree includes Simpson of Crofthead and Towncroft in Bothkennar, Masterton and Rankin(e) from Larbert. Your pages are an excellent source of information.

Ann Stadden in Woodstock Ontairo at 16:54:13 Thursday April 16 98
Good site. Researching MCGregor Loch Tay, McKinlay Callander, McFarlane Old Blair, and Menzie, Blair and Moneydie. Annie.

Richard Polson in Austrailia at 5:59:12 Thursday April 9 98
Not bad but unable to help with my line of Paterson from Ross & cromarty.

Angela Hillhouse in Oklahoma and Texas and Mississippi at 19:58:42 Saturday April 4 98
I am looking for any information on the family name HILLHOUSE. I have information on 14 generations of HILLHOUSEs, but I still have some loose ends. If you have any information or need any information E-Mail me.

Alex J. Neil in Hemet, California at 1:30:35 Friday March 27 98
Truly enjoyed your write-up on the Parish of Slamanan. I understand my father was born there and I hope to visit Scotland in 1999 to trace his place of birth.

cliff maduzia in Houston,Texas at 2:0:22 Tuesday March 17 98
I'am doing family research on the Ogrady surname. All that I know is that my great grandfather David O'Grady was born in Ireland in 1844. He immigrated to the U.S.A. in 1867. In the 1900 census is living in Manhattan,N.Y. with his wife Eileen who was his second wife. He had four sons and one daughter. Henry,John,Joseph,Gerald, and Eileen.

ALLAN REDPATH in coulsdon surrrey cr52dq at 18:58:36 Sunday March 15 98
Excelent stuff

Charlie Audley in Canberra University, Canberra Australia at 9:52:12 Friday March 13 98
I am interested in uncovering information on my familys' heritage, if you can help please contact me (Email). Thankyou.

Carol Forsyth Kroeger in Moline, Illinois, USA at 23:29:18 Friday March 6 98
Enjoyed your web page - very nice! Looking for surname of McAnsh, Andrew, b. 1822 Comrie, Perthshire, but died 20 Dec 1892, Falkirk. Married Jane Campbel, dau. of David & Catherine of Crieff. Andrew was son of James & Janet (McGregor) McAnsh. Andrew's daughter, Catherine, (my gr-grandmother) married in Falkirk 1 Nov 1872 to William Forsyth. She emigrated from Glasgow to Boston, MA in 1901. Any connections? Thanks, Carol

John Burrell in Indianapolis, IN USA at 3:55:30 Saturday February 21 98
What is the correct pronounciation of the surname Burrell, one syllable or two?

Hugh Docherty in Pittsburgh, PA, US at 2:32:34 Monday February 16 98
I very much enjoyed your page. Do you have plans for Kilsyth? I appears one of my gg-grandfathers lived there in 1840-50 timeframe. The info about the wages earned was especially interesting. Regards

Patricia Patterson in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. at 1:45:41 Monday February 16 98
This is excellent! One of the best pages I've seen. Haven't had time to read it all today, but you can bet I'll be back....

Patricia Patterson in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. at 1:45:6 Monday February 16 98
This is excellent! One of the best pages I've seen. Haven't had time to read it all today, but you can bet I'll be back....

cathy tompkins in guelph,ontario, canada at 0:13:7 Monday February 16 98
enjoyed the story, am interested in scottish,welsh ,england history a as an ameture.

Shelagh Morgan in UK at 20:4:51 Sunday February 15 98
Excellent Site - Many thanks for putting it together. I am researching my family tree - McLarens from Stirlingshire, mainly St. Ninians, also Stirling, Polmont and Tullibody. Anyone else looking up McLarens, Dougals, Dewars or Drysdales?

Sherry Bell in St. Albert Alberta Canada (NW of Edmonton) at 7:44:39 Friday February 6 98
I really enjoyed reading your detailed description of Lismore. I have only recently found a link to the parish of Lismore through my Kennedy line (a child born in 1841) whereas all the other children were born in Archchattan parish on the south shores of Loch Creran. I will have to bring in the 1841 census of Lismore to see if I can find the family together (my last chance as they came to Canada in 1849). Thanks again for bringing the area to life for me.

Neil Paterson in Mafikeng, South Africa at 21:43:24 Monday January 26 98
Father ............. George Paterson Mother ............. Isobel Cusick Grandfather ........Frank Paterson Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland. Any family out there?

Brooke Patterson Flynn in Montana USA at 3:26:40 Monday January 26 98
Greetings - my father was a Patterson. Our first record of a Patterson in the US is of a Thomas Patterson in the 1600s/ He was thought to have emigrated from Wales.

