14th Century Timeline

Isolda Mountjoy LadyBirth1307Mountjoy, Worcestershire, England
Hugh O’GradyTitle1309Acquired by marriage with the dau. and heir of O'Kerwick, Chief of Anlan Cliah, the lands of Kilballyowen 1309, which have since remained the principle residence of his descendants, Kilballyowen, County Limerick, Ireland
Donald O’GradyDeath1309The family of O'Grady claims a common descent with that of O'Brien, from the ancient monarchs of Ireland. In the interval between 1276 and 1310, the chieftainship of the clan was vested in Donald O'Grady, who fell in battle 1309, leaving issue, Ireland
John Blount Sir IIMarriage1328Isolda Mountjoy Lady, Soderington, Warwichshire, England
Walter BlountBirth1329
Elizabeth FurneauxBirth1340Stringston, Somerset, England
Alice BlountBirth1345Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire, England
Richard BlountBirth1345Rock, Worcestershire, England
John Blount SirBirth 1345Sodington, Worcestershire, England
Isolda Mountjoy LadyDeath1347Sodingotn, Worcestershire, England
Claim is inconsistent with child
Walter Blount SirBirth1348Derbyshire, England
Claim is inconsistent with parent
Isabella de CornwallBirth1348Kinlet, Shropshire, England
Walter BlountDeath1348
Juliana FowleshurstBirth1353Worcester, Worcestershire, England
John Blount Sir IIDeath1358Mamble, Cleobury Mortimer, Warwickshire, England
Richard BlountDeath1358Aquitaine, France
John Blount SirMarriage1368Elizabeth Furneaux, Stringham, Somerset, England
Alice BlountBirth1370
John Blount SirMarriage1374Juliana Fowleshurst, Worcester, Worcestershire, England
William BlountBirth1375Worcester, Worcestershire, England
John Blount III SirBirth1377Elvaston, Derbyshire, England
Juliana FowleshurstDeath1382Worcester, Worcestershire, England
John BlountBirth1385Kinlet, Shropshire, England
Elizabeth FurneauxDeath1387Somerset, England
Richard Waller SirBirth1395Groombridge, Kent, England
Silvia GulbyBirth 1399