Total Impossibilities: 45
Total Improbabilities: 62
QScore: 85.38

Persons Born After They Were Baptized7

Elizabeth Corbett (1816-1891)
Mungo Gillespie (1849-)
Cornelius Hotchkiss (1844-<1851)
James Huskie (1847-1900)
George Meek Dr (1764-1820)
Jane Bee Rae (<1809-1867)
Jenkin Turnbull (~1830-)

Persons Born After Death2

Thomas Malcolm (1831-~1861)
Elizabeth Rae (1802-<1802)

Persons Born After One of Their Parents Died8

Mary Malcolm (1851-)
Sarah Malcolm (1853-1888)
Joseph Malcolm (1855-1882)
Janet Malcom (1857-)
John Malcolm (1859-1860)
Rachel Malcolm (1861-1874)
Jane Sharp (1813-)
Janet Montieth (1702-)

Persons Baptized After Marriage1

William Sharp (1719-)

Persons Baptized After Death1

Elizabeth Rae (1802-<1802)

Persons Married After Death1

Thomas Malcolm (1831-~1861)

Persons With Events Occuring Before Birth1

Cornelius Hotchkiss (1844-<1851)

Persons Living After Death6

Mary-Ann Corbet (1842-1916)
Margaret Donaldson (1838-1878)
Cornelius Hotchkies (1831-1851)
Thomas Malcolm (1831-~1861)
Elizabeth Rae (1802-<1802)
James Waugh (~1851-1896)

Persons Living After Burial1

Mary-Ann Corbet (1842-1916)

Persons With Multiple Parents17

William Chalmers (1812-1906)
Jane Gillespie (~1887-)
Jessie Rae Gillespie (~1895-)
William Gillespie (~1891-)
Margaret Monteith (1692-)
Agnes Muirhead (1685-)
Agnes Muirhead (1738-1816)
John Muirhead (1710-)
Margaret Muirhead (1680-)
Ann Rae (1777-)
Elizabeth Rae (1787-)
Helen Rae (1792-1862)
James Rae (1790-<1851)
Jean Rae (1782-)
Margaret Rae (1779-)
Peter Rae (1785-1851)
William Rae (1783-)

Persons With Events Occuring After Died4

Livingstone Hotchkies (1881-1941)
Mary Rae Malcolm (1896-1900)
Robert Rae 🔗 (1857-1909)
James Williamson (1811-1869)

Persons Having Other Inconsistent Events9

George Corbet (1844-)
George Corbet ° (1789-<1841)
James Corbet 🧬 (1792-1846)
Janet Heugh (1796-1820)
Johnne Jaksoune (1550-)
Rachel Johnestone (~1550-)
William Sharp (1719-)
George Waddell (1781-1846)
Anne Wilson (1684-)

Persons Living Before Parent's Marriage16

David Chalmers (1791-~1842)
James Chalmers (1795-~1853)
Elizabeth Corbett (1816-1891)
Janet Corbett (~1801-1871)
Agnes Ferguson (1828-)
John Hotchkiss (1735-1738)
Johnne Jaksoune (1570-)
Rebecca Muirheid (1599-1652)
George Preston Sir 4th Baronet of Valleyfield (1701-1779)
Colin Rae (1764-)
James Rae (1839-1878)
Andrew Rankin (1756-1856)
Peter Patrick Sharp 🔗 (1702-1749)
Catherine Bain Watson (1854-1907)
Marion Wilson (<1839-)
William Wilson (1837-)

Persons Baptized After Child's Birth1

William Sharp (1719-)

Persons Baptized Past the Age of 53

George Meek Dr (1764-1820)13y
David Rae (1748-)14y
William Sharp (1719-)31y

Persons Married Before the Age of 145

Helen Ewing (1769-)12y
Agnes Fleming (1851-1927)13y
David McCulloch (~1847-)7y
Thomas Rae (1769-1833)12y
William Sharp (~1655-)12y

Husbands More Than 30 Years Older Than Their Spouse2

PersonAge Difference
George Meek Dr (1764-1820)31y
Michael Andrews (1788-1870)31y

Wives More Than 5 Years Older Than Their Spouse13

PersonAge Difference
Marion Corbet (~1843-1928)6y
Agnes Ross (1819-)9y
Janet Wotherspoon (1835-1914)14y
Alison Thomson (~1831-)12y
Mary Black ° (~1781-1858)7y
Helen Walker (1816-1880)6y
Margaret Telford (~1777-1862)7y
Jean Rae 🔗 (~1837-1868)9y
Janet Corbet 🧬 (1809-1864)11y
Helen Ewing (1769-)8y
Janet Stirling (1645-)9y
Isabella Lockart Meek (1775-1854)6y
Alexis (Lucinea)Thomson Rae (1826-1873)6y

Persons Having Children Before the Age of 155

James Corbet 🧬 (1792-1846)9y
Bessie Jaksoune (1608-1658)12y
Mary Johnston (1790-1862)11y
Patrik Rae (~1607-1655)13y
Margaret Young (~1700-)14y

Mothers Having Children Past the Age of 503

Sybil Graham (1648-)60y
Janet McMillan (1746-1785)66y
Anne Wilson (1684-)52y

Persons Having a Degree of Kinship of 4 or Less2

PersonDegree of Kinship
William Chalmers (1812-1906)4
Isabella Rae 🧬 (~1822-1903)4

Persons with Invalid Dates8

Mary Johnstone (1674-) UNKNOWN
Margaret Allen (1744-) UNKNOWN
Alexander Sharp (1638-) UNKNOWN
William Sharp (1741-) UNKNOWN
Jean Sharp (e1824-1914) Ab.1824
Janet Malcolm (e1857-) 30th December 1859
Johnston Rae (1828-1878) 5 or 16 Feb 1855
Agnes (Nessie) Cowan Burrell * (1927-1999) Abt.