Jennifer Cowan in Oklahoma at 2:46:12 Monday January 26 98

Allan Paterson in Christchurch, New Zealand at 20:0:57 Thursday January 22 98
Comprehensive reseach and a lot of effort done here, looks good.

Richard Polson in Sydney Austrailia at 11:8:36 Sunday January 18 98
Great web site Im looking for decendants of Duncan Paterson son of Hugh Paterson and Hannah (Macrea) Paterson born 14 Feb 1900 his certificate of birth was registered in the district of Glenelg in the county of Inverness. He had a brother who was killed in the great war his name was John and his unit was the Seaforth Highlanders.Also had brothers Hugh,Roderick and Farquar plus a sisiter Ann. Can any on help

Ann in Maysville, Ky at 3:39:43 Saturday January 17 98
I have really enjoyed the info on MacGregor. I am descended from Archibald MacGregor b. 1720 that married Edith MacAlpine b. 1724. I would love to hear from others researching this line. Mr. Paterson, keep up the excellant work.

Michael Floetker nee O'Grady in Cincinnati, Ohio USA at 2:24:47 Saturday January 17 98
Descent through my Grandmother Helen Torsney nee O'Grady in descent from Managh O'Grady from Killuran Parish (O'Callaghans Mills)

Ronald Stottlemire in Meadville, Pennsylvania USA at 23:46:34 Thursday January 15 98
I am doing my family tree and found your page by luck I don't know if there is a link but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you might have some information that I can use. Thanks for being there.

Mike Burell in Atlanta Georgia USA at 17:5:11 Thursday January 15 98
Seems like the Burells really got around but were poor spellers. At least I came from the group who spells it right...Great web site.

L. Lauder in U.S.A at 0:13:17 Thursday January 15 98

anne macgregor forrester in perth western australia at 15:57:2 Wednesday January 14 98
apparently i am a descendent of Robert Roy MacGregor. Do you have any info regarding his descendents. The line is through my grandfather herbert Henry Ross. I do not know his parents' names. I would love to hear any info you have on the descemd. of that generation of the MacGregors, particularly those that live in Australia.

anne macgregor forrester in perth western australia at 15:56:41 Wednesday January 14 98
apparently i am a descendent of Robert Roy MacGregor. Do you have any info regarding his descendents. The line is through my grandfather herbert Henry Ross. I do not know his parents' names. I would love to hear any info you have on the descemd. of that generation of the MacGregors, particularly those that live in Australia.

Janice Hardie Mercer in Missouri at 1:11:51 Wednesday January 14 98
I am researching the Robert Paterson in Motherwell. He married Janet Hardie and they lived on Logan Street in Motherwell. Robert died 1953.

Janice Hardie Mercer at 1:10:7 Wednesday January 14 98

cliff maduzia in houston,texas at 22:10:57 Saturday January 10 98
I think my great granfather david ogrady immigrated to new york from ireland in 1867. Found him and his family on the 1900 census living in manhattan,n.y.

Gregory Lauder-Frost in Berwickshire, Scotland. at 15:55:32 Saturday January 10 98
Lauder surname: Black is absolutely wrong when he says our family erroneously received lands in Berwickshire. Records confirm this plus lands in East Lothian and part of Macbeth's lands in Moray. The Royal Burgh of Lauder took its name from the family and not visa versa nor from the River Leader. Ancient documents show a clear distinction between the river spelling and that of the family who erected a pele tower where the present town now stands. The original town was further up towards Lauder Common and gravitated to the pele when it was erected. I would be happy to write an article for you on this subject and the surname. I am a great nephew of the late Sir Harry Lauder, and a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, Scotland.

Robert Redpath in Near Manchester#TOPINDEX at 19:33:41 Friday January 9 98
Trying to find out more about my ancestors in Dunfermline

Ingemar Burell in Norrtälje in Sweden at 19:7:51 Saturday January 3 98
Interesting information. I dont know were our familys name comes from.

Karen Mairs Lange in New Hampshire,USA at 0:40:57 Friday January 2 98
nice page, easy to get around, friendly etc-yay!looking for parents etc of George Mair b.New Byth,Scotland March22,1818- w/ 98th reg. of Highlanders.will be visiting Scotland in April of 98

Marilyn Gail Luck McCuaig in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada at 1:17:10 Wednesday December 31 97
Couldn't get anything but list of people who've contacted you. I'm interested in researching surnames Luck, Alexander, Maitland, and Campbell from Edinborough, Stirling and Inverness, Whear and Crago from St. Cleer and Liskard, Cornwall and McCuaig from Glenelg, Scotland.

