and Cool and Ross, of Castletown and Shannon Grove County Limerick1
Argyllshire. Scotland, Kilmelford, Glenmore2
Argyllshire. Scotland, Kilmelford, Glenmure Farm1
At sea1
Australia, New South Wales, Granville, 1 Clarke Street1
Australia, New South Wales, Lowe, Enfield, Burwood, 17 Emu Street, Villa D'Este1
Australia, New South Wales, MacKellar, Harbord, St Curl, 21 St Curl Parade1
Australia, New South Wales, Manly1
Australia, New South Wales, Parkes, Burwood, 114 Burwood Road2
Australia, New South Wales, Parkes, Campsie, Beamish Street1
Australia, New South Wales, Ryde1
Australia, New South Wales, Sydney1
Australia, Queensland, Lockyer Valley Region, Murphys Creek1
Australia, Queensland, Toowoomba1
Australia, Queensland, Toowoomba, Murphys Creek1
Blackburn, Redhouse Farm1
British Isles1
by Airdie, Plain, Great Hill1
Canada, Alberta, Edmonton3
Canada, Alberta, Edmonton, Edmonton Municipal Cemetery1
Canada, Alberta, Red Deer, Sarsee, 151 St2
Canada, Alberta, Red Deer, Town of Castor2
Canada, Ontario, Lanark, Beck1
Canada, Quebec, Montreal1
Canada, Saskatchewan2
Canada, Saskatchewan, Battleford2
Canada, Saskatchewan, Kindersley, NE 1/4 10 Mariposa2
Canada, Saskatchewan, Kindersley, Township 34 212
Channel Islands, Jersey, Mount Orgueil Castle2
Clifton Southland New Zealand1
County Limerick., Pallaskenry, of Castletown Manor1
County Wexford, Castleborough1
Dublin, Ranelagh1
Eire, County Limerick1
Englamd, Shropshire1
England, Bedfordshire, Central Bedfordshire Unitary Authority, Eyeworth1
England, Bedfordshire, Eyeworth2
England, Buckinghamshire, Aylesbury4
England, Buckinghamshire, Beaconsfield2
England, Buckinghamshire, Lethenborough1
England, Cambridgeshire, Coton1
England, Cheshire2
England, Cheshire, Norton2
England, Cornwall, St Germans, Burraton Killage1
England, Cornwall, St Mabyn, Colquite1
England, Cornwall, St. Germans1
England, Cornwall, St. Mabyn1
England, Derbyshire1
England, Derbyshire, Elvaston1
England, Devon12
England, Devon, Cornworthy12
England, Devon, Cornworthy, St Mary's2
England, Devon, Devonport, 30 James Street1
England, Devon, Devonport, 59 Duke Street1
England, Devon, Rousden2
England, Devon, Stoke Damerel3
England, Devon, Stoke Damerel, 10 Chapman's Ope1
England, Devon, Stoke Damerel, 17 Church Street1
England, Devon, Stoke Damerel, 38 Tavistock Street2
England, Devon, Stoke Damerel, 5 Princess Street1
England, Devon, Totnes1
England, Dorset, Beaminster3
England, Dorset, Maypowder1
England, Dorset, Sherborne1
England, Essex, Danbury5
England, Essex, Gestingthorpe1
England, Essex, Woodham Walter1
England, Fitzpaine, of Cheriton1
England, Gloucestershire, Forest of Dean, Coleford, Boxbush Road, Shop1
England, Gloucestershire, Mangotsfield1
England, Gloucestershire, Sudeley Manor1
England, Greater London, City of London, Ludgate1
England, Greater London, London Borough of Ealing, Acton, St Mary's Church1
England, Greater London, London Borough of Hillingdon, Harefield1
England, Hampshire, Esteney1
England, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, East Cowes2
England, Hampshire, Romsey Abbey1
England, Hampshire, Rumsey2
England, Hampshire, Southampton1
England, Hampton, St Mary1
England, Hertfordshire, East Hertfordshire District, Wyddial1
England, Hertfordshire, Hatfield1
England, Hertfordshire, Layer Marney1
England, Hertfordshire, St Albans District, St Albans1
England, Isle Of Wight, East Cowes Castle1
England, Kent2
England, Kent, Bethersden3
England, Kent, Chevening2
England, Kent, Deptford1
England, Kent, Groombridge13
England, Kent, Hardress2
England, Kent, Hill1
England, Kent, Hill, Hollingbourne1
England, Kent, Mereworth3
England, Kent, Sevenoaks1
England, Kent, Speldhurst1
England, Kent, Speldhurst, St. Mary the Virgin1
England, Kent, Woolwich3
England, Kent, Woolwich, Scots Church1
England, Lancashire, Everton1
England, Lancashire, Standish Hall1
England, Leicester, Peatling Magna1
England, Leicestershire, Withcote2
England, Lincoln, Barrow-Upon-Humber2
England, Lincolnshire1
England, Lincolnshire, Billinghay2
England, Lincolnshire, Coningsby2
England, Lincolnshire, Northolme1
England, London8
England, London, Barnham Court1
