Total Impossibilities: 41
Total Improbabilities: 76
QScore: 83.83

Persons Born After They Were Baptized5

Maria de la Soledad Isabel Sofia `Chloe` Ball (<1831-1889)
Elizabeth Barnham (1592-~1623)
Janet Boyd (~1811-1865)
Helen Johnston (1838-1897)
John Shaw (<1819-~1860)

Persons Born After They Were Married1

William Hamilton (1769-1858)

Persons Born After Their Children2

Sir John `Lusty` Pakington (1549-1624)
Dorothy Smith (1552-1639)

Persons Born After One of Their Parents Died3

Richard Pomeroy (~1493-1531)
Walter Blount Sir (1348-1403)
Mary Standish (~1624-)

Persons Baptized After Marriage1

Lucy Mervyn (1555-1610)

Persons Baptized After Death1

Lucy Mervyn (1555-1610)

Persons Married After Death2

Persons With Events Occuring Before Birth2

Archibald Black (~1851-1935)
William Hamilton (1769-1858)

Persons Living After Death7

Persons Passing Before Death1

Anne O’Grady (e1776-1856)

Persons With Multiple Parents16

Honora Alen (1682-~1735)
Archibald Buchanan (<1825-)
Catherine Buchanan (1836-)
Dugald Buchanan (~1832-1895)
Duncan Buchanan (1833-1876)
Hugh Buchanan (<1823-1915)
John Buchanan (~1827-)
Mary Buchanan ~ (1823-1894)
Neil Buchanan (1828-)
Duncan C Carmichael 🧬 (1730-1783)
Father of John Carmichael (~1730-)
Elizabeth Dickson (1698-)
John Dun (<1759-)
Andrew Dunn (<1761-)
Fleming Dunn (<1773-)
William Dunn (1765-)

Persons With Events Occuring After Died3

William Hawkins Ball Major (1794-1864)
Donald Connell 🧬 (1778-1859)
Donogh O’Grady (1585-1654)

Persons Having Other Inconsistent Events11

Alice Barnham (1592-1650)
Elizabeth Barnham (1592-~1623)
Fleming Dunn (<1773-)
Lucy Mervyn (1555-1610)
Carew Smyth O’Grady (~1780-1835)
Jocosa Packington (1403-)
Anthony Southwell (1579-1623)
Elizabeth Southwell (~1577-)
Henry Southwell (~1576-)
Thomas Southwell (1575-1626)
George Tuchet 1st Earl of Castlehaven (1550-1616)

Persons Living Before Parent's Marriage22

Patrick Alen Major-Gen (~1642-1724)
Sir Francis Ralph Barnham (1576-1646)
Dorothy Clayton (1639-)
Helen Johnston (1838-1897)
Janet `Jessie` Macgregor (~1851-1909)
Donogh O’Grady (1585-1654)
Gillyduff O’Grady (~1580-)
Honora O’Grady (1702-)
James O’Grady (1702-)
John O’Grady (~1700-)
Anne Packington (1595-1657)
Jocosa Packington (1403-)
Lady Dorothy de Pakington (1595-1656)
Richard Pomeroy (~1554-1621)
⚠️Richard Pomeroy 🧬 (~1550-1621)
Elizabeth Southwell (1590-1658)
Eleanor Touchet (1579-1652)
Maria Touchet (1579-1611)
Elizabeth Tuchet (1582-1662)
James Waller (1632-1702)
John Waller (~1630-)
Sir Thomas Waller (1569-1613)

Persons Baptized After Child's Birth1

Lucy Mervyn (1555-1610)

Persons Baptized Past the Age of 54

Alice Clayton (~1626-)79y
Lucy Mervyn (1555-1610)258y
Carew Smyth O’Grady (~1780-1835)37y
Elizabeth Thomasina Waller 🧬 (~1765-)9y

Persons Married Before the Age of 147

Teresa Allen (~1682-~1743)9y
Alice Barnham (1592-1650)13y
Helen Cruikshanks (~1791-1859)13y
James Donnellan (1678-1718)13y
Agnes Evans (1560-)9y
Maria O’Grady Hon. (1794-1854)11y
Francis Southwell (1496-1530)7y

Husbands More Than 30 Years Older Than Their Spouse2

PersonAge Difference
Standish O’Grady of Elton (1640-)41y
Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626)31y

Wives More Than 5 Years Older Than Their Spouse14

PersonAge Difference
Anne Dillon (1595-1672)29y
Dorothy Smith (1552-1639)6y
Jean Richmond (~1725-)47y
Helen Turnbull (~1725-)47y
Joan Butler (1506-1553)18y
Agnes John (~1717-)6y
Alicia Fitzgibbon (1548-)10y
Frances Anketel (~1626-1680)7y
Katherine O’Grady The Honourable (1793-1829)8y
Elinor Coker (1482-1550)10y
Mary Taylor ~ (~1821-1891)7y
Joane Coo (1525-1601)6y
Janet Jack (1792-1870)7y
Anne Stanley (Touchet) (1580-1647)11y

Persons Having Children Before the Age of 1510

Elizabeth Barnham (1592-~1623)8y
Randall Clayton MP (~1625-1674)14y
Judith Clayton (1627-)12y
Randal Clayton (1577-1637)8y
Elizabeth Notte (1557-1616)13y
Thomas Pomeroy (1459-1493)14y
Francis Southwell (1496-1530)7y
Richard Southwell (1550->1585)5y
Dorothy Tendring (1498-1537)5y
Mervyn Tuchet 2nd Earl of Castlehaven ⭐ (1592-1631)8y

Mothers Having Children Past the Age of 501

Mary Frances Smyth (1746-1809)58y

Persons Having a Degree of Kinship of 4 or Less2

PersonDegree of Kinship
Richard Waller (~1641-)4
Jane Roche (e1642-)4

Persons with Invalid Dates3

John Waller (e1510-) Ancestry
George Tuchet, Baron Audley (1490-) June/Jul 1560
Dorothy Tuchet (e1618-) d1635