John R Ensell in North Port FL at 2:55:49 Tuesday December 30 97
I'm still looking for my Ensell relatives.

April Wilson Dunham in Montana at 19:7:7 Monday December 29 97

Sandra Pringle in Westwold, British Columbia, Canada at 2:45:31 Saturday December 27 97
Looking for Pringles from Dumphries! Came to Canada in 1842, father was Thomas Pringle, mother was Ann Latimour. Settled in Chatsworth, Ontario. One branch, John Taylor came west to B. C. Have you heard of us???

Jan Morton in Victoria Australia at 1:52:13 Sunday December 21 97
Hi Tom, great page, am seeking any info on the James Cramb and Elizabeth Hamilton marr Falkirk 1884. There Children, Margaret m David JACK, James M Jeannie Ure HAMILTON, Jane (died young), Annie m Henry James Binnie, and Mary m Archibald Stewart If anyone is looking for Cram(b),Crom(b) or Crum(b) call in and visit my page at

Courcy, Henry da Rocha in Rio de Janeiro - Brasil at 15:23:18 Saturday December 20 97
I wrote for you and I find cool to know that a person that have the same interest that me. the intereste about the Courcy's family. I will be more pleasure to send a co-answer for you. thank's.

Paul Burrell in Talladega, Al...USA at 18:14:20 Thursday December 18 97
You have some great information on "history of the Burrell" surname. Thanks for providing such great information. I have been searching my ancestry and can't get past my great grand- father. His parents were killed when he was a baby and no one knows anything past that. His name was Erwin Perry Burrell.

Heather McKay in Hinton, Alberta, Canada at 20:54:58 Monday December 15 97

thomas kincaid in los angeles, california at 19:1:9 Thursday December 11 97
Just saw your sight and was intrigued. My name appeared on every line it seemed.

ken paterson in toronto ontario canada at 6:41:3 Tuesday December 9 97
great site. i also am doing a bit of paterson family research. my father and ansestors are from kintyre.

BARBARA BURELLE in CANADA at 2:7:8 Monday December 8 97

John M peoples in Key West FL USA at 22:37:16 Wednesday December 3 97

joseph mcmeechan in fort mcmurray,alberta canada at 4:21:21 Friday November 28 97
hello,i was born in whitecross, mothers maiden name was paterson.i live in canada now.nice web page.

Lorna in Scotland at 14:0:25 Wednesday November 26 97
Your information on the isle of Lismore is somewhat out of date, but all in all a rather interesting read, as my family comes from the island and we are related to a large number of people on the island.

Lisa O`Grady in Leeds in England. at 13:22:37 Tuesday November 25 97
an interesting read as my name is O`Grady, but i don`t think i`m related to you.

Rosalind Burrell in Angus Ontario Canada at 23:32:36 Saturday November 22 97
My father is David Brydon Burrell born 1935, my grandfather George Burrell born approx 1885, but he doesn't seem to be one of your Georges!

Robert D. King in Prescott, Arizona at 6:30:48 Saturday November 22 97

Max Buchanan in Mt Martha, Victoria, AUST at 12:54:38 Saturday November 15 97
Further to my earlier entry - my GG Grandfather Peter Buchanan of Stuch Farm, Dunoon m. Susan Mc Kinlay. G Grandfather, Peter Jnr migrant to VDL (Tasmania) in 1824 and started a tribe of us Aussie Buchanans. Anybody interested I'm pretty clear on the local tree and willing to share!

Maxwell W Buchanan in Mt Martha, Victoria, AUSTRALIA at 12:42:0 Saturday November 15 97
Most interesting!

Donna Donnell in Fort Worth, Texas at 18:35:15 Thursday November 13 97
I am interested in the surname McCafferty

Bill Louis in at 0:28:53 Thursday November 13 97
I appreciate the work you've done. It was very interesting to read about the De Courcys, of whom I beleive I decend.

h.williams in new york state USA at 1:3:45 Wednesday November 5 97
looking for response on verification on genealogy starting date 719 (Pargallus) thru Thomas Buchanan 1461 Can you help?

kenneth danny burrell in tryon north carolina at 17:12:34 Tuesday November 4 97

Charles P. Christie in Centreville, Maryland USA at 14:30:13 Monday November 3 97
My grandfather, Charles Christie, was born in Alva, Scotland in 1885 and immigrated to Baltimore, Md. USA sometime in the early 1900's. His parents, my greatgrand parents, were Helen Campbell and David Christie. Both are buried in Alva, Scotland.

john m roy in Delft, Holland at 20:55:46 Sunday November 2 97

John Woolsey in Sanford North Carolina USA> at 19:5:34 Sunday November 2 97
Just started trying to research the Woolsey name your website came up as a hit.