England, London, Bromley London, St Leonard's1
England, London, Cheapside1
England, London, Colonial: County Limerick1
England, London, Eastcheap, St Clement's1
England, London, Eastcheap, St Martin Orgar and Saint Clement1
England, London, Hanover, 63 St Georges Square1
England, London, Kensington, 12 Lexham Gardens2
England, London, Kensington, 41 Beaufort Gardens1
England, London, Lombard Street, St Edmund's1
England, London, Marylebone, St Thomas1
England, London, Old Charlton, Saint Luke2
England, London, Saint Clement Eastcheap1
England, London, St Clement2
England, London, St Clement Danes1
England, London, St Clement Eastcheap2
England, London, St Clements Lane1
England, London, St Martin Fields1
England, London, St Martin Orgar and Saint Clement Eastcheap1
England, London, St Mary Abbott Kensington1
England, London, St Marylebone's Chapel1
England, London, St Pancras Soper Lane1
England, London, St Stephen Walbrook1
England, London, Tower Hill1
England, London, West Brompton Cemetery2
England, London, Westminster3
England, London, Westminster, St George Hanover, 12 Ecclestone Square1
England, London, York House1
England, Middlesex1
England, Middlesex, Acton2
England, Middlesex, Chelsea, 8 Walton Place1
England, Middlesex, Enfield2
England, Middlesex, Hampton3
England, Middlesex, Hampton, Hampton Court Palace1
England, Middlesex, Harefield, Ruislip1
England, Middlesex, Highgate1
England, Middlesex, London2
England, Middlesex, London, 63 St George Hanover Square1
England, Middlesex, Pimlico, 63 St George's Square1
England, Middlesex, St Marylebone2
England, Middlesex, Westminster, Saint James1
England, Middlesex, Whitechapel, St Mary1
England, Norfolk5
England, Norfolk, Horsham St Faith2
England, Norfolk, Norwich2
England, Norfolk, Windham Manor3
England, Norfolk, Wood Rising1
England, Norfolk, Woodrising2
England, Nottinghamshire, Girton1
England, Oxfordshire, Eynsham1
England, Oxfordshire, Eynsham, Elm Farm1
England, Oxfordshire, Eynsham, Freeland1
England, Oxfordshire, Freeland1
England, Oxfordshire, Oxford2
England, Oxfordshire, Stanton St. John, New Inn Farm1
England, Oxfordshire, Witney1
England, Shropshire, Cleobury Mortimer2
England, Shropshire, Kinlet7
England, Shropshire, Mortimer, Cleobury, Kinlet1
England, Shropshire, Shavington2
England, Shropshire, Shrewsbury1
England, Somerset1
England, Somerset, Stringham1
England, Somerset, Stringston1
England, Staffordshire6
England, Suffolk1
England, Suffolk, Eye1
England, Suffolk, Stoke By Nayland3
England, Suffolk, Tannington1
England, Surrey, Elmbridge Borough, Thames Ditton2
England, Surrey, Imber Court3
England, Surrey, Sandon-Chapel1
England, Surrey, Southwark1
England, Surrey, Thames Ditton5
England, Surrey, Thames Ditton, Imber Court1
England, Surrey, Thamisvitton1
England, Sussex, Chichester1
England, Sussex, Landsdall1
England, Tower of London1
England, Warwichshire, Soderington1
England, Warwickshire2
England, Warwickshire, Cleobury Mortimer, Mamble2
England, West Midland, Worcestershire, Sodington Hall Mamble1
England, Westmorland, Brough1
England, Wiltshire1
England, Wiltshire, Broomfield1
England, Wiltshire, Compton Bassett1
England, Wiltshire, Fonthill1
England, Wiltshire, Longleat3
England, Wiltshire, Ramsbury1
England, Woolwich, St Mary Magdalene1
England, Worcestershire1
England, Worcestershire, Astley1
England, Worcestershire, City of Worcester1
England, Worcestershire, Mountjoy1
England, Worcestershire, Rock2
England, Worcestershire, Sodingotn1
England, Worcestershire, Sodington1
England, Worcestershire, Westwood2
England, Worcestershire, Worcester4
England- 23 Dec 1722, York County, York, St. Martin Coney Street1
France, Aquitaine1
France, Lorraine, Meurthe-et-Moselle, Agincourt1
France, Ostend. Flanders1
Fuarachaich. Ardchattan. Argyll. Scotland1
Glasgow, 90 Great Hamilton Steet1
Gloucestershire, Sudeley, Sudeley Manor1
Ireland, 5310, Baggotstown1
Ireland, Athlumney1
Ireland, Ballyseeda1
Ireland, Ballywellenbeg1
Ireland, Carlow, Bilboa, Lackamore1
Ireland, Carlow, Pollardstown1
Ireland, Clare, Clondagad1
Ireland, Co Cork1
Ireland, Co Limerick3
Ireland, Colonial: County Limerick1
Ireland, Cork7
