Nobility Titles

Hugh O’Grady1309Acquired by marriage with the dau. and heir of O'Kerwick, Chief of Anlan Cliah, the lands of Kilballyowen 1309, which have since remained the principle residence of his descendants
Elizabeth Barnham1612Countess of Castlehaven
George Tuchet 1st Earl of CastlehavenSep 6, 1616Earl of Castlehaven, and Baron Orier in Ireland, 1617.
Thomas FitzJohn (FitzGerald) 13th Knight of GlinFeb 13, 1569On 13 February 1569 he was attainted by Act of Parliament held at Dublin after the execution of his elder son, Thomas, and his lands were forfeited. Before 1572 many of his lands and castles were restored to him.
Elizabeth PettyDec 13, 1688She was created Baroness Shelburne [Ireland] on 13 December 1688, suo jure, for life
Standish Darby O’Grady 2nd Viscount GuillamoreViscount