Regina in Hendersonville, North Carolina at 17:18:58 Sunday November 2 97
Hi Tom, My relatives also came from Scotland. The Orr family. They settled here in NC in the late 17OO's. I also have Patterson's in my family history. Other names are Osborne,Moody,Hamilton,Evans...................Do you have any information on the Orr name? Thanks

jim stewart in windsor ontario canada at 5:28:53 Saturday November 1 97

Cliff Maduzia in Houston,Texas at 17:20:22 Monday October 27 97
My great-grandfather name was David O'Grady who lived in Manhattan,N.Y. in 1900. My mothere was sent to the New York Foundling Hospital in 1908. Can't seem to trace the O'Grady surname past the 1900 census in Manhattan.Would appreciate any info on the O'Grady surname.

William Brockley Paterson in Milton, Ontario, Canada at 3:23:47 Wednesday October 22 97
looking for my ancestors related to a William Paterson born in Glasgow in 1838

Marion Minto Kraus in York, PA, USA at 19:35:35 Thursday October 16 97
Hi Tom, Tried to access your "Master List of Names" all that came up was the title. By any chance is MINTO in the list? Enjoyed the photos of your ancestors.

Elizabeth Russon in Toronto, Canada at 3:27:52 Monday October 13 97
We need more of these kinds of web pages. Family is from the Falkirk area. Looking for Penmans, Jacks and Rae's.

Norma (McWilliams) Jones in Tehachapi , California at 1:44:55 Thursday October 9 97
Father is Daniel Spurgeon Mcwilliams born in Mississippi 1908 Grandfather Miles McWilliams born 1880's

Jeffery Johnson in Nashville, TN USA at 22:13:35 Friday October 3 97
Must say that I have enjoyed visiting your site and I have bookmarked it and will be adding a link on our site to your site. Come on over to "The Present Meets The Past" at ; The purpose of the homepage is to place our ancestorial information out for our cousins to find a connection. Secondly, to place information that hopefully will assist others in their own genealogical research. Thirdly, to do this in a clear helpful manner without any confusion or a lot of distractions. Fourthly, to enjoy the Present as well as the Past.

Anon at 17:57:39 Monday September 29 97

JULIO CESAR MAYA in ALL TIME at 17:56:19 Monday September 29 97

jimmy conroy in AN OLD BAIRN LIVING IN ABERDEEN. at 22:28:12 Sunday September 28 97
i was just rooting about some sites in falkirk as i belong to falkirk and i am now in aberdeen scotland just a pity my name is not paterson as you have a good family history site KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

Lynn Paterson in staffordshire at 19:28:27 Wednesday September 24 97
very interesting, as a beginner looking at your info was very inspiring. I'm searching for an edinburgh link. in Olympia.Wa.USA at 12:48:40 Sunday September 21 97
Hi! I have enjoyed your site.Found it surfin' for O'Gradys. My GGrandmother was Mary O'Grady,born 1829 in Ennis.Ireland. She married Michael Hartigan,born 1824 in Ennis.Ireland. I am an artist. Come visit my page:

Stuart Innes Jackson Paterson in Currenly living in Zurich, Switzerland at 15:56:15 Friday September 12 97
I am currently researching my family origins in the west coast of Scotland. Although my grandfather was born in Melbourne in Australia, my Great Grandfather came from somewhere near Ayr. Both of my parents, Alan and Jean,and my brother Graham were born in Glasgow, but I was born in Greenock. I am aged 44. I now have a significant amount of information on my ancestors, but loose track of the Patersons after 100 years. I will look over your data and contact you if there are any significant matches in names or details. Did you know that a Mr James Allen Paterson led the Burns 200th anniversary parade in Ayr in the 1960's. He was my grandfather. Stuart P

Alison Forte in Calgary AB CAN at 23:39:6 Thursday August 21 97
Great web page! Will keep checking back. My grandmother was a Paterson. Her father, William James Paterson was born abt. 1871 in Waterside, ARL,SCT. William's parents were William Patterson and Joanne Watson. Bye for now!