Ireland, Cork, Castlehaven1
Ireland, Cork, Monkstown Church1
Ireland, Cork, Moyaloe3
Ireland, Cork, Newmarket3
Ireland, Cork, Of Mallow2
Ireland, Cork, probably1
Ireland, County Clare, Ennis1
Ireland, County Clare, Erinagh House1
Ireland, County Clare, Fort Fergus4
Ireland, County Clare, Kilkee1
Ireland, County Clare, Paradise1
Ireland, County Cork, Aghamarta Castle3
Ireland, County Cork, Ballybracken2
Ireland, County Cork, Castletown1
Ireland, County Cork, Doneraile2
Ireland, County Cork, Miltown Castle2
Ireland, County Cork, Mount Prospect1
Ireland, County Dublin, Nr Dublin, Monkstown House1
Ireland, County Galway, Gort1
Ireland, County Galway, Killannin1
Ireland, County Galway, Killinane2
Ireland, County Galway, Roxborough1
Ireland, County Kerry, Killarney, Killarney Lakes1
Ireland, County Kildare, Celbridge, St. Wolstan`s8
ireland, County Kilkenny, Knocktopher, Castle Morris2
Ireland, County Limerick4
Ireland, County Limerick, Aney4
Ireland, County Limerick, Ballyfrankie1
Ireland, County Limerick, Cahir Guillamore10
Ireland, County Limerick, Camas1
Ireland, County Limerick, Cappercullen1
Ireland, County Limerick, Duntrileague1
Ireland, County Limerick, Guillamore6
Ireland, County Limerick, Kilballyowen38
ireland, County Limerick, Killballyowen2
Ireland, County Limerick, Kilmallock1
Ireland, County Limerick, Knockany2
Ireland, County Limerick, Limerick1
Ireland, County Limerick, Limerick, Georges St (O'Connell St)2
Ireland, County Limerick, Mount Prospect5
Ireland, County Limerick, Newtown Pery, Mount Prospect1
Ireland, County Limerick, Pallaskenry, Castletown Manor7
Ireland, County Limerick, Rathcarnon1
Ireland, County Limerick, Riddlestown1
Ireland, County Limerick, Shannon Grove1
Ireland, County Limerick, The Grange1
Ireland, County Tipperary1
Ireland, Dublin13
Ireland, Dublin, Ballsbridge1
Ireland, Dublin, Kingstown1
Ireland, Dublin, Merrion Square1
Ireland, Dublin, Monkstown1
Ireland, Dublin, Saint Michan2
Ireland, Dublin, Saint Peter and Saint Kevin2
Ireland, Dublin, St. Michan1
Ireland, Galway, The Croft1
Ireland, Kerry, Kilarney1
Ireland, Kildare1
Ireland, Limerick24
Ireland, Limerick, Ardcanny1
Ireland, Limerick, Askeaton2
Ireland, Limerick, Ballygaedy Casey1
Ireland, Limerick, Bruff2
Ireland, Limerick, Cahir Guillamore3
Ireland, Limerick, Castle Town4
Ireland, Limerick, Castlegarde1
Ireland, Limerick, Coonagh1
Ireland, Limerick, Corcomohide, Castletown3
Ireland, Limerick, Gortavalla1
Ireland, Limerick, Kilfinny5
Ireland, Limerick, Mount Shannon1
Ireland, Limerick, of Camas1
Ireland, Limerick, of Kilballyowen2
Ireland, Limerick, Patrickswell1
Ireland, Limerick, Rathkeale3
Ireland, Limerick, Rathkeale, Munster, barony of Kenry, Chapel-Russell, Pallaskenry Town1
Ireland, Limerick, Rockbarton1
Ireland, Limerick, Roxborough2
Ireland, Limerick, St Michaels, Quinlan Street1
Ireland, Limerick, St. Michaels1
Ireland, Loughrea1
Ireland, Malllow1
Ireland, Meath1
Ireland, Meath, Crickstown2
Ireland, Meath, Johnstown3
Ireland, Meath, Lismullen1
Ireland, Meath, Milltown1
Ireland, Meath, Mountdown2
Ireland, Meath, Rathkenny1
Ireland, Munster, Cork, Dromny1
Ireland, Munster, County Cork, Kilcredan1
Ireland, Munster, County Cork, Mallow (Moyaloe)10
Ireland, of Kilfinny1
Ireland, Poulnalong Castle1
Ireland, Roscommon1
Ireland, Shelburne1
Ireland, Tipperary, cullen cemetery1
Ireland, Tipperary, Kilcommon1
Ireland, Tipperary, Rockwell1
Ireland., (Cahir Guillamore) County Limerick, Mount Prospect1
Ireland., County Limerick, Cappercullen, Mount Prospect1
Ireland., County Limerick, Rockbarton1
Ireland., County Tipperary, Cahir1
Lanarkshire, Shotts3
London, St George Hanover Square1
M. P. Limerick1
Mexico, British Subject1
Munster (rathkeale) Ireland, barony of Kenry, Limerick, Chapelrussell, Pallaskenry Town4
México, Distrito Federal, Guerrero Sureste1
New South Wales, Ryde1
New Zealand, Otago1
New Zealand, Otago, 39 Signal Road1
New Zealand, Otago, Dunedin1
New Zealand, Otago, Dunedin North1
New Zealand, Otago, Oamaru1
New Zealand, Otago, Waitaki1
New Zealand, Otago, Wakatipu, Queenstown1
New Zealand, Southland, Invercargill, Bluff1
Northern Ireland, Derry, Queen's County, Clonrusk1
S America1
Schotts, Harthil, Eastfield, The Manse1
Scotland, Argyll3
Scotland, Argyll, Appin, Dallens, Ballachullish Road4
Scotland, Argyll, Appin, Inverfolla Ploughman's House1
Scotland, Argyll, Appin, Portnacroish2
Scotland, Argyll, Appin, West Dallins2
Scotland, Argyll, Ardchattan2
Scotland, Argyll, Benderloch1
Scotland, Argyll, Benderloch, Tayeloch1
Scotland, Argyll, Craignish1
Scotland, Argyll, Kilbride1
Scotland, Argyll, Kilbride, Nether Ardoran2
Scotland, Argyll, Kilbride, Sorobra1
Scotland, Argyll, Kilmore and Kilbride, Gallanachmore2
Scotland, Argyll, Kilmore and Kilbride, probably1
Scotland, Argyll, Kilmorich, Ardno Farm1
Scotland, Argyll, Kilninver and Kilmelford2
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore121
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore and Appin3
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore and Appin, Laggan, Crofter's House2
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Achinduin5
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Achuaran36
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Achuaran Cottage1
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Achuaran Cotter's House1
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Achuaran Joiners House2
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Auchguaran1
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Bailegarve11
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Bailegarve Crofters House2
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Bailegarve Farm House2
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Bailegrundle2
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Baillemackillichan2
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Balevolan2
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Baligrundle1
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Balimackillichan3
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Ballinakilean1
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Balnacrach2
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Balnagowan43
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Balure16
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Big Park4
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Clochlea1
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Clochlea Cottar's House1
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Coilinanbard2
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Cregganich3
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Crofter House Balagarvie2
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Fennacrochan3
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Killean5
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Killean Farm House1
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Laggan5
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Laggan Cottar House1
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Laggan Crofters House1
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Lismore Churchyard7
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Ploughman House2
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Point1
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Port Ramsay3
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, probably Park1
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Salen1
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Shore, Achuaran Cottar House2
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Taylochan1
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Tirfoor1
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Tirfuir31
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Tirfuir Cottage1
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Tirlaggan1
Scotland, Argyll, Lismore, Tirlaggan Farm House1
Scotland, Argyll, Morvern1
Scotland, Argyll, Muchairn, Kilmanoraick1
Scotland, Argyll, Oban, 12 High Street4
Scotland, Argyll, Oban, Argyll Square1
Scotland, Argyll, possibly Lismore1
Scotland, Argyll, probably Lismore15
Scotland, Argyll, Strathlachlan1
Scotland, Argyllshire, Lismore, Coilinashead1
Scotland, Ayrshire, Skelmorlie1