Maria Ann Paterson in St. Catharines Ont Canada at 23:26:34 Saturday August 16 97
My brother and I are very intrested in our back ground and we would like to know more about it. I was looking though the net and I came across your page. Tom Paterson. That is my uncle name. My dad's dad was born in Scotland and his name was James Paterson from Elgin. If you have any infor about these people or about a family tree that would be great. if so please E-mail us Thanks

Sheila Jones in Lowestoft, Suffolk at 1:15:1 Tuesday August 12 97
We both enjoy the same hobby. My pages at Regards Sheila

Björn Momberger in Biebertal / Germany at 0:28:31 Monday August 11 97 nice page :-)

Donald Mac Greegor in Pleasant Bay Cape Breton Nova Scotia Canada at 16:51:56 Friday August 1 97
Just browsing through Mac Gregors .Looking for information on the Mac Gregors of Rosshire Scotland.My ancestors arriverd in Cape Breton on or about 1935,and landed on the shores of Cape North,Canada.I have a completed family tree back to 1935,and would be interested to know more about Rosshire.You ma visit our community ( My own page is Cape Breton Receipes.Thanks for your time have a nice day,and I look forward to hearing from you,whenever you get the opportunity.

Richard Christie in Charles City, Iowa - U.S.A. at 15:48:8 Thursday July 31 97
Doing Christie genealogy - trying to locate Christies before 1807 in Scotland

JOHNNY M. HAY in CLANTON, AL. 35045 at 18:48:27 Tuesday July 29 97

HIOGRADY@AOL.COM in Massachusetts USA at 0:33:51 Friday July 18 97
I am in the process of tracking the O'Grady line. I found your site ad think you have done an outstanding job.

Ann McPhail in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, UK at 16:59:31 Wednesday July 9 97
Wandered onto your site as I have Lismore connections (Donald McNicol, who was minister there) and then noticed Carronshore/Falkirk and the name Hotchkies. I feel sure you must have some connection with my folks in Carronshore. My great grandmother was Janet Hotchkiss (b 27 Mar 1860, d. 27 Feb 1939). She was illigitimate : her mother was Annie Hotchkis (b.27 Apr 1839) and her father was a Henry Taylor from Glasgow. Not surprisingly, I don't know much more about him! Annie later married George Heggie, a patternmaker at the Carron Works. Annie's parents were Cornelius Hotchkis born about 1814, a joiner, and Hannah Marshall (born about 1820, died 19 Jun 1863). Cornelius Hotchkis's parents were Richard Hotchkis b 1782 and Jean McDougall. Richard's parents were Cornelius Hodgcase and Janet Stewart. My lot certainly changed the spelling of their name a lot, so a combination of that and the use of Cornelius as a given name makes me think there must be a connection somewhere. Unless Cornelius was a lot more common than I've been assuming! I don't have my own email yet (will do soon), but if you think we can connect the two families you can reach my husband at Would be very interested to hear from you - maybe we can link up the Lismore connections as well and be related twice over! Sorry this is such an essay - I'll shut up now. Ann

Lyn Sanderson/Elspeth Paterson in Townsville, Australia at 2:49:3 Tuesday July 1 97
Wonderful page - we are descendants of a William Paterson who left St. Fergus for Queensland in the late 1870's.

Anna McKay Moore in Mustang, Oklahoma at 6:45:48 Wednesday June 25 97
Thank you so much! I truly enjoyed being able to show my "da" the information.

Jenny Lucas in Australia at 18:0:24 Tuesday June 17 97
Maybe you have some info on my Macgregor. gg\father was Duncan Macgregor he was a Corporal in the Royal Engineers stationed in Bermuda when my g\father Duncan ROderick Macgregor was born in 1869. A daughter was born in 1867 she died aged 11 months. gg\mother Emma Gibb or Gibbs they appear to have gone back to Perthshire in Scotland ? My g\father came to Australia when? he married in Western Australia in 1900 he was a widower first wife? 2nd wife Lucay Sarah Caulfield from Victoria Australia Have you any info? hope so. We don't know of any other sibbling BUT, the older boy's remember there was talk of a william or james being made a Sir by queen victoria for work done on the tower of london. I hope you can help or point me in the right direction Thank you Jenny Lucas (nee Macgregor) Perth Western Australia.

Donald Francis Robert Torrie in Calgary, Alberta, Canada at 21:58:31 Saturday June 14 97
Tracing Torrie family roots. Have extensive family information starting with Duncan Arthur Torrie (born about 1837 - died about 1865 at Galt, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada). I have no previous information on Duncan Arthur, such as birthplace, parents, siblings, etc. Duncan Arthur Torrie married Elizabeth Hall in Ontario, Canada in about 1860. Elizabeth Hall was born at Linlithgow, Lothianshire, Scotland.

Bob Harris at 5:0:52 Tuesday June 3 97
A friend of mine has a gr. grandmother from Falkirk and I am trying to get leads on how to find her and her family in Falkirk. I thought that you would have knowledge of how to search that town. I believe that a Anne Kerrigan from Falkirk, Scotland came to Australia and there married Ferens Love whose family came from Durham county in England. Do you know any Kerrigans? They probably came from Ireland. I am trying to find a connection back to Scotland for Anne, and the connection back to Durham County for Ferens. If you can shed any light, we would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks.