Scotland, Berwickshire, Channelkirk1
Scotland, Berwickshire, Channelkirk, Hillhouse1
Scotland, Dunbartonshire, Clydebank1
Scotland, East Lothian, Tranent, Cockenzie, Blythe's Buildings1
Scotland, Falkirk, Slamannan2
Scotland, Fife, Ansruther Easter1
Scotland, Fife, Burntisland2
Scotland, Fife, Cameron19
Scotland, Fife, Cameron, Lathones3
Scotland, Fife, Dunfermline1
Scotland, Fife, Dunfermline, 166 Appin Crescent2
Scotland, Fife, Dunino1
Scotland, Fife, Elie1
Scotland, Fife, Largo1
Scotland, Fife, Leuchars, Milton1
Scotland, Fife, Pittenweem2
Scotland, Fife, probably Cameron1
Scotland, Fife, Scoonie, Burnside Farm Cotter House2
Scotland, Fife, St Andrews and St Leonards2
Scotland, Haggs Stirlingshire, Parkfoot1
Scotland, Kinross-shire, Kinross1
Scotland, Kinross-shire, Kinross, Avenue Road1
Scotland, Kinross-shire, Kinross, Balado Bridge Smithy Cottage1
Scotland, Lanark, Shotts2
Scotland, Lanarkshire3
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Airdrie5
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Airdrie, 110 Graham Street1
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Airdrie, Longriggend1
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Airdrie, West Longrigg1
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Barony1
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Bishopbriggs1
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Bothwell1
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Bothwell, Mossend1
Scotland, Lanarkshire, by Airdrie, Bowhouse Farm1
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Cadder Eastern District2
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Cadder Eastern District, Burnbrae, Netherhouse Farm2
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Cadder, Burnbrae1
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Cadder, Burnbrae Farm1
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Cadder, Western District of, Bishopbriggs, Crowhill Cottage1
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Calderhead2
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Calderhead, Mill Maker's Land1
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Cambusnethan1
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Cambusnethan, Torbothie3
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Camlachie1
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Carmichael1
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Carnwath1
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Coatbridge1
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Coatbridge, 42 Hutcheson St.1
Scotland, Lanarkshire, East Kilbride1
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Glasgow4
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Glasgow Barony1
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Glasgow Barony, 22 Pitt St1
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Glasgow Calton, Bridgeton, 238 Main St4
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Glasgow Springburn1
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Glasgow Springburn, 212 Broomfield Road1
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Glasgow, 50 Nicholson Street1
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Glasgow, Royal Infirmary1
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Glasgow, Springburn, 186 Broomfield Road1
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Govan1
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Lesmahagow1
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Lesmahagow, 11 Duke's Row1
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Maryhill, Allans Land2
Scotland, Lanarkshire, New Monkland13
Scotland, Lanarkshire, New Monkland, Airdrie, Dunntech Farm2
Scotland, Lanarkshire, New Monkland, Airdrie, Roy's Land2
Scotland, Lanarkshire, New Monkland, Arden Govehall2
Scotland, Lanarkshire, New Monkland, Bryer's Land2
Scotland, Lanarkshire, New Monkland, Gore Cottage1
Scotland, Lanarkshire, New Monkland, Quarry Cottages2
Scotland, Lanarkshire, New Monkland, Smithfield Cottage3
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Old Monkland6
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Old Monkland, Bank Street, Bruces Land2
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Old Monkland, Clyde Ironworks2
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Schotts3
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Shotts14
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Shotts, 1 Walker House2
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Shotts, 3 Old Row2
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Shotts, Calderhead, Youngson's Land, Main Street1
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Shotts, Coke Yard1
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Shotts, Coke Yard Row1
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Shotts, Dykehead3
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Shotts, Moss Bank Cottage1
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Shotts, New Row1
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Shotts, Welcome Home2
Scotland, Lanarkshire, Shotts, Youngson's Land1
Scotland, Midlothian, Bathgate, Easton Farm2
Scotland, Midlothian, Edinburgh, 2 Prospect Terrace1
Scotland, Midlothian, Edinburgh, Canongate1
Scotland, Midlothian, Roslin1
Scotland, Muiravonside, Handlevin1
Scotland, Perthshire, Doune2
Scotland, Perthshire, Doune, Daldorn Farm1
Scotland, Perthshire, Dunblane, Kippenross Home Farm1
Scotland, Perthshire, Killin, Luib Hotel1
Scotland, Perthshire, Kincardine, East Cambusdrennie Ploughmans Cottage6
Scotland, Perthshire, Kincardine, Easter Cambusdrennie Ploughmans Cottage1
Scotland, Perthshire, Kincardine, Wester Cambusdrennie1
Scotland, probably1
Scotland, probably Lanarkshire1
Scotland, Renfrew, Greenock, Middle or New Parish1
Scotland, Renfrewshire, Eastwood2
Scotland, Renfrewshire, Greenock1
Scotland, Renfrewshire, Mearns1
Scotland, Renfrewshire, Mearns, Waterfoot1
Scotland, Stirling, Slamannan1
Scotland, Stirlingshire3
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Brightons, Park Avenue1
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Doune, Drip Bridge, Baad Cottages4
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Falkirk48
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Falkirk Burgh3
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Falkirk Landward2
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Falkirk Landward, East Drum Farm2
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Falkirk, Back Row1
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Falkirk, Baxter Wynd7
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Falkirk, Drum3
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Falkirk, Gart Cows West2
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Falkirk, High Street5
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Falkirk, Pleasance5
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Falkirk, Poorhouse1
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Falkirk, probably2
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Falkirk, Roberts Wynd2
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Falkirk, St Crispins Place1
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Falkirk, The Cafe1
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Grahamston3
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Haggs, Parkfoot2
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Larbert4
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Larbert, probably1
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Limerigg24
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Muiravonside23
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Muiravonside, Muiravonside Church Manse1
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Muiravonside, Snabhead Farm15
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Muiravonside, Standburn1
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Polmont5
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Polmont, Craigs, Mountjoy Cottages1
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Polmont, Muirhead7
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Polmont, Park Terrace, "Gedmuir"1