Steve Anderson in Sydney, Australia at 8:13:50 Tuesday May 27 97
Good to see such a comprehensive site on Larbert/Stenhousemuir cos that's whaur am fae as well.

Barth R. Burrell in Berea, Ohio at 18:10:14 Friday May 23 97

Jim Paterson in 500 Orchard Dr Oakville Ontario Canada. at 18:52:30 Wednesday May 21 97
My Father,My Grandfather,My Great Grandfather,Were all born around Shotts, My Great Grand Fathers first name was William.My Fathers name was James as was his Fathers,I am looking for some connection.

Florrie Jones in Atherton, Wigan, Lancashire at 20:34:8 Tuesday May 20 97
Dr. William Bryden, the hero of the battle of Jallalabad, Afghanistan, was my great, great uncle. I know he was born in the lowlands of Scotland about 1821, educated at the University of London, a surgeon in Afghanistan. He was presented with the Order of the Companion of the Bath by Queen Victoria. Have photographs taken in 1909 of my great grandparents in Wigan, Lancashire. If you have any information on family links, please E-mail me.

Morag Godfrey in Christchurch, New Zealand at 6:8:3 Sunday May 18 97
Excellent website! Shame we're not related. I'm searching for some Corbet ancestors in Eddrachillis, Sutherlandshire c1808.

Shirley Malcolm Sheppard in Orlando, Florida, USA at 19:4:25 Monday May 12 97
Hi Tom, I see you are in the United Kingdom. Do you have any information on the early Malcolms who came to the U.S. I descend from a James Malcolm from Virginia. in Buderim Qld Australia at 10:6:8 Thursday May 8 97
I am trying to do my family Tree at the moment. My Father John Paterson was born in Alva Scotland. Hopefully we might be able to exchange some information. Regards Bruce Paterson.

Steve Kellas in Portland, Oregon at 2:49:10 Saturday May 3 97
I was pleased to see our name listed. I will have to dig out some of the geneology that I do have on our family. I was told that we are decended from the Farquarson (spelling?) clan.

Beth Storrar Thorwart in St. Marys, Pennsylvania, USA at 0:16:27 Friday April 25 97
enjoyed looking through your information. I have been searching my scottish root for some time and have visited Scotland. My Scottish family came from Slamannan names are Storrar and Matthews.

James Paterson in 500 Orchard dr Oakville Ontario Canada L6K 1P1 at 18:38:23 Thursday April 10 97
Tom my greatgrandfather was William Paterson and my grandfather was James Paterson,My father was James Paterson All lived in Shotts Lanarkshire and were miners apparently originating from the Balquider area

Shirley Malcolm Sheppard in Orlando, Florida at 23:15:40 Wednesday April 2 97
Would like to know of first Malcolms who came to U.S.

Scott Binnie in Trenton Ontario Canada at 4:12:52 Monday March 31 97
Just flipping through the web searching for other "like named " people out there . It would appear my family name is becoming very rare indeed . Drop me a line if you have any thoughts . Thanks , Scott.

Kim R. Brizendine in Milwaukee, WI USA at 7:54:9 Sunday March 30 97
I was delighted by your webpages. They are extremely well done. Just browsing the Scottish areas on the Web. My family name is Trotter. Family information I have is that the name goes back to the early 1800s in Berwickshire. I've been enjoying reading up on Scottish history. Someday, I hope to visit Scotland.

seumas maccombie in port alberni vancouver island beautiful british columbia at 3:49:11 Sunday March 23 97
in a round about way i reached you from scot general news group i am an ex aberdonian, been in the RAF,in the australian out back you know of crocodile dundee he stole the idea of me, and then somehow i ended up on the other side of the canadian rockies,im no a paterson but i know a few here ,i do have a home page at its a braw wee site you have and to other visitors will ye no come back again alba mo dhachaidh

Jonathan Paterson in Montreal, Quebec, Canada at 5:46:40 Monday March 10 97
An interesting site, though I doubt very much that we are related. All I know about the Paterson side of my family is that my great-grandparents were living in Gairloch, on the West coast, about 1920. I think he had served in the army, probably in India.

Dr Iain L M Hotchkies in Stockport UK at 0:34:21 Monday March 10 97
Don't know if I fancy naming any of my future sons Cornelius!!! Hmmm, I'll have to think about it.