Scotland, Stirlingshire, probably Falkirk2
Scotland, Stirlingshire, probably Larbert1
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Rumford, Greenhithe Terrace2
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Slamannan68
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Slamannan, 1 Lochside Rows2
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Slamannan, 46 Binniehill1
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Slamannan, Binniehill2
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Slamannan, Binniehill Hamlet2
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Slamannan, Blackrigg4
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Slamannan, East Blackrigg2
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Slamannan, East Whin Farm2
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Slamannan, Easter Whin Farm2
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Slamannan, Lochside2
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Slamannan, Moss Cottage3
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Slamannan, Moss-side3
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Slamannan, Moss-side Cottage11
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Slamannan, No 22 Low Limerigg9
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Slamannan, Restalrig1
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Slamannan, Rosebank9
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Slamannan, Rosebank Cottage2
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Slamannan, Salterhill3
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Slamannan, South Blackrigg11
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Slamannan, South Blackry1
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Slamannan, Wester Drumclair4
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Slamannan, Woodside2
Scotland, Stirlingshire, St Ninians, Broomridge1
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Stirling1
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Stirling, 6 Borestone Crescent1
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Stirling, App Bridge St2
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Stirling, Castle Wynd7
Scotland, Stirlingshire, Stirling, Upper Bridge St2
Scotland, West Lothian, Armadale1
Scotland, West Lothian, Bathgate2
Scotland, West Lothian, Bathgate, Easter Inch1
Scotland, West Lothian, Blackburn, Foulshields Cottage1
Scotland, West Lothian, Blackburn, Manse2
Scotland, West Lothian, Blackburn, Midseat Farm2
Scotland, West Lothian, Bo'ness2
Scotland, West Lothian, Boness, 58 Newtown1
Scotland, West Lothian, Eater Inch1
Scotland, West Lothian, Livingston1
Scotland, West Lothian, Torphichen1
Scotland, West Lothian, Whitburn, Binto House1
Scotland., Stirlingshire, Slamannan, Larbert Asylum. Home_ Low Limerigg1
Scotland., Stirlingshire, Slamannan, Low Limerigg2
Sheriff of Limerick in 17621
South Africa, Cape Town1
South Devon England, Cornworthy1
South Devon, Fowlescombe, Fowlescombe Manor1
St Dominicks Abbey Cork Cork Ireland1
St. Anne's Church1
Stellenbosch, Dr Malan Street, Pumalani1
Thelwall Cheshire England1
United States, Massachusetts, Norfolk, of Dedham1
United States, Nebraska, Custer County, Callaway4
United States, Nebraska, Custer, Grant3
United States, North Carolina1
United States, North Carolina, Cumberland County3
United States, North Carolina, Cumberland County, Capt Gillis District1
United States, North Carolina, Cumberland County, Capt MacKays District1
United States, North Carolina, Cumberland County, Fayetteville1
United States, North Carolina, Forsyth County, Rural Hall1
United States, North Carolina, Forsyth, Rural Hall, Carmichael Cemetery1
United States, North Carolina, Halifax County1
United States, North Carolina, New Hanover, Wilmington3
United States, North Carolina, Richmond1
United States, North Carolina, Scotland, Laurinburg3
United States, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Roxborough1
United States, South Carolina, Dillon County4
United States, Virginia, Halifax County1
Wales, Monmouthshire, Coleford2
West Indies1