Barbara Burrell in Saut Ste Marie at 19:36:46 Friday March 7 97
hi Tom this is a relative. Would you please email my sister in law her family tree is yours. she is in Canada her relation Sir William Burrell from Glasgow and Northumberland Now her fathers father James Alexander Burrell Born 1848(?) Came from Scotland may have been your ancester too. You are probably some kind of cousin to us here. By the way nice going with the Genealogy it was great all the info. take care Barb Burrell See ya have fun.

Henry Geoffrey O'Grady in Douglas, Isle of Man at 23:15:26 Monday February 17 97
Henry Geoffrey O'Grady 1948 only son of Henry also Terrence, Thomas, Molly, Patricia and Jenny. Children of Henry (known as patrick) from Dublin. Son of Daniel. Known details from 1st world war:- Driver O'Grady. H.G.S.(Daniel) 5th. Canadian Artillery Otterspool Camp Kent

Mary Sluggett in Seeking Heritage at 3:52:3 Friday February 14 97
Maiden name is Lauder. Father - Arthur Lauder born Vancouver, B.C. 1906, Grandmother Mabel Jean Kyle born in USA.

Richard Pesta in Cleveland, Ohio at 23:41:58 Thursday February 13 97
Interested in O'Grady genealogy

Garland Elizabeth DeCourcy in East coast USA at 8:0:29 Sunday January 26 97
I have the further (to present) Baron Kingsale info I aquired from the House of Lords if you are interested. Also some interesting info that shows some creative developments from 24th to 25th baron. There are letters on this matter in the US Library of Congress as well. It is also nice to add how Sir John deCourcy the Conquerer of Ireland married Affreca the daughter of the King of Isle of Mann. Later her brother become King for a while & he & Sir John took arms against the deLacys after they slaughtered Sir Johns young nephews (by his brother), the many castles, churches and Abbys they built around Ireland, as well as in Normandy where they retired to the family homes in Calvados. There was even a half penny struck in Downpatrick in 1185 with Sir John deCourcy on one side & St. Patrick on the other. The reverance for St. Patrick that Sir John has is demonstrated in the lore that when he built one of his imediate fortifications in Downpatrick that he had to move St. Patricks bones, which it is said he did so personally and reverantly. There is reference to Sir John in the propheseys of St. Columba (as well as of Merlin). It is said that this text was a prized possesion of Sir John's. There is also many references to Sir John in the Historical Works of Giraldus Cambrensis & in the Book 1 of Oderic Vitalis. I have also found related sources of info in this family in the Doomsday book (and books about the honors), they were signers of the Magna Carta as well. I have found books on royal ancestry of Magna Carta barons state how this line of deCourcys traces back to Charlemagne & Alexander the Great. There are also great sources of info on the decendants of the Magna Carta Barons which has additional family info. It is also known that King Alexander of Scotlands second wife was a deCourcy and their son Alexander married as his second wife a deCourcy decendant. Then there is Barbara Tuchmans "A Distant Mirror, The Calamitous 14th century" Which traces a line of the family that was a branch of yours that broke of around 900.

Candace Buckley in Ellicott City,MD at 4:59:51 Monday January 20 97
Interested in Pringle genealogy was wondering the birthplaces of your family. Mine went from Scotland to Conneticut, to New York and into Canada as Empire Loyalists

Thom Burrell in Sarnia,Ontario,Canada at 23:51:21 Tuesday January 14 97
wish i could find more info on the family name Burrell

Thom Burrell in Sarnia,Ontario,Canada at 23:50:23 Tuesday January 14 97
wish i could find more info on the family name Burrell

John Ball in Whidbey Island, W. coast U.S.A. at 4:59:46 Tuesday January 14 97
Thank you for what you have on Lismore. Would like to know more about Castle Coeffin and the Bishop's Palace. Would like to here from you if just to talk. Where do you live? Thank you, John

Tom Burrell in I am located in Battle Creek, Michigan (USA). It's a small to town that is famous for making the breakfast cereals. I hope that you get a chance to visit our city!!! at 21:32:27 Monday January 13 97
Hello Tom, I've spent the past three hours looking at the amount of work you've done on your family history. It is quite impressive. I am an African American that's looking for any information on the Burrell Family that lived in Aisle of Wright County, Virginia in the USA. My Grandfather's name was Robert Burrell, and he married Janie Long from Weldon, North Carolina sometime between 1897 and 1905. Any information or search methods that you can suggest will be greately appreciated.

Liselotte in At home! (In C-C-C-COLD Sweden) at 15:44:8 Monday January 6 97
Found your page surfing around... in OAKVILLE ONTARIO CANADA at 3:37:14 Monday December 23 96

Johnny Maduzia in Houston,Texas USA at 21:30:12 Saturday December 14 96
Searching for information on Eileen O'Grady,born 1887 in New York,NY. Parents were David and Eileen O'Grady,sons were John,Henry,Joseph and Gerald. The family resided in Manhattan, NY,in 1900 according to the 1900 census. The daughter,Eileen, was my maternal grandmother! Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

kurt binnie in st Cloud, Minnesota USA at 0:18:11 Friday November 29 96
I have traveled throughout Scotland and been through sterling Castle I have ancestery from Linlithgow dating to 1313. I believe I still Have the book about the story how the name originated. Ihave traveled all through that area. It was 12 years ago though so I'm due to return soon!

Nancy Kincaid Kruse in Portland, Oregon at 5:7:46 Monday November 18 96
Looking for my James Kincaid b.1709..married __? Had 5 son's...John,Thomas,Andrew,Matthew and James. John Kincaid b.1729 married Jane ___? Any help would be appreciated :) ps...very nice outline you have!!

WILLIAM DOUGLAS ALLARDYCE in LEMOORE CA USA at 4:54:26 Saturday November 16 96

Alan Paterson in Essex at 14:30:30 Wednesday November 6 96
Hello Tom, I'm a newcomer to this E mail business, 7 researching my forebearers so I have been In & out of your site a few times & found it very intersting so I will take another look again in the future.

Myles T. Shortall in Newry, N. Ireland, BT34 1EE at 1:44:3 Sunday November 3 96
Am a descendant of Thomas Lidwell. Have info' on families of Atkins, Lidwell, Minnett, Russell etc. You've done a very nice job on the site, enjoyed it enormously. Did any of the family reside at the Bordeaux garrison c1840s ? I have a letter sent to an O'Fogarty Cahill in which a Miss Smythe/Smith speaks of Edward being attached to the 2nd Chasseurs. Any connection with the O'Gradys ? Looking forward to hearing from you. Myles Shortall.

Jerry Howell at 2:9:27 Tuesday October 15 96

judson paterson in jacksonville florida usa at 19:2:30 Wednesday October 9 96
we pronounce or name with a long a not patter but pater just started in reserch on famley

Scott Duncan Redpath in E. Taunton, Ma. USA at 3:9:40 Saturday October 5 96
Beginning research on the Redpath family tree. Anyone else so interested drop me a line.

Jerry Howell in Spanaway,Pierce County, Wash., USA at 5:47:27 Friday October 4 96
Looking for Buchanan's from the Stirling, Scotland area in the 1400 to 1500 time frame.

Jerry Howell at 5:43:4 Friday October 4 96

Barb Horak in eastern Iowa, USA at 13:8:52 Wednesday September 25 96
Hello Tom - I am also researching on Scottish lines and enjoyed your site immensely. I know of a Paterson searcher, so thought I'd pass it along - his homepage is quite interesting and is at I am searching mostly in Argyllshire, Stirlingshire and homepage is at if you wish to look at it. Thanks again for the visit! - Barb Girvan Horak (searching Girvan, McCallum, McCulloch, Torrance, among others)

John M. Dempster in New York City at 8:33:20 Sunday September 22 96
Hi Tom ! Just wanted to say that I enjoyed your material. It's late now, though, but I'll be back real soon. Thanks !!!

Peter Hodgson at 21:6:38 Thursday September 5 96
Change the background !

Jenny Lucas in Perth Western Australia at 6:2:39 Wednesday September 4 96
My maiden name was Macgregor. My granfather was Rodrick Macgregor.

Karen Laing in New Hampshire, USA at 21:14:24 Saturday August 17 96
I've just been "rootin" about the web looking for some of my "roots". My grandmother was born in Gamrie, Banff, Scotland in 1878. I'm wondering if Gamrie was/is a town, is Banff the county? What is it like now? I'd appreciate any infor.

Craig Jamieson in Larbert at 22:52:52 Friday August 16 96

William L. Paterson in Los Angeles, California at 22:40:15 Friday August 16 96
My grandfather William [b Aurora, Illinois ca 1868] was son of Tom Paterson formerly of Glasgow (he apparently left a wife there). In the U.S.A Patersons were said to be related to Maclarens. Tom of Glasgow was possibly related to James Frame in Eastern U.S. Say hello.

Angela Reagan in Austin, Texas at 23:27:0 Saturday August 10 96
I am searching for my lineage roots. The farthest I know is back to my great grandfather, Hugh O'grady when he married Concordia Tiehen. I am not sure of the year but it must be around the 1900's. Any info you have would be great.

Tom Paterson in Molesey, Surrey at 17:26:24 Saturday August 10 96
Just a test to